Does Peanut Butter Lower Cortisol? What Is The Truth?

Peanut butter is a useful food component that has many beneficial and nutritional properties that affect hormones and physical or mental health. Apart from keeping oneself well, including peanut butter daily in diet aids in fighting various inflammations or chronic diseases.  Similarly, cortisol level is one such important element that responds when you are suffering from stress or anxiety. So, maintaining it at a normal level is necessary to remain fit and healthy. However, many doubt whether consuming peanut butter helps in lowering cortisol levels. 

Though healthcare experts don’t say actually consuming peanut butter helps in lowering stress hormones, it has many beneficial properties. If you want to know in-depth knowledge of whether consuming peanut butter controls stress hormones or not, then let’s explore through this article.

What Do You Understand By Cortisol Level?

Cortisol level is the stress hormone that usually triggers when a stressful situation happens in life, sudden injury, shocks, or suffering from trauma or anxiety. Also, increased cortisol levels lead to many problems like increasing risk of heart disease, lack of sleep, or increased glucose levels. However, an elevated cortisol level is the result of uncertain weight gain, decreased immune function, and mood swings.

Peanut Butter's Impact On Cortisol Reduction

Does Peanut Butter Actually Help Control Cortisol Levels?

Cortisol levels are the result of increased tension or stress that directly influences brain sensory organs and causes various problems. Besides, it is maintained by getting enough sleep, drinking more water and eating a healthy and nutritional diet. Moreover, peanut butter actually helps in lowering cortisol levels with its peanut butter has stress-relieving properties. It is enriched with vitamin E, magnesium, zinc, and unsaturated and monounsaturated fats.

Some Symptoms Of High Cortisol Level

An elevated cortisol level is the cause of many problems and shows certain symptoms which can trigger if not taken care of. Also, if it gets higher, it can cause various problems and show symptoms like-

  • Various skin problems aid in hair loss and anxiety.
  • You might suffer from brain fog, memory problems and diminishing insulin sensitivity.
  • Further, it leads to impaired sleep quality and brain function.
  • Muscle weakness, weak immune system and lack of cognitive functions. 
  • Aids in high blood pressure.
  • Various digestive issues and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).
  • There is a greater risk of heart disease.
  • And overall aids in weight gain.  

How Does Peanut Butter Help In Reducing Cortisol Levels?

There are several benefits of consuming peanut butter, as suggested by healthcare professionals. It is enriched with many essential compounds that help in boosting overall mental and physical health. Some of the benefits of consuming it in lowering cortisol levels are the following-

  • It is rich in beta-sitosterol, which is similar to the cholesterol level and helps in lowering cortisol or stress hormones within the body. 
  • Consumption of roasted and peanut butter helps in enhancing memory function and stress response. 
  • It helps balance cholesterol concentration, which aids in promoting healthy hormone balance. 

Top 6 Benefits Of Consuming Peanut Butter In Your Diet

Peanut butter is very useful and has many beneficial properties that not only help in lowering cortisol levels but also aid in many health benefits. Some of the other benefits of including this component in the diet are the following-

1. It Helps In Lowering Heart Disease Risk

Regular consumption of peanut butter helps prevent various heart-related diseases like heart attacks, improper functioning of the heart, and more. Also, it helps in lowering bad cholesterol levels and burns excessive calories that arise due to overeating or eating unhealthy or processed foods. Besides, you get decreased food cravings that happen when the cholesterol or stress hormone level increases. 

2. Consuming Daily Peanut Butter Lower Diabetic Possibilities

Diabetic usually happens due to increased insulin levels or increasing blood sugar levels in the body that happens due to lifestyle changes, stress and anxiety. So, consuming peanut butter in chapati or bread helps regulate blood sugar levels and controls metabolism in the body. Besides, it contains flu-fighting antioxidant properties and essential Vitamins that promote healthy hormone balance. 

3. Help In Boosting Immunity

Peanut butter also helps boost immunity or give energy to work effectively and efficiently. Also, it helps in fighting bacteria and microbes and hence prevents colds and cough symptoms. Besides, the healthy fat in it also helps in absorbing Vitamin E in the body, which helps in building a healthy immune system

4. Provides Energy And Boost Skin Health

Consumption of peanut butter also aids in providing instant energy with its antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. Also, it helps in boosting skin health by impairing damaged cells and aids in healthy tissue growth. Besides, it is enriched with Vitamin E, C, and other minerals that boost overall mental and physical growth. 

5. Helps In The Prevention From Allergy

There are many children who suffer from peanut allergy by birth or after delivery. So, if you consume peanut butter daily during pregnancy, it may reduce the chances of allergy that happens after consuming peanut butter. Also, it improves cognitive and physical disability and speeds up healthy metabolism in the body.

6. Helps In Reducing Stress And Maintaining Brain Health

Another beneficial property of consuming peanut butter daily in the diet is that it helps reduce stress and improve brain health. It controls the stress hormones and further promotes healthy hormonal balance that the body needs to grow, doing several activities and more. Further, it is enriched with niacin at high levels and is a reasonable source of Vitamin and other nutritional value. 

Bottom Line

Cholesterol is the brain’s response when something unusual happens, which is the reason for increasing stress and anxiety. Also, there are many hormonal changes within the body that affect the brain and senses with the consumption of diet, drinks or other things. Besides, when it is triggered, it causes various problems, including heart, brain, or other issues in the body. 

So, there are several ways of reducing and maintaining it at normal phases. Peanut butter is one such important food component that easily helps in controlling cortisol levels and promotes a healthy mind and body. It can be consumed in several ways, like taking it with chapati or bread or eating it with snacks. It gives the same benefits that suit every age group. However, if side effects are seen, consulting a doctor will be the best to avoid further complications at the same time. 

Dr. Nicola Fawcet is a highly regarded Consultant in General Medicine known for her expertise in providing comprehensive medical care with a focus on holistic patient well-being. With a passion for internal medicine, Dr. Fawcet has dedicated her career to delivering high-quality healthcare and improving patient outcomes.

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