Everything You Need To Know About Hairspray!

Styling hair is not a cakewalk in any way. It forces us to put in a lot of effort especially if the hair is long or the occasion is festive. Even if we make a style out of it, hairs, especially those flyaways, refuse to remain in place. In such conditions, what are we supposed to do? The bobby pin could only do so much and we must keep looking for other options.

Hairspray could be your savior in such a situation. With a fresh press, frizz could disappear and your hair would be put in its place. However, what would be the implications of using a hair spray? What would it do to your hair’s texture and how can you use it properly?

What Is A Hairspray?

A hair spray is a chemical that is often used by beauticians to help the hair stay in its exact position. Found in an aerosol form, the hair spray can be of different strengths according to its ability to hold. Moreover, it can also help you shape your hair the way you want to design.


Benefits Of Hairspray

Several benefits can be associated with the hair spray apart from helping your hair look sleek. Those include-

  1. Firmness- Wind or humidity could destroy your very intricate hairstyle and that can be depressing. However, if you are using hair sprays, it can hold the style for longer hours without frizz.
  2. Volume- Some hairstyles look appropriate only when they give off a fuller appearance and for that, it is important to apply hairspray.
  3. UV Protection- Some hairsprays are nourished with oils that make them efficient enough to protect your hair from harmful UV rays.
  4. Controls Frizz- Hair especially the dry ones becomes frizzy as soon as they come into contact with humidity.  On such occasions, it is advised to use a hair spray that can make your hair smooth and avoid an unkempt look.
  5. Shine- Some hair types lack texture and shine owing to continuous shampooing and loss of sebum. This is when hair sprays can come into play and give the hair its much-needed luster back.

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Side Effects Of Hair Spray

At the end of the day, hair spray is a chemical and is bound to have side effects. However, this will not be true for all individuals but a few. Some of the major side effects of using hairsprays include-

  1. Irritation- Users have reported that hair sprays can irritate their skin leading to boils or sores. If you notice this, stop using the product immediately.
  2. Dryness- Your hair could become dry if you hairspray too much. Hair spray can strip away all the natural oils from your hair and make your scalp dry.
  3. Allergic Reactions- Chemicals in the hair spray can also cause allergic reactions including swelling and redness in the skin for some individuals. To prevent this, it is ideal to perform a patch test.
  4. Eye Irritation- Some people experience reddening, watering, and itching in the eyes when a hair spray is used on their hair. This could be because the chemicals might be extremely strong. To prevent this you can always go for mild ranged hair sprays.
  5. Buildup- This happens especially if you use hair sprays to increase the volume of your hair. Washing it regularly can help you get rid of the particles that could accumulate over time including the pollutants.
  6. Respiratory Discomfort- Though the case could be negligible, patients with asthmatic symptoms could feel breathless when strong odor hair spray is used on their hair.

How To Use A Hair Spray?

Using a hair spray correctly is key to maintaining its stronghold that can prevent your hair from ruining your look. So you can follow the ones below carefully-

1. Start With Clean Dry Hair- Wash your hair before setting up any hairstyles. Now use a heat protect spray before drying it completely. Next, make the hairdo you want to flaunt and then apply the hairspray.

2. Choose The Right Hair Spray- As stated above, choosing the hair spray is crucial as much as its usage. Ranging from strong to mild, they should be used based on the texture of your hair and its frizziness quotient. Using higher or lower quantities than required can spoil the hair making it difficult to detangle.

3. Comb Your Brush Your Hair- Never spray it on untangled hairlocks. Only untangled hair can be styled with hairspray.

4. Section Your Hair- No matter if you keep long or short hair, always remember to part it into sections before applying hairspray to ensure a stronger hold.

5. Hold The Hairspray At A Distance- Hair sprays should be held at least 30 centimeters away from the hair before spraying. Applying it too close or too far cannot get the desired results.

6. Spray Evenly- Hair spray should be applied evenly for it to take complete effect.

7. Allow The Hairspray To Dry-  Always make sure your hair spray is given at least 5 minutes to dry. Wet hairspray can damage the hair ultimately and can even mess up your style.

8. Avoid Overuse- It is important to use the hairspray as given on the bottle and if you are unsure, always find the how.

9. Avoid Eyes and Face-. Spraying it on the face directly can lead to allergic reactions. Therefore you need to maintain space.

10. Pre-Arrange Your Hair- Always make sure your hair is arranged in the preferred style before using a hair spray to style it.


Hair spray is a hair care essential. It can help you get the style of your dreams for your favorite parties or a casual look. However, along with its benefits, one must be careful about its side effects as well.

Always look for a reputed brand or ask your hairdresser to know about the best hairspray that can work for you. Don’t forget about washing your hair regularly and using appropriate products to make sure your hair doesn’t stop producing natural oils. Going for a hair spa should also be on your list.

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