Step Cutting Vs Layer Cutting – Find Your Perfect Hairstyle

Getting a haircut always puts a person in a dilemma; you can only choose one, and you have to stay with the same hairstyle for months. This seems to be a dark side of getting a haircut, especially for women. When it comes to getting a perfect haircut, according to your hair type and face shape, step cuts and layered cuts are quite popular among women all over the world. 

When choosing one of these hairstyle, there are some crucial factors you’ll need to understand to get the best out of it. Here in this article, you are going to learn all the details and information about both step cutting and layer cutting:

What’s The Difference Between Step Cutting And Layer Cutting?

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There are certain differences between step cutting and layer cutting. Mainly, the step cut is for women who are looking for a safe choice with less hair damage and better growth. Step cut simply reduces the frizz while reducing the volume of your hair. However, a layered cut makes your hair more voluminous and makes it versatile. There are several types of layered cuts, such as wispy, rounded, and long layered cuts.

The simple difference between both cuts is that step cutting is good for long-lasting hair with less volume, and layered cutting is good for more volume and long layers. When it comes to choosing one of these for your face shape, make sure you have an oval, round, or square face shape. These face shapes are most suited for step and layered cuttings.

Get A Step Cut For Your Hair

Step-cut hairstyle is picking up its pace among women all over the world. This is due to its simplicity and charm, which makes it an ideal choice for many. This simple hairstyle promotes versatility in hairstyles; whenever you need to, you can straighten out the steps. Even short and medium-length hairs are compatible with this hairstyle. You can get the step cut for your hair, even if you have a round or square face shape, as it covers most of the parts of your face.

Overview Of Step Cut

A step cut is compatible with almost every occasion, as it looks good in formal wear and looks fantastic in casual wear as well. Getting this haircut consists of cutting the tresses in different lengths, which should be arranged in cascading steps. The main difference between layered and step-cut hairstyles is that in step-cut, you get a fine distance between separated steps. Usually, in a step cut, you get fine differences and separations between steps, whereas, in a layered cut, you get blended steps or tresses.

There are various types of step cutting, such as multi-step cutting; this hairstyle involves multiple layers of steps, but all in the same direction and makes an S shape. Another one is double-step hair cutting; in this style, you get your hair trimmed in two different lengths and then mixed; both extreme cuts give you a fine separation between different shades of hair.

Face Shapes And Looks

Usually, women who like to wear open hair or ponytails should have this hairstyle on their go-to list. However, double-step haircutting is good for ladies who like their short-length hair bouncing on their faces, and it is quite easy to bleach them as well.

Getting A Layered Cut 

A layered cut might be a good idea for women who like to have bouncy and voluminous hair. Usually, women with an oval face shape will be able to rock this hairstyle. The layered cut will give your upper torso a cover and make your face the center of attention.

As the hairstyle itself looks round and full of volume, you should get it for long hair and get it layered under your chin to show off that chin and jawline.

Overview Of Layered Cut

One main thing that depends on the voluminous look of a layered cut is the coarsity and thickness of your hair. The coarser and thicker your hair is, the better the layered cut will look. When it comes to step cut, hair is more trimmed than cut; however, in a layered cut, hair is less cut and maintained at steeper steps for a voluminous look.

Face Shapes, Hair Type, And Looks

Usually, women with square and rectangular face shapes can rock this hairstyle. When it comes to face shape, layers are also popular among women with oval and diamond face shapes. As layers give volume to your upper torso, if you have an oval or diamond face shape, it will reveal more chin and jawline, giving you a chiseled look. 

Women with long lengths and coarseness opt for classic long-layered haircuts, showcasing beautifully executed layered cuts for a stylish look.

This hairstyle brings better volume and versatility to your hair. Others are layered lob and curtain bangs, these two simpler versions of layered haircuts, and are done on middle-length and short-length hair. Layered lob is usually better looking on women with oval faces and can be better on some sort of round faces as well.

Which Cut Will Look Better On Oval Face Shape?

The best thing about oval faces is that people with this face shape can rock any hairstyle and still look good. Usually, women with oval face shapes prefer layered haircuts due to the volume.

However, with times and trends changing rapidly, women are now turning towards step cuts as well. As a step haircut gives a sharpness and chiseled look to your whole appearance, it can make you look intimidating as well.

Get Some Advice From Your Hairstylist As Well

Getting one of these haircuts will be easy, but maintaining the layered cut will be a little difficult for most. In that situation, your hairstylist can be of great help; make sure you are asking for hair-cair and maintenance tips from them. 

For a layered cut, your stylist may advise using volumizing serums to maintain it. In contrast, a step haircut requires no serum, as it naturally has low volume and straightens conveniently.

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