What Is The Best Skin Routine For Aging Skin?

Just because something is natural doesn’t mean you could make your peace with it. While most natural things are good, some things could be frightening. One of them is aging. Aging is a part of our lives but only a few people can make peace with the changes it brings about in our body. What about the skin? Does it too change? Yes, it does but how do you take care of it? 

This blog will enumerate the best skin routine for aging skin. If you are someone looking for guidance in the dark, this might be it. Keep on reading to know the secret.

How does aging affect the skin? 

 Top skin routine for aging skin

Before we get into the specifics of an anti-aging skincare routine, we might want to know how it affects the skin.

1. Collagen and Elastin breakdown- As you age, your skin collagen that keeps it firm and tight decreases. Its release through the pores is comparatively low to when you are young. This also means low elastin and thus there is no flexibility to your skin.

2. Decreased hydration- Hydration is important for the skin to be productive. But as time passes by, the hydration level could go down several notches. It can no longer find itself the amount of water it needs.

3. Cellular turnover slows down- Additionally, the idea that cells are renewed now and then can be challenged after you age. Your skin isn’t able to create or replace damaged cells making it less smoother or shinier.

4. Loss of fat and Volume- As the collagen content depletes, it is also seen that the skin loses its muscles significantly and can seem to lose fat and volume.

5. Sun damage accumulates- Each time you go out or the light touches your skin, it could be damaging and can have some consequences. When you age, your skin starts showing the damage it endured during the time it did.

6. Formation of age spots- Hyperpigmentation or age spots can appear on your skin making it cloudy and uneven. It completely loses its charm and looks untidy.

7. Slower wound healing- The blood clotting is also delayed as you age and that is when you will need to maintain your skin as the wounds you sustain might not be self-healing as they did when you were young.

8. Changes in blood vessels- Blood vessels could become visible which can add to their proximity to accidents.

9 Top skin routine for aging skin

Who knew aging could completely demolish your skin? But since there is always a solution to every problem, you could opt for the following routine that can make you look younger than ever.

1. Cleansing- Cleansing can remove all the specks of dirt or marks that can accumulate on the body due to your daily exposure to these substances. So to protect it, you should look for a hydrating cleanser, one with Hyaluronic acid and Glycerin. It can remove all the above substances without taking away the natural oils.

2. Exfoliation- The second step includes the removal of the dead cells from the skin. Dead cells often clog the pores on the skin leading to acne and other skin problems. This is when you need to select an exfoliator with Chemicals like Alpha Hydroxy Acids and Beta Hydroxy acids.

As these are chemicals they should only be used twice a week and the frequency could be adjusted as the skin recovers. You should be careful not to go for harsh chemicals that can destroy aging skin ruthlessly.

3. Antioxidants- To protect the skin from free radicals you might want to go for Vitamins C or E serums and apply it evenly every day. It should be an unavoidable part of your strategy to keep clear skin as it nears aging.

4. Retinoids- This is the magic potion that should make a dashing entry into your skincare routine for aging skin. Not only can it help renew collagen production but also retains its elasticity which is often lost. Additionally, the wrinkles and fine lines might also disappear completely making the skin as baby-like as it was. Your best bet is to go with a lower dosage and see where it goes from there.

5. Moisturizing- After that you can look for a mild hydrating moisturizer to keep it hydrated and not develop flakes. Again its contents should be focused on glycerin, peptides, and ceramides.

6. Sunscreen-  Premature aging can be stopped by controlling the way sunlight acts on your skin. You should at least opt for a broad-spectrum sunscreen that has an SPF of 30. Apply it every day whether you go out or not.

7. Eye cream- Your eyes could show your real age and for that, you might want to keep an eye cream handy. It should be full of retinoids or peptoids to ensure its potency.

8. Hydration- While all the other creams could do their job, there is something you could do too. You can drink plenty of water to remove the aging marks on your skin naturally.  It can also equip the body to flush out the dark spots organically.

9. Healthy lifestyle- This includes maintaining a regulated sleeping schedule to protect your eyes from undereye bags, eating a balanced diet to ensure collagen production naturally, and avoiding oily foods to prevent sudden acne breakouts on the face and skin.

Best Supplements To Get Rid Of Skin Aging

As we age, maintaining youthful skin becomes a priority for many. While a good skincare routine is essential, incorporating supplements can provide additional support to combat the signs of aging from within. When it comes to promoting skin health and reducing pores and wrinkles, Neotonics and Collagen Complex are the two most important and powerful supplements.

Incorporating these supplements into your routine can help with all your skin-related problems. However, it is essential to combine supplementation with a balanced diet, proper hydration, and a consistent skincare regimen for the best results. Always consult with a healthcare professional before starting any new supplement to ensure it is appropriate for your individual health needs.


Keeping an anti-aging skin routine handy should never be an option. It should be compulsory as you age. It can not only recover your skin from the difficult process of losing its vivacity but also help regain your lost confidence. For many youthful skin could be the medium of confidence or panache when they walk into a room. And to keep it that way, you might need to give proper care to your skin.

Remember, only the plants that are watered bear fruits. Similarly, skin that is not taken care of cannot pass off as a young one. A significant amount of hard work should be put into recovering it and making it the one you want it to be.


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