Does Maca Root Make You Gain Weight? Facts Revealed

Maca root is a vegetable found in the mountains of Peru and consumed as a food supplement. This Peruvian ginseng is known to boost the energy and libido or sexual derive of an individual. But the question here arises, does maca root make you gain weight if consumed daily?

Based on my experience, consuming maca root can’t increase fats in the body. Instead, the food items are packed with fiber and other nutrients that can positively impact your weight management. Additionally, I have provided all the information about maca root in detail, which is based on my experience.

What Is Maca Root?

As we discussed earlier, the Maca root, which is also known as Lapidium Meyenii, is a kind of vegetable that is found in the Andes mountains of Peru. As per my research, the root is mainly used in various dishes and even has medicinal use. In modern times, you can also find it as a supplement in the form of powder or capsule.

What is Maca Root

Though you can find several health benefits, the main highlight of this supplement is its benefits in fertility and sexual desire. Does maca root make you gain weight? It is still a contradictory topic that you can understand by exploring the next section.

Potential Health Benefits Of Maca Root 

Other than improving the sexual desire of an individual, the maca root contributes to various other health benefits. It is a pack of several nutrients and minerals that help promote a healthy lifestyle. I used this supplement myself and experienced some positive changes in my body as well as mentally, which I have discussed below.

  • Maca supplements or even consuming it directly can improve sexual functioning in men.
  • The supplement can also support providing the energy that you need during a workout.
  • Maca root is also beneficial for people who have experienced mood swings or often face situations like depression and anxiety.
  • As per my analysis, maca supplements can also help to improve blood sugar levels and are more beneficial for diabetic 2 people.
  • The regular consumption of Peruvian ginseng might also protect you from harmful UV rays coming from the sun.
  • Additionally, the root also contains natural antioxidant properties, which tend to provide free radicals and improve the immune system.

In addition to these benefits, I have not found any chemical substance that can suggest that it can contribute to weight gain. Based on my observation, I have provided the nutritional value that will help you understand it more

Does Maca Root Make You Gain Weight? Is There Any Link Between Maca Root And Weight Gain

Whether you consume it as a vegetable or a supplement in powdered or raw form, that root doesn’t contribute to your weight gain. The reason behind it is its nutritional content, which I have gone through during my research.

As we have discussed earlier, Maca roots are high in fiber, which helps to stimulate the digestive system. At the same time, it is also packed with iron and iodine that help to build healthy cells and keep your metabolism on track. So, the answer to your question: does maca root make you gain weight? There is no connection between your weight gain.

Maca Root Nutrition Facts And Calorie Content

Maca root is like a superfood that has an amazing chemical composition that is hardly found in any food ingredient. The root is packed with carbohydrates and fiber, which is used to improve the digestive system. Moreover, it also contains fatty acids and small amounts of steroids and Glucosinolates, which provide essential energy for workouts.

Though the roots also contain sugar at the same time, they get balanced by the other nutrients present within them. Taking about its calories, then the supplement has it in sufficient amounts that are needed by the body. Therefore, you can add to your diet for effective weight management.

Are There Any Side Effects Of Using Maca Root?

As per my analysis and experience, I have not found any side effects. Additionally, I have also gone through much research before choosing this supplement and found very mild cases of health issues. 

The negative effect is only observed in sensitive conditions such as cancer, and it is not recommended for them. Additionally, if you have a condition that can worsen your estrogen, then you must not add it to your diet.

Apart from these issues, if you are planning to add this supplement to your diet, then you must go ahead. If you are consulted about its impact on your weight, then don’t worry, as it is completely safe.


Till now, you might have understood that Maca root, also known as Purean ginseng, is a supper supplement that provides a plethora of supplements. It contains high fiber and other vitamins and minerals that help to improve the metabolism and keep you away from stress and anxiety. So, if you are still having questions that does maca root makes you gain weight, then don’t worry, as you can safely use it.

In addition, make sure that you are not suffering from deadly diseases like cancer. Also, consume it in a sufficient amount as per the requirement to avoid any side effects.


1. Does maca make you gain or lose weight?

Maca is high in fiber and minerals like iodine and iron, which help stimulate metabolism and contribute to weight loss.

2. What happens if you take maca root every day?

Though there is no side-effect of consuming the root every day, at the same time, you should consume it in sufficient amounts.

3. How long does it take for Maca to kick in?

It may take almost six to sixteen weeks to observe its benefits in your body.

4. Should you take maca at night or morning?

You can find a common myth that maca should be consumed only in the morning. Well, it is not true as you may take it in the evening as well.

5. How long does Maca stay in your system?

The maca root is fully observed by your tissues within 24 hours, whereas it can take 2 to 3 days to fully pass through your system.

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