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Brows continue to be a focal point for beauty and yes, there is a new brow treatment called HD (high definition). We have seen so many treatments, come and go but this one really makes sense because to is not extreme, inexpensive and very natural looking due to all of the customization. If you pay a professional for the HD Brow process it involves 4 steps. Consultation, custom tinting, final shaping and makeup or a maintenance plan. Salon treatment takes about 45 minutes and costs around $25 dollars. The issue is it’s hard to find a trusted brow specialist that can provide the service for you so we decided to share the tools so that you can do this on your own.

HD Brow Steps

  1. An Individual in-depth Consultation    During this step you need to confirm your brow shape as well as your color and brow density. This is the most important step of the process and is vital to you getting the best look for your face. Check our previous post for details on how to chose the best brow shape for your face. Getting your brow shape right will improve your overall look and expression. Tip: If you are unsure of your face shape take a selfie and compare it to our guide. If still in doubt, have a friend give you their thoughts.
  2. Custom Tinting   Brow tinting can be tricky and requires some practice. I like the Godfrey Instant eyebrow tint. They cost is around $14.00 online and provides 3 tinting sessions. The directions are easy and there is not intense mixing. Be sure to follow the directions. Tip: be sure to purchase a tint shade slightly lighter than your color. This allows for a less harsh, more natural look. The lasting effects of tinting vary depending on skin type, hair growth and skin care routine. Results of the HD Brows treatment typically last around 4-6 weeks. 
  3. Final Shaping & Cleaning   Now that you have tinted your brows its time to do the final shaping. This can be done by waxing, tweezing, threading or trimming. I am trying to grow out my brows so I personally use Tweezerman tweezers and remove the key, noticeable strays. I leave the light, fuzzy hairs as I want some of them to grow in and/or they can be tinted later which helps your brow to look even fuller.
  4. Regrowth Plan   This step involves considering makeup and aftercare, to achieve the perfect brow shape that works with your features. This step is easy for us since our key item; WINK Lash and Brow Oil . WINK is made to condition, strengthen lashes & brows, stimulate regrowth allowing for thicker, longer lashes & brows and is 99% organic. Wink is an organic lash & brow enhancing oil, aimed at helping to naturally stimulate hair follicle growth. By leveraging a custom mix of essential fatty acids, this hypoallergenic beauty oil will give lashes & brows a more lush & full appearance. Most see visible results at 2 weeks; full results at 8-12. Aside from WINK Lash & Brow Oil, you will need a good spoolie brush and some brow makeup. I like the Maybelline Brow Ultra Slim Pencil. I have a scar on one of my brows and a growth area with a small area without hair and this tool allows me to draw in natural looking hair lines in those spots. Tip: pick a shade that does not match your current brow color but that’s close to it (lighter is always better than darker). This will help to make the makeup look for natural and to blend with your natural brow hairs. If you want ideas on other brow makeup options check out this summary for beginners by
Wink Lash & Brow

In summary, you can give yourself the HD Brow treatment. With a little preparation and practice your brows will gorw longer and thicker and look amazing. If you want to learn more about HD Brow treatment check here from

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