What Are The Causes Of Sunken Cheeks and Can They Be Treated?

Sunken cheeks are usually a type of facial disorder wherein the amount of flesh and tissue between the bony arch of the cheek below the eyes and the lower jaw bone. It is one of the most common effects of aging on both men and women.

Reasons For Sunken Cheeks

People tend to lose facial fat due to many other reasons such as illness, diet, rigorous working out schedule, and the environment.

The subcutaneous fat beneath the skin’s surface adds a tinge of plumpness to the face by covering the bone structure. Without these fat issues, the bone structure is visible; therefore, they appear as sunken cheeks.


There are many reasons for the appearance of these sunken cheeks. Some of these have been explained in the following way:

  • Aging: Of course, aging is a natural process of losing the adipose tissues between the lower jawbone and zygoma. The bone structure usually remains unchanged throughout life. However, as age progresses, the quantum of the fat deposited undergoes much change.
  • Illness: Any serious health condition such as Vascular EDS (a serious health condition that affects the connective tissues inside the body), Lipoatrophy (caused by the deficiency of human immunodeficiency virus), tuberculosis, and bulimia (an eating disorder) can result in hollow facial features.
  • Diet: Your face depends a lot on what you eat. Therefore, dietary patterns can account for sunken cheeks if a person fails to consume adequate amounts of Vitamin A, B12, and calcium.
  • Personal Habits: Lifestyle habits can also impact the look of your cheeks. Excessive tobacco consumption, extreme exercise, and a sleeping schedule increase the chances of sunken cheeks.
  • Environment: Exposure to harsh weather conditions can be another reason that can lead to the development of hollow cavities around the cheeks.

After discussing the reasons responsible for the appearance of these sunken cheeks, it is very important to know more about the ways by which they can be prevented.

Ways Of Curing Sunken Cheeks

Sunken Cheeks can make one compromise his look for no reason. It makes the facial skin loose. In addition, one appears very flimsy and weak due to these sunken cheeks.

Therefore, it becomes essential to unravel the possible treatments which can help to fix this issue in the best way possible:

Medical Treatment

A trained medical healthcare provider can inject fillers into the face. These facial fillers include Hyaluronic Acid and Polymethylmethacrylate. These fillers expand the diameter of the face, and this results in improving facial elasticity. Plastic surgery can also be helpful as it transfers the fat from a different body part to the face.

Home Remedies

People can try different types of home remedies to avoid sunken cheeks. Adding a teaspoon of aloe vera gel can be very helpful in avoiding a hollow face.

In addition, increasing your daily water intake can also be helpful in this regard.

Facial Exercises

Sunken cheeks can be avoided by toning your facial muscles with various exercises. Various studies have been conducted to showcase the benefits of exercises in making the skin around the cheeks harder and firmer.


With all of this, it can be concluded that every individual should be able to try these methods so that facial beauty is not compromised at any cost.

These ways are very easy to try and help a person to get rid of these unwanted sunken cheeks. Therefore, a person can easily get rid of these sunken cheeks with the help of these methods.

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