You were plucking your eyebrows and shoot--you plucked one too many (okay, maybe 10 too many). Your wax specialist made your brows a little too thin; Maybe you just want to hit the latest brow trend, but your brows don’t seem cut out fot it. Growing out your eyebrows is a test of will, but a good set of tips can get you through.

Today we’re going to explore the science of how to grow your eyebrows, as well as hit some hot tips for how to do it, so you can hit the latest brow trend and get those brows #onfleek.


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How to grow out eyebrows

Growing out your brows can seem like a monumental task, especially if you haven’t seen encouraging growth for a while. Don’t fear–with some good tips, patience, discipline and maybe a pinch of product, we can make it happen. First, let’s look at how brows grow, so we can figure out how to grow eyebrows.

If you had bad brow habits before–try this

If you had bad brow habits before, including over-tweezing repetitively or waxing your brows too thin, you are going to need some encouragement to get those brows to grow. You’ve given them the hint that you don’t want them there, so you need to coax them back. That’s not hearsay, that’s science. When you overwax or over-tweeze, you could be signalling the follicle to stop growing, because you are causing trauma to the hair follicle.

Try a brow enhancing product like WINK  lash & brow oil. Not every brow enhancer is created equal, and you sure can’t put every lash enhancer on your brows. Look for one that’s heavy in Omega 3, Omega 6 and Omega 9 fatty acids (those are monounsaturated fats found naturally in nuts and seed) to help potentially boost your brows.


Be Patient

If you want to grow your eyebrows out, you’re going to need a heavy dose of patience. The brow cycle can run anywhere from 4-16 weeks, depending on your body chemistry and the area you’re trying to regrow. Inner brows tend to grow back faster, where as the outer brows take a little bit more time.

Keep some browspiration handy, including pictures of Cara Delevingne and Joanna Halpin. You’re so close to looking like these brow queens. Just keep being patient.

By the way–have you waited long enough or are you just being impatient? See how long it takes to grow out eyebrows (here).

Use Product to Fill in Sparse Spots While You Wait

While you’re waiting to grow your eyebrows in, use product to fill in sparse spots. Our favorites includeAnastasia Beverly Hills’ Brow Wiz and Sephora’s Eyebrow Editor.

If you have bald patches in your eyebrows, you might need some help lightly drawing in hair, instead of caking on powder, gel or other product. In the case, use the Brow Wiz. First outline your brow shape, starting from the inner corner on the bottom, then inner corner on the top and drawing outward toward the outer corner.

For a lighter fill (great for people with light hair), use brow powders like the ones in Sephora’s Brow Duo. Lightly brush into the hair, starting at the inner corner with the lighter color in the duo. Start again at the bottom of the inner corner. Brush through to the arch. At the arch, switch to the darker color. Gently brush the color into the brows with the spoolie. The look is less precise, but can still help cover sparse spots in your brows. Overall, it appears very natural.

When they’re ready, don’t let anybody touch them

Seriously. Hands off the brows. These babies are works of art! Use tweezers and lightly tweeze them, one hair at a time. Think a hair is too close to the ideal shape to pluck? Fine, leave it alone. Better safe than sorry!

For more tips on how to grow eyebrows and get them on fleek, download our Free E-book: The Amalie Brow Bible.



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