How to Make Your Eyes Pop (+ Your Face Look Slimmer, Too!)

One of the questions I received this month on Quora was:  “Why do women’s faces look wider in photos without makeup? Even if you look at celebrities without makeup, somehow their faces look wide and sort of flat.” While many answers focused on contouring–which is a big part of the “flat” and wide face” piece, I … Read more

Are Drugstore + Department Store Makeup the Same Thing? We Tested E.L.F. vs. it’s Department Store Equivalents to Find Out

  As a beauty blogger, one of the questions that I get most often is: “Isn’t drugstore makeup the same as high-end makeup, just with better packaging?” For the longest time, I muttered out “Yeah, basically.” The thing is, when you look at the labels, the ingredients all start to sound the same. There’s so … Read more

How to Use Face Oils

Dear Megan, What are face oils? How should I use them? – Kendra W. To me, face oils are the pinnacle of skincare luxury. A face oil….it seems pretty straightforward right? Just an oil for your face, duh! Surprisingly it’s actually much more complex than that. How you apply face oil, how often you’re using … Read more

Beauty Q&A: How Does Affiliate Blogging Work?

Dear Megan, Are you selling makeup and skincare now? I noticed that your blog has makeup products for sale. – Talia B. So this isn’t technically a “beauty question,” but it’s an Amalie-specific question, and that’s close enough! I’ve received this question several times in the past 2 weeks, since we started working with ShopStyle, so … Read more

Beauty Q&A: Brow Tinting

Dear Megan, I recently heard of brow tinting. Is it safe? How long does it last? Can I do it myself? – Patricia C. Brow tinting seems to be waning in popularity with the rise of semi-permanent brow tattoos – or “3d microblading” – but brow tinting is a great option, especially if you’re: allergic … Read more