Top Tattoo Designs For Luck With Meaning

Have you been considering getting a new ink for yourself? You might want to check out these tattoo designs we have in store for you. Tattoos speak a lot about your personality and how you view life. 

The permanent scarring on your skin is something you would want to have right and means special to you. So, think carefully before getting ink as it will stay with you for the rest of your life. These tattoo designs are simple yet meaningful which can add an inspiring touch. So, let us begin exploring the next tattoo design for you.

Inspiring Tattoo Designs For You

Tatoo design ideas for luck

If you are getting your first-ever tattoo, then go for a minimalist and less intricate design as the whole process of getting ink can be overwhelming. Ensure that the design calls to you not as an appealing look, but from your heart. Surely, all the tattoo designs are pretty, but what is closest to your heart, that matters the most.

So, here are the popular and meaningful tattoo designs you can consider for your first or next ink.

Rose Tattoo

This is one of the most fun and simple tattoo designs one can get. Be it in black ink or in the hues of pink and blue, a rose never fails to mesmerize. For all the bookish people out there, this is your sign to get a rose with your favorite quote of all time. Many celebrities also sport a unique design to the rose on their body. The tattoo is elegant and will look great on your wrist, back, or neck.

Star Tattoos

If you are a fan of galaxy or astrology, then you can get a star design tattoo that resonates well with your birth charts. An Orion belt or stars clubbed together is a popular choice for many teens who believe in love stories that are written by stars. Some myths say after death, people become stars, and in the memory of these people, people get star tattoos. You can get it in a minimalist design or a full-blown intricate tattoo on any part of your body.

Dandelion Fading Away

Before the song Dandelion came out, it had always been a symbolic tattoo for those who wish for freedom and independence, or the ones getting into new beginnings. Dandelions are also called resilient and adaptable plants that can survive in harsh weather conditions. A Dandelion fading away on the back of your shoulder, or neck, gives a chic as well as spiritual meaning to it.

An Aeroplane

For those who like to travel much, this is your calling for getting an airplane inked on your body. It gives off the feeling of wanderlust, freedom, or a strong passion for aviation. These can be an outline of the airplane or a black-colored airplane on your wrists, or ankles. You can also get this tattoo to remember your loved one who had a close calling with this profession. 

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Font Lines With Birds Tattoo

If you are a fan of inspiring quotes, then you can use them with a bird tattoo. The idea is to get your favorite quote inked with a little creativity. Reading that quote will inspire you to rise above the obstacles and hard times. These not only look cool but have a profound meaning in your life. The quote that you live by predominantly shapes your personality.

Spirit Animal Tattoos

If you are an animal lover, then getting a tattoo of your spirit animal tattoo will surely give you motivation and spiritual meaning. There are lots of spirit animals that call out to your personality traits and getting an ink over this notion will keep things beautiful and interesting. A penguin tattoo resembles unique and rare traits, as it is an animal with the same traits.

Small Cross Tattoo

For all the believers of Christ, here is a tattoo for you. A small cross adorned with flowers is an ideal choice for the devotees of Christ and resembles their faith in God. In many cultures, people keep a small cross by their side for good luck and to keep evil spirits away. It is characterized as a symbol of hope, salvation, and redemption. Getting a cross tattoo on your wrist, chest, or neck is a popular choice for many individuals. 

Roman Number Tattoo

What better way to remember your special dates, than getting ink in Roman numerals? Here is an idea for a couple’s tattoo, a special date that is close to your heart, with the initials of your loved ones. A complimentary heart line or a heart outline around the numbers will also represent your love and faith in the relationship. It looks the best if you get it on the back of your neck, ankle, or wrists.

Feather Tattoo

Feathers are a symbol of freedom, flight, strength, and courage. You can get a feather tattoo on the back of your hand, forearm, neck, or ankles. It also represents a connection with the Divine energy that some individuals choose to believe. Birds tend to shed their feathers and renew on their own, this is also a metaphor for individuals having the same trait. A tattoo of feathers with an inspiring quote is a popular choice by many.

Tree Tattoos

Another great design for growth and prosperity is small tree tattoos. It looks best on the back of your neck, hand, or ankles. There are other meanings for the tree, like spirituality, resilience, rebirth, wisdom, familial connection, strength, and connection with nature. You can also style it with mountains for an interesting look.


Getting a tattoo is a life-long commitment with the design and you should think carefully before getting inked. Try to discuss this with your loved ones and explain your perspective to them for a better understanding. Always go for the professional tattoo artist for safe and balanced tattoo designs. And make sure that the needle is sterilized and fresh for the process. 

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