How to Get the Dewy Makeup Look

The dewy makeup style is perfect for all ages and skin types. This look leaves your skin with a flawless, fresh and glowing appearance. It is also a beauty technique that will allow your skin to breath while giving you a polished and radiant complexion.

Here are three key steps to getting the look:

  1. Apply an illuminating primer to clean skin.  Illuminating primer is a makeup product that is formulated to give your skin a smooth canvas for a seamless makeup application.  As the name implies, when you use an illuminating face primer—you can also give your skin a glowing, radiant finish.  Apply the illuminating primer to your entire face and neck and allow this to dry before applying foundation. If you’re not sure what to purchase we like this post from They focus on brands that can be found at your local drug store as well as others that are more expensive and unique.
  2. Apply light foundation. We recommend one that has SPF as you will likely be outside more. Remember that you should use a different foundation in the spring and summer than you do in the fall and winter. In general your spring/summer foundation should be liquid and a slightly darker shade (in the same color tone) than your winter foundation. If you don’t get any exposure to sun then your skin may not get darker in the outdoor months but for most it does. You likely already have a foundation that you enjoy using so no need to change unless its a super thick formula. 
  3. Lastly, apply a dewy setting spray. The setting spray will lock in the makeup and if you purchase one with a dewy/illuminating treatment it will also add some additional glow. Personally, I’m late to the party using a dewy setting spray. I think you’ll really like it, especially if you have dull skin. You can even use the setting spray over your regular makeup regime for a slightly luminous glow. Not sure what to purchase? Once again we liked the post from as it focuses on the drug store options as well as other more exclusive brands.

Some possible additional steps to consider include:

  • Do a light facial scrub prior to applying anything in order to make your skin extra smooth.
  • Consider adding a layer of SPF Sunscreen. This is especially important if you have sun sensitive skin or if your foundation does not have sufficient SPF.
  • If you have a brightening facial oil, like SHINE, try mixing a few drops with your foundation before application. This step alone will provide some additional glow. If you don’t have SHINE and want to try it use promo code NEWBIE and get 20% off.
  • If your foundation tends to settle on fine lines or wrinkles try using a setting powder (applied with your fingers) on areas where creasing may occur. For most of us, lines appear around your eyes. We do not recommend using the powder on your entire face as this will leave you looking caky and defeat the glowing skin look you’re seeking.

There are literally hundreds of tutorials on line that demonstrate the steps and feature products and tools. They range from 3 steps to 15 and drug store makeup to the most unique and expensive. As always, we recommend starting with the basics meaning less steps and more basic products. This way you can try the look and not break the bank. Don’t forget that most drugstores accept makeup returns since they don’t allow you to try them (sample) or get professional guidance at store level. This helps if you purchase something you don’t like or if you happen to buy the wrong shade of foundation. Keep your receipt and you can exchange or get a refund if needed.

In summary, beautiful skin is always in style and always appealing. You can easily create the dewy makeup look yourself with just a couple of new products. Head to your store of choice and give it a try. We’d love to hear how it goes for you.

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