Flex your #WINKGains with #Realsies + Win $2000 of Benefit Products

Ladies + WINK lovers: Today I want to introduce you to Benefit’s newest competition – The “They’re Real!” #Realsies Campaign.

If you follow our instagram account, you probably already saw this announcement/entry last night:

2nd entry to benefit's "they're real!" competition

Last week I was perusing through Benefit’s snapchat (per usual) and came across this awesome contest, in all it’s typical pink-and-glitter Benefit fanfare. Ginger (their social media guru) got me seriously excited for this competition, because the stakes have ramped up significantly since the first time I came across it in 2013. Here’s what we’re looking at:


What’s at stake:

For the winner: a year’s supply of “They’re Real!” mascara–which is 12 bottles (so worth it!)–$2000 more Benefit cosmetic goodies, and an exclusive photoshoot with Benefit. As they explained it, they’re looking for their next “lash model” to feature in a campaign.

ALSO – don’t forget here – it’s not just the first place winner that takes home glorious prizes. Benefit will also name two second place winners, who each get $1000 of Benefit products + a year’s supply (12 bottles) of “They’re Real!“, and six 3rd place winners, who each get $250 of Benefit products + a year’s supply of “They’re Real!” 

Free entry to an awesome contest with a product that I already love.. count me in!


How to enter: 

  1. Take a selfie using “They’re Real!” mascara on your lashes (they said put together a “lash look”). You don’t necessarily need to include the “They’re Real!” bottle in the selfie, but you really need to use their mascara.
  2. Follow @benefitcosmetics on instagram (the US account)
  3. Post the photo to instagram, using a public account (private accounts will be disqualified), and use the hashtag #realsies in the photo.

Some places it says to also tag @benefitcosmetics in the photo, but the official rules don’t state it in their 1-2-3 steps to enter. I would, just to be safe!

Other details:

  • The contest ends on 11/30
  • You can enter up to 3x per day through 11/30
  • Must be 18 years or older and a US resident to enter
  • NO FALSIES – you will be disqualified if you use false lashes in your #realsies selfie

P.S. – When you enter, please use #WinkGains on your photo as well. I’ll come leave some love and comment on your photo (just like Benefit did for me, below!) <3 All of your WINK gains deserve to be celebrated!

they're real! entry #1


Our Best Tips to Win:

They’re Real!” can be a tricky mascara to use. While it’s currently my second favorite (sorry Benefit, “Better Than Sex“is currently in the lead – here’s why – but you can win it back!), it was my go-to mascara for the past 2 years. I’ve written about it extensively. It definitely has some pros and cons, so be sure to follow these tips:

  1. Curl clean, dry lashes first – always.
  2. Apply a lash primer first or lightly dust your closed eyes with translucent powder first, before applying, to give lashes a dry, full base.
  3. The full-sized bottle of “They’re Real!” is slightly wetter and stickier than the average mascara formulation. After pulling the wand out of the bottle, wait a second or two before using the mascara (but do NOT pump the brush in and out of the container. Don’t ruin your whole bottle!). Build layers slowly, being careful to separate lashes with the spiky silicone brush. The point of the brush is no clumping!
  4. Wiggle the brush into the base of lashes, even using the spiky ball end of the brush to wiggle into the lash line for a fuller look. Alternatively (or additionally) tightline your lashline after mascara application, to create a full-lashline-look.

For a full tutorial on how to use “They’re Real!” head to a previous blog, where I go in-depth, step-by-step on best practices for using it.


Once your lash look is complete..

  1. Move to an area with good sunlight – preferably at the beginning or end of the day. Avoid the harsh mid-day sun. Better yet, the sunlight should be indirect, so to give you a glow, without creating harsh lines or washing you out.
  2. For longer-looking lashes point the camera slightly up at your face.
  3. If using a forward-facing phone camera, don’t look at yourself. Instead, make eye contact with the camera at the top of the phone, where the camera is. This will give a more natural, connected selfie.
  4. Make sure to try lots of different looks! You may need to take 30-50 photos (maybe even 100..) before you find the perfect one. It doesn’t need to take a lot of time, though. Most of my sessions take 5-10 minutes. ?


So.. What are you waiting for?!

We just gave you the best tips, ever to win an awesome stash of free makeup goodies. Go, go, go! You officially have 37 days, so… 111 entries left!

Good luck everyone + bring it on!! (meant in the best way possible). I’ll be right there posting entries and pushing you along <3 Don’t forget to #WinkGains with your #realsies photo so that I can leave you love!


Don’t have the perfect #lashselfie equipment? We got you covered:

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