3 Benefits of Sunday Brunch

There are lots of reasons to love Sunday brunch. Here are my top 3.

Catch Up
  • It’s a relaxing way to catch up with friends and family. Somehow Sunday brunch doesn’t feel like others meals. Even the name tells you it’s something different. The vibe, timing and simplicity all make it the perfect environment to take a deep breath and unwind. Brunch has become a phenomena. Yes, it’s a real thing. You can share details of your week, the date details from the night before or what you’re dealing with the week ahead. My friends and I combine Sunday brunch with a long walk. The Sunday brunch tradition is a tribal phenomena with brunch clubs you can join, on-line clubs that include eating and reading and active reviews/evaluations in every major town. Not into joining a club but love the brunch vibe? You can snuggle with one of the hundreds of books that have brunch as it’s common denominator. Here are a few to consider. There is a series of books with brunch and a group of friends as the main characters. Norma L. Jarrett’s books follow the lives of a group of women spinning tales of their activities over brunch each week. Learn more: Sunday Brunch Diaries . Memoir of the Sunday Brunch By Julia Pandi shares the story of a young girls coming of age while watching her father prepare Sunday Brunches in their family restaurant. Or you can check out The Sunday Brunch Club by Juliet Aston follows a 4 ex-college friends as they enter the working world in New York. 
Brunch has something for everyone
  • There’s something for everyone to eat. Even the pickiest eater can find something at brunch. Most brunches either have a buffet and/or special menu. I am one of those picky eaters and what I like about brunch is that I can try a little taste of things I normally wouldn’t try. If I eat something I don’t like, I can return to one of my favorites. Everything from custom omelettes, freshly cut roast beef and hand made breads and waffles. That combination of breakfast and lunch is just a natural winner. Some people love brunch and the eclectic menu choices so much that they travel from restaurant to restaurant seeking new amazing delicacies. Brunch is serious business – financially and emotionally. Brunch is it’s own category in restaurant reviews and there are packs of brunch experts. Just ask a friend where they like to go to brunch and you will hear whole stories about the food and environment. The menus are so prized that many want to make their own tantalizing recipes at home. Check out Bon Appetit, 97 Brunch Recipes – like Egg in a Hole Sandwiches, Pumpkin Scones, Coffee Flavored Belgium Waffles, Corn Beef Hash & more…
Wind Down & Gear Up for the Week
  • Sunday Brunch is a nice way to wind down and gear up for the week ahead. A well timed Sunday brunch can convert your Sunday into a sweet, simple day. Typically hours run from 10-2. Just enough time to sleep in, work out or get your laundry done prior to meeting up with your favorite people. The combo meal saves time, can save money and could be your only formal meal for the day. The vibe is super chill and encourages you to linger. There are whole music soundtracks and radio stations dedicated to brunch. Pandora alone has 4 brunch options. If brunches become a part of you’re weekly schedule you get into a comforting cycle. If your one of few people who have not experienced brunch I strongly recommend it. Let’s face it – anything with Mimosas and Bloody Marys can’t be a bad thing!

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