Keep Your Wigs Better, Longer with Silky Saks

Today I want to introduce everyone to a fellow entrepreneur, Ecouia Harrison, and the launch of invention the Silky Sak.

I’m a sucker for a good founder’s story, but first let me talk a little about wigs and bundles, for those that aren’t familiar, because believe me: wigs are for everyone.


Introduction to Extensions and Weaves

About Ecouia’s product – the Silky Sak – the product pages read:

The Small Wig Silky Sak was created to protect your frontals, closures, lace front, half wigs, u-shape wigs.

If you feel yourself nodding along, like “ok, ok.. and?” then no need for me to enlighten you.

If you find yourself saying, “a full what?” then let’s dive into this together. This is all new to me, too; I only started manufacturing hair lines for other brands about 3 months ago. My first factory visit was my crash course.

Hair is an interesting topic in the beauty world, and one that not all of us know much about. I’m sure that some of the cancer warriors on our subscriber list have at least some experience with the weave world. The truth is, no matter who you are, extensions and weaves can be a lot of fun and honestly.. empowering.

Kylie Jenner is a famous wig user. At 19, her natural hair is beautiful in its own right, but she loves to mix it up with a wig – almost on the daily.

Frontals, closures, lace front, half wigs, u-shape wigs are all different terms for different types of hair.  Bundles are what each of them are made of (a bundle is usually 4.5 – 6oz of hair), and a wig takes about 3 bundles to make. The hair can be dyed or left its natural color, and typically comes in lengths from 8″-30″. Any dying or treating (like curling, perming) can be performed to the bundles before sewing it into a wig or closure.

The hair can be synthetic, real or mixed. Yes, real hair. Often its sourced from Brazil, Malaysia, India, Peru and Eastern Europe. Yes, people really do cut and sell their hair for extra income (Have you read the Gift of the Magi? This has been going on for ever).

Then the factory buys the hair and manufactures the bundles and wigs, but not en masse as one would think. The wigs are each individually hand-sown, making them expensive even direct from the factory.

Actually, hair is one of the least scalable projects to work on together with a factory. This is because each person individually sells their hair, so the price is set. Working in bulk doesn’t make it any cheaper. I’m fine with that.

In the United States, a wig sells for $200+. The really nice ones are closer to $2000 each.

Again, in general, the longer the hair, the more expensive the wig will be. Also, the nicer the dying (balayage would be expensive), styling and the higher density of hair the wig has, the more expensive it will be. (example)

To learn more about wigs, sizings and more, check out’s guide.

So yeah, wigs are for everyone. They’re great if you’ve less hair than you’d like, you’re having a bad hair day, want to try a new style, want to protect your natural hair..almost anything really.

Wigs are like really expensive makeup for your hair.

Now back to the founder’s story I hinted at..


Silky Saks: The Founder’s Story

Ecouia reached out to me several months ago, wanting to make some custom hair clips for her line. She had read my founder’s story on Shopify and knew that I was in China. Her story is similar to mine – necessity is the mother of invention, after all.

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