Tips For Eyelash Growth At Home: Natural Remedies That Works

Eyelashes are not just for beauty, but also to protect our delicate eyes. So, many people search for natural remedies to grow lashes at home. This article covers some solutions to make them longer and thicker, without side effects.

Eyelashes have a fascinating growth cycle, with distinct phases for a purpose. They grow, rest, and shed to make way for new ones. The anagen phase is when cells in the hair follicles divide rapidly, and around 40% of upper and 15% of lower eyelashes are active.

Then, the catagen stage shrinks and detaches from the blood supply for two to three weeks. After, is the telogen phase or resting phase for one to two months. Lastly, in the exogen phase, eyelashes shed to give way to new ones. We lose 1-5 lashes a day, but genetics and health help new ones grow. To achieve longer and thicker lashes, patience is key!

What Are The Factors Affecting Eyelash Growth?

Eyelash growth can be influenced by various factors. These factors determine the length, thickness, and overall health of the eyelashes. Understanding these factors is crucial for anyone looking to promote natural eyelash growth.

Natural Remedies For Eyelash Growth

Let’s explore some key factors that can affect the growth of eyelashes.

? Eyelash Growth Cycle: The growth of eyelashes is determined by their natural lifecycle, which consists of three phases: the anagen phase (active growth), the catagen phase (transition phase), and the telogen phase (resting phase). Each individual lash is at a different stage of this cycle, affecting the overall appearance and growth rate.

? Oil Production: The natural oils produced by the glands near the eyelash follicles play a crucial role in maintaining their health and promoting growth. Insufficient oil production can lead to dry and brittle lashes, hindering their growth potential.

? Nutrition: Just like any other hair on our body, eyelashes require proper nutrition to grow and stay healthy. A well-balanced diet rich in vitamins, minerals, and proteins ensures that the lashes receive the necessary nutrients to thrive.

? Hormonal Balance: Hormonal fluctuations can impact the growth of eyelashes. Imbalances in hormones, such as thyroid issues, can result in eyelash thinning or loss. Maintaining hormonal balance through regular check-ups and appropriate medical treatments can help promote healthy lash growth.

Natural Remedies For Promoting Eyelash Growth

Eyelashes not only protect our eyes from dust and debris but also contribute to enhancing the beauty of our eyes. While some people are born with naturally long and thick lashes, others may struggle to achieve the same effect.

Tips For Eyelash Growth

Fortunately, there are several natural remedies available that can promote the growth of eyelashes effectively. Here are five points explaining these natural remedies:

☘️ Castor Oil

Castor oil has fatty acids and vitamin E, which are both important for enhancing eyelashes. They nourish and condition them, making them thicker and longer. Plus, it can help stop infections along your lash line.

To use castor oil on your lashes, get a clean mascara wand or cotton swab. Then, brush it onto your lashes from the roots up. It’s best to do this at night so it can work its magic.

☘️ Coconut Oil

Suggestion: Opt for organic and cold-pressed coconut oil. This choice will give you the best results. It also guarantees potency and purity.

☘️ Olive Oil

Olive oil is great for lash health! It deeply moisturizes, preventing breakage. The antioxidants protect against damage caused by free radicals and promote healthy growth. Plus, it improves circulation to the follicles and is a natural conditioner.

Plus, fatty acids nourish the lash roots. This can make lashes thicker and fuller. Apply a small amount of olive oil to your lashes before bed with a mascara wand or cotton swab. Massage it using upward strokes. Leave on overnight and rinse with warm water in the morning. Repeat this process every night for the best results.

☘️ Aloe Vera Gel

In search of voluminous lashes, aloe vera gel has become a popular natural remedy. It’s packed with enzymes and vitamins that fortify and moisturize lashes, preventing breakage. Plus, it’s anti-inflammatory, soothing any irritation near the lash line. The gel also acts as a natural conditioner, making lashes look softer and fuller.

Aloe vera has a unique superpower – it boosts circulation around the lash follicles, encouraging them to produce thicker, longer lashes. For the best results, try these tips:

  • Apply a thin layer of fresh aloe vera gel to lashes before bedtime and rinse in the morning.
  • Mix aloe vera with coconut or castor oil and apply with a clean mascara wand.
  • Include vitamin E oil for extra nourishment.

☘️ Green Tea

Green tea can promote healthy eyelash growth! It contains antioxidants like catechins, vitamins E and B complex, and polyphenols. They protect lashes, boost blood circulation, hydrate them, and stimulate dormant follicles. Plus, it soothes irritation around the eyes.

To get lush lashes, try these tips:

  • Drink green tea daily.
  • Place cold brewed tea pads on your eyes for 10-15 mins.
  • Mix brewed tea with aloe vera or coconut oil for an eyelash serum.
  • Get a mascara with green tea extract.

Other Tips For Promoting Eyelash Growth

Eyelashes play a crucial role in enhancing our overall look and providing protection to our eyes. Other than using natural remedies for eyelash growth, there are various additional tips you can follow to promote the growth of your eyelashes. These tips are aimed at providing nourishment to the lashes and maintaining their health.

Here is a 5-step guide for promoting eyelash growth:

Protect your lashes: Avoid rubbing or pulling on your lashes to prevent damage. Be gentle when removing eye makeup and avoid using harsh products that can cause breakage.

Eat a balanced diet: Ensure your diet includes essential nutrients like vitamins, minerals, and proteins that promote lash growth. Foods such as fish, eggs, fruits, and vegetables can provide the necessary nourishment.

Use a lash conditioner: Apply a lash conditioner or serum to strengthen and moisturize your lashes. Look for products with ingredients like biotin, peptides, and panthenol to promote lash growth.

Avoid excessive use of mascara: While mascara can enhance the appearance of your lashes, excessive use can lead to brittleness and breakage. Give your lashes a break by going makeup-free on certain days.

Massage your eyelids: Gently massage your eyelids to improve blood circulation, which can stimulate lash growth. Use your fingertips to apply light pressure in a circular motion.

These tips, combined with the natural remedies mentioned earlier, can help you achieve longer and fuller lashes. Remember to be consistent and patient in following these tips to see noticeable results in the growth of your eyelashes.

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