Should You Sleep In Compression Socks? Are There Any Side Effects For That?

As we age our body starts to give up. It becomes loose in parts with screws and nails all over the place. Unlike a car, we cannot buy another one or maybe rent one. Therefore we might have to find ways to oil this one better and make it a running one. Leg problems are frequent in individuals who are near their 50s and in this case, you might want to look for options that are viable and don’t escalate further into something big. So we will be discussing all about compression socks and their use when sleeping. We will also look into the safety of the same and reiterate the side effects for you.

What Are Compression Socks? What Are Its Benefits?

 Compression socks could be simply defined as fancy stockings that cover your feet all the way up to your thigh. It is nothing different from your regular leggings but it does show a bit of tightness around your ankle. It is primarily used for-

The Impact Of Sleeping In Compression Socks
  1. Improving blood circulation- Most problems related to the legs could be attributed to improper circulation in the legs. So when you wear compressed socks it can help pressure the veins in the legs and regulate the blood flow to and from the heart.
  2. Preventing swelling and edema- Compression socks could be helpful if you have inflammation in the legs which could be really painful to deal with.
  3. Managing venous disorders- There are many disorders that affect the veins including Chronic Venous Insufficiency, venous ulcers, and lymphedema.
  4. Support during pregnancy- When you are pregnant there could be significant swelling in the legs and that is when women might need support with compression therapy.
  5. Prevent Deep Vein Thrombosis- Deep Vein Thrombosis occurs when you keep the leg without movement for a long time. This could lead to the formation of clots and wearing compression socks could be helpful.

Should You Sleep In Compression Socks? Are There Any Side Effects For That?

No. Researchers and doctors alike emphasize the side effects that could affect your leg if you sleep in compression socks. As we see above, it is mainly worn by persons who have problems with circulation in the leg. Varicose veins and DVT could also be cured by wearing compression socks. While sleeping compressing legs wouldn’t be a good idea and therefore open a new can of worms. The side effects of wearing compression socks during sleep include-

1. Discomfort- Sleeping in a tight dress might not be relaxing. Similarly, a tight knot or compression socks that are made of spandex might be difficult to sleep in. Therefore it could disturb your sleep cycle.

2. Skin irritation- Since it is made of spandex material, wearing it for prolonged hours will cause skin irritation and allergies. It could lead to itching, redness, and scratching. This can cause boils and discomfort.

3. Decreased effectiveness- Compression socks are used to help the regulation of blood in the legs. The regulation can only be facilitated if there is enough movement. However, while sleeping there is no movement and it could be of no use other than restricting your sleep.

4. Impaired sleep quality- When wearing the spandex on the legs, it is not easy to bait an eyelid and this can affect your overall productivity. This includes not being able to work physically and cognitively. Repeated sleeplessness could cause permanent cognitive impairment.

5. Temperature regulation- Our body regulates its own temperature and when sleeping, it will be maintained in moderation. However, sleeping in compression socks could overheat the body which may disturb your peaceful sleep affecting your daily activities.

6. Circulation issues- It would be ironic if compression socks could cause circulation issues and this is true for the most part. Wearing them when sleeping can restrict the veins from taking blood to and from the heart. When this happens instead of curing the disease, it could be elevating it and you might be at actual risk of forming clots. 

When To Wear Compression Socks To Work Effectively?

If worn properly, compression socks can be beneficial in multiple ways as listed above. But how do you wear it properly? How can it be effective?

Let’s see how it works using the following-

  1. Wear it when you have to stand or sit for prolonged hours- Standing or sitting for prolonged hours could cause cramps which can elevate the joint pains. In such cases, you could use compression socks to improve the way your legs react to the monotonous seating.
  2. During travel- Travel may require us to sit or stand abruptly and in awkward manners depending on the space available for us. In such situations, you could wear compression socks and avoid the leg pain that might attack you at night.
  3. For varicose vein protection- Varicose vein is a disease where the veins protrude after swelling. It can be painful to endure and wearing these magical socks might be just the thing you need.
  4. During pregnancy- Pregnancy can lead to weight gain which can cause multiple problems in the legs especially while walking or even sitting. In such circumstances, you might want to wear them to avoid the extreme pain.
  5. After sports events- Sports events can trigger a lot of muscles and veins in the legs. To stop this you can definitely choose compression socks and wear them while moving.


Compression socks have a wide array of uses. It can help restore the health of your leg by facilitating it to recover from multiple diseases. This makes it an excellent choice for people who work in the travel or food industry and have long hours of standing. However, it is not all easy as wearing it while sleeping can actually cause more problems than solutions. You could be feeling deep discomfort while wearing the compression socks when sleeping. Additionally, it can even stop the circulation of blood and increase the temperature in the body to significant levels that are dangerous. Nevertheless, you can use it in a proper way and ensure you have no side effects and only good ones.

Dr. Nicola Fawcet is a highly regarded Consultant in General Medicine known for her expertise in providing comprehensive medical care with a focus on holistic patient well-being. With a passion for internal medicine, Dr. Fawcet has dedicated her career to delivering high-quality healthcare and improving patient outcomes.

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