Who doesn’t dream of having long, thick, lashes? Long lashes are often associated with youth and beauty and are desired by women all around the globe. There are tons of options for faking full lashes, including: mascara, eyelash extensions, and lash strips (false lashes). However, all of these options are temporary, and many lead to nasty side effects. The best way to get goddess-like lashes every day is to grow them.

If you decide to skip the short-term options, or just want your lashes to look beautiful on the days you decide to go barefaced, here are 3 unique ways to grow your eyelashes so they’ll be ready for those #NoMakeup selfies!

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Unique Way to Grow Eyelashes #1: Lash Diet

We have all heard the phrase “you are what you eat,” but who knew this could be applied to eyelash growth? Experts agree that a balanced diet can help overall health and aid in the growth of your hair. You’ll need to get a good mix ofprotein, iron, and other nutrients if you want those eyelashes to be long and strong. Your hair is made up primarily of protein, so it is essential that you include protein or its building blocks in your diet if you want your eyelashes to grow. Start incorporating more lean meats into your diet like poultry, and for those who don’t eat meat, beans and tofu are fantastic sources of protein!

Protein isn’t the only nutrient you should be incorporating into your diet for eyelash growth – you also need iron andvitamin E to really get them growing. Spinach and other leafy greens, soybeans, and fish are all terrific sources of these nutrients. Keep in mind that iron from plant-based sources won’t absorb into the body as well as it will from meat. If you are on a strict vegan or vegetarian diet, speak with your doctor about taking iron supplements. (WebMD)

Unique Way to Grow Eyelashes #2: Eyelid Massage

Massages aren’t only great for relieving stress, they can also help with eyelash growth! To massage your eyelids, start by washing and drying your hands to avoid the spread of bacteria and germs. If you don’t feel comfortable using your hands, a hot compress works just as well. Not only will a hot compress have additional cleansing benefits to the lash line, but it will also help relieve any irritation or inflammation you may be experiencing. (wikiHow)

Start by running your finger or the compress along your eyelash line and begin applying pressure in downward motions. Avoid applying too much pressure or you could irritate your eye. Be very gentle as this is a delicate area. A gentle massage of the eyelids will stimulate blood flow and encourage eyelash growth. Do this two or three times weekly for 1 to 2 minutes per eye. If you want to amp it up, you can add a small amount of castor oil to the eyelid while you massage. Just be sure you avoid getting any oil in your eye.

Unique Way to Grow Eyelashes #3: Avoiding Waterproof Mascara

With summer right around the corner, it can be tempting to layer on the waterproof mascara. If you’re leaky-eyed like me, it might as well be summer all year round.

It is not recommended to use waterproof mascara daily, as the formula will not only dry out your lashes but it is also very difficult to remove. The more you rub your eyes trying to remove the product, the more damage you are causing to your eyelashes. If you want your eyelashes to grow, it’s best to avoid waterproof products and instead opt for dying your eyelashes with a vegetable based, semi permanent stain (interesting idea, no?). This will make it easier for you to skip mascara all together and give your eyelashes a chance to breathe.
If you don’t feel comfortable dying your eyelashes, opt for a non-waterproof mascara that includes a growth formula and be as gentle as possible when removing makeup at the end of the day. Save the waterproof mascara for pool parties and special occasions only! Or…. skip the mascara altogether! #teamnomakeup

BONUS: Unique Way to Grow Eyelashes #4 

Now that you’re eating right, and giving your lashes the love they need to grow, it’s time to kick it up a notch with an eyelash growth enhancer, like WINK. Think of WINK as “clean eating” for your lashes. It’s the nutrients that your lashes crave to be long, strong and healthy. >>Read more here about how WINK works<<


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