Celebrate good times.. c’mon!

As we approach our 3 year anniversary, we’ve been making a lot of big changes at Amalie. The biggest one yet:shipping to every country worldwide. 

Learn what these changes mean for you, our loyal base of WINK customers.

What about International Shipping?

We recently opened up free international shipping, and our free shipping will now be extended to every country. That’s right, you can now get WINK in any country, shipped to you free of charge.

Will WINK need to be tested on animals?

No! Thank goodness.

For those of you that are concerned about animal testing, we promise to remain cruelty-free as a company, and we are ensuring that by taking precautions in countries that require animal testing. China does require animal testing (voluntary or involuntary, depending) for beauty companies that distribute directly in China, BUT we are avoiding either of these outcomes by offering WINK as an international product, only available on our United States website. WINK will be required to go through customs as an imported product in China. It may take some time to get to our customers in China, but we can ensure every customer that WINK will not be tested on animals (yay!).

How else will this change WINK?

This won’t change WINK at all (thank goodness!). We will continue to offer the same high-quality lash and brow enhancer that you’ve come to know and love, we’re just offering it to a wider audience. We’ll continue to offer the same high level of customer service to our customers domestically and internationally. ?

There is one change you can expect

We expect that this change might cause us to sell out of WINK. We have been waiting on feedback from our customers regarding the new bottle: it’s consistency, look and feel. However, we’ve sold an incredible amount of WINK since we started shipping the new bottles in January (because you guys ROCK!). That’s right, you’ve been buying so much WINK that we may stock out.

We’re working as hard as we can now to get the next batch through production, but  we need your feedback ASAP.  (<–so fill out that survey, please!) If we don’t get feedback, it will be impossible to make improvements on the WINK bottle before this batch finishes production. Delays = shortages, and no one likes a shortage of WINK!

Please help us continue a long tradition of listening to our customers! Your feedback is vital to our product improvement process.

Change isn’t all bad!

It does mean that we may see some other design improvements.. stay tuned!

The Unique Perk for Subscription Customers

Yes, we might have a stock out of Wink this spring–BUT there’s one perk–we will keep bottles on reserve for our subscription customers. Our subscription customers are our #1 priority; we want to make sure they have a continuous supply of WINK!

Once we stock out, we don’t allow new subscription customers, so if you’ve been thinking about a subscription, we suggest you move to one today! ( Click here to sign up for a WINK subscription )

If you need help adjusting the frequency of WINK delivery (e.g. you prefer one every 30 days instead of 60) or the number of WINK delivered, please email us at [email protected] we will customize your subscription to your needs!

One last thing..

THANK YOU! It’s because of every one of you that we’ve been able to grow, expand, and progress. We’ve experienced many challenges in the past 3 years, but also a lot of growth.

I, personally, am extremely grateful for the personal and professional growth I’ve experienced. I couldn’t ask for better customers! Thanks, fam.





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