Best Neck Tattoos For Men: Try These New Ideas 2024

Inking yourself is not a new thing! However, getting inked on your neck is something different. This is the ultimatum of identity you can have by getting a tattoo. Moreover, only an experienced and committed tattoo lover can have the courage to turn up for a neck tattoo.

Since this is highly likely to turn out to be an integral part of your identity, it is quite important that you do the necessary research before getting a tattoo.

You need to be quite particular about the design you need to have, the ink colors that you wish to have, and the potential appropriateness of the tattoo with your face.

It is suggested that you have a counseling session with your tattoo artist before getting the neck tattoo respecting its importance and the relationship it is going to have with your neck, face, and overall identity.

It is also vital that you look for a highly expertised tattoo artist in order to get neck tattoos since it is also one of the most sensitive parts of the human body.

Having yourself an experienced artist can also help you prevent any sort of casualties that are likely to happen during and after the inking procedure.

In this article, we will be suggesting some of the badass designs that you are gonna fall in love with if you are looking for special neck tattoos for men. 

Best Tattoo Designs 2024

Best Tattoo Designs 2024

➡️ Butterflies 

Does it sound too feminine to have a neck tattoo of buttery on your neck? Stereotypes apart, you can have the highest masculine vigor even while having a buttery tattoo, especially on the back of your neck.

When it comes to a butterfly tattoo, the success lies in the intriguing details that should be given to the wings of the design. With the differences you give to the wings and the thickness of the lines, it is possible to bring both feminine grace and masculine vigor to the design.

Apart from that, butterflies can also be considered one of the most versatile unisex designs out there. The symbolic meaning and the innumerable options for color inking make it the most preferred design available.

The implied meanings of resurrection and new life are quite powerful for it to be considered as one of your go-to when it comes to neck tattoo design options. You can also ask your designer to bring details of motion into the design, giving you a life-like finishing to the same. 

➡️ Birth Year 

You cannot go wrong with this customized design. Marking your year of birth on your neck is one of the bravest things you can do to stay honest with your age forever.

It can also give you powerful shades of self-confidence and strength for the rest of your lives. You can also make it more personalized by choosing the font of your choice.

Haven’t you heard that handwriting reflects your personality? Likewise, let the font you choose to ink your birth year be also something that stands in close proximity to your personality. 

➡️ Shapes and abstracts

Would you like to remain a man of mysteries that have the power to attract people with an urge to explore the mysteries?

Then, having geometrical shapes and abstract drawings on your neck would be something that reflects your vibes without fail.

You can also spread some hipster vibes with the same. Apart from that, you can also hide some kind of meanings inside these shapes.

For this, you may also try the combination of such shapes and figures. The sharp edges of these geometrical shapes are highly likely to give you that sharpness and rigidity that would be perfect to flaunt the masculinity in you. 

➡️ lion

If you are looking for something that is quite vivid and magnificent, a lion can be the only option that would suit you for a tattoo design.

While inking a lion, it is better to have a large design that reaches out to the ends of your chin and also to your shoulders. This can help you symbolize the annexing power of the royal strength that has been inked on your neck.

There is no better option to show off your masculinity than through the tattoo of a lion that can easily convey the meanings of royalty, power, strength, vigor, and absoluteness. 

➡️ Initials 

This is again for those who are in love with the concept of individualized tattoos. You can get the initials tattooed on your neck.

The initials can be yours or you can go for anyone whom you are obsessed about.

It is always better not to have the full name of your loved ones tattooed, since this can help you not suffer physical pain apart from the mental pain that you may have to face while parting ways with them in any kind of unfortunate situation. 

➡️ Eyes 

If you are a sapiosexual or someone who is in love with building knowledge and wisdom, eyes can be the best tattoo design option for you.

The manly intelligence throbbing right on your neck can be the sexiest thing you can have in order to attract a similar-vibing and more intelligent mate.

Apart from that, it can also help you redefine the true meaning of being a true man by adding cutting-edge features of intelligence along with the physical strength and power that is often talked about. 


Now you might have a clear and comprehensive regarding what kind of tattoo you need to get, especially if you have got a plan to ink on your neck.

Apart from all the designs we have mentioned above, you may also research and go for something unique and highly reflective of your personality.

It is also important to note that, a neck tattoo is not something that you should go and get on a sudden urge.

Take your time to do the research well and then go for something that reflects your true manly spirit on your neck. Remember, this is not like that first tattoo that you got on that urge to have something inked on your body. 

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