With the stay at home order millions of people are facing a couple of inches of gray. It’s likely way more gray than you normally observe so why not consider going naturally gray? Sounds easy? Not so much!

Here are some considerations:

Not all Gray is the same

Gray hair is primarily the result of genetics and aging. As we age our bodies stops producing the color pigment cells (melanin) that give your hair color. I should note that you can experience graying hair due to illness and high levels of stress but that is much less common. So, for most of us gray is inevitable. As you consider going completely gray it’s very important to be observant about your gray growth patterns as well as the shades of gray coming in. You may not like the color of the gray that comes in and/or it may only come in the front or on one side of your scalp. It’s important to be sure you understand your current status (what you have)  relative to what you want. We recommend that you consult with your stylist as more than likely you will not only need help growing the gray out but potentially need help getting the perfect gray look (color, cut, style).

Determine Your Shade & Style

Along with being aware of what you have genetically, it’s also important to know what style of gray or look you want. There are so many choices, here are a few to consider. 

Silver gray


Gray Steel

Gray Highlights


Multi-Dimensional Gray

Salt & Pepper Gray

If you want some inspiration check out this Good Housekeeping article with 30 Gray celebrity styles.

If you’ve been dying your hair, going gray takes time to get right

There are really two ways to covert to grey hair. First, if you have solid grey hair coming in each month you can allow it to keep coming in until your ready to cut the old color out. The upside of this process is that it’s the fastest and least expensive way to go completely grey. The downside is you will have short hair (depending upon how patient you are being two toned). There are some great temporary cover up powders that can be used to camouflage the grey from your previous color. I personally really like EVERPRO Gray Away root touch up magnetic powder.

The second approach is to tone the grey as it comes in so that you look less skunk like. The upside to this is that you can keep your hair length and this slower transition allows you to see how the grays come in over time. The downside is that this process is more complex, costs more and takes more time. Northwest Pharmacy does a nice job of summarizing some of the gray hair myths as well as some of the best ways to manage a gray hair transition.

Going completely gray doesn’t mean you stop using hair products

Since gray hair is literally chemically unique to pigmented hair so you have to treat it differently.  Choosing the right shampoo is important. Health outlines their top 8 shampoos that help to brighten grey and minimize yellow. Let’s face it, no-one wants a dull grey look. Many of these shampoos also provide additional nourishment because gray hair tends to be very dry.

Hydration of hair is also important. This can be done with a specially formulated hair conditioner or a hydrating mask. If your looking for some natural ingredients, try choosing products with shea butter, aloe vera, coconut oil, argan oil jojoba oil, and honey. Check here for a list of the top ranked conditioners from revolution gray.

A hair gloss gloss can brighten up dark gray hair, plus enhance the silver tones of your color. Be sure it is made specifically for gray hair. As always you should speak with your hairdresser as she or he will likely have recommendations based on the success of other customers.

In summary, going gray takes some transition time and needs to be supported by the right products. Gray hair is still on trend for 2020 so if you’ve thought about it and your ready there is no better time to go gray.

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