Shaved Eyebrows: Everything You Need To Know About

Shaved eyebrows are one of the most sensational trends ruling over the beauty industry. However, shaving them outright without knowing much about the detailed aspects of eyebrow shaving can be quite disastrous in a lot of different ways. However, you need not worry since we are here to help you out with your concerns.

When it comes to the eyebrow-shaving trend, there are a lot of different ways in which you can walk with the trend. You can shave them entirely, which can have a drastic makeover on your face. You may also shave them partially and make them much more safe. 

Is shaving eyebrows the new trend for 2024?

Eyebrow shaving

No matter, what your choice is, make sure you are doing it with a pinch of aesthetic seasoning to make it long cool, and compatible with the rest of your facial features. You are highly likely to have a bunch of doubts and questions that need to be clarified even if you have that urge to stay cool and follow the trend blindly.

This article will help you clear all of such potential doubts and make up your mind regarding the shaving of your eyebrows without having any kind of suspicion. 

Eyebrow Shaving; The Safety Aspect 

Well, the short and straight answer to this question is that it is quite safe! Yes, you have heard it right. There is nothing wrong with shaving your eyebrows even if it is done to a partial degree or completely. However, you must take care of a lot of associated things that come with eyebrow shaving to make it completely safe and risk-free for your health and overall body. One of the most important things to be done in this regard is that make sure of the hygiene and quality of the tools that you are using on your eyebrows to get them shaved. Hence it is quite important to approach a highly skilled saloon to get it done. 

Do not forget to go through the reviews written by the previous clients of the saloon to check the hygiene standards they follow in their workplace. The care and attention they give to each client in their services should also be considered since you are getting shaved in one of the highly sensitive areas of your face. 

Eyebrow Shaving; Be ready for it!

Now, if you are concerned about the regrowth of your eyebrows, there is nothing to worry about that. This makeover will only last for a couple of weeks, and you will be able to see them in the former state in a matter of time. However, you should be aware of the difference it is going to make in your entire face after getting it done.

For this, make sure that you are doing your research well and referring to some of the “before” and “after” pictures of the people who have already undergone the procedure. Another important safety measure that you should take before visiting a salon to get your eyebrows shaved is to have a positive state of mind about the new look that you are going to have after shaving.

Eyebrow Shaving; Some Alternatives 

If you are concerned about the probable cuts and bleeding after having an eyebrow shave, you may also go for methods such as waxing and tweezing. However, you must have an increased level of pain tolerance to get them done. No matter, which method you are going to prefer, the key is to seek the help of a professional since doing it all by yourself can bring unwanted casualties in between the procedures.

It is also important to note that, your hair may take a bit longer to grow back to its original state if you prefer methods such as waxing or tweezing over shaving to get the hair removed from your eyebrow area. This is because, while doing tweezing and waxing, you are removing the hair strands from their roots and when it comes to shaving, you are just removing the length of the strands that are visible to us after the topmost layer of your skin. 

Eyebrow Shaving; Some Myth-Bursting 

Eyebrow shaving will never let your hair grow with thicker and darker strands. However, you may notice stubbles on your eyebrow areas, two days after getting your eyebrows shaved. The roots of your hair strands will be quite thicker and darker than the rest of your hair. Hence, when you shave the upper part of the hair from the surface, you may notice the resurfacing of the same hair, which would be from its root area. This can make it look thicker than before.

Since the root portion of your hair strands is not yet exposed to any kind of chemicals, sunlight, or environmental pollution, they are highly likely to appear darker. If you would like to get your hair to grow back in the same lighter thickness, you may consider getting your tweezed or waxed, since these methods can help you remove the hair strands from their roots. 

There is another myth scaring away people by convincing them that the hair will not grow back as it used to. This is also a great lie, that needs to be bursted out. Even if we are shaving our eyebrows, or if we are removing it from the roots by waxing or tweezing, you can easily get your hair to grow back since there is no harm caused to the hair follicles, as we do in permanent hair-removing methods such as laser treatments

Wrap Up

This is all you need to know about eyebrow shaving, its effects, and things to take care of. Having quite a weird look for a while and then turning it into something more graceful or cool can be considered if you are more of an individual with an upbeat personality and vibe. If you are someone who is looking for a fresh start in your life altogether, shaving your eyebrows can be the most daring attempt you can take with the least minimal efforts, which make it a go-to for sure. 

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