Discover Your Hair Breakage Solution In Just 3 Minutes 

Hair breakage is a painful experience. No matter how hard you try, your hair keeps falling off. The worst is, that people can actually notice the difference as it vividly shows itself.

If you witness this nightmare, it’s obvious you need a permanent next approach and that is just what this article is set to deliver.

What Does Hair Breakage Look Like?

Hair breakage is when your hair starts to snap while brushing, styling and washing. It is crucial to know when your hair is damaged for a solution to be provided immediately. Hair breakage should certainly make you worry, leaving you in a state of total confusion. 

How Hair Breakage Look Like

Identify The Signs Of Hair Breakage

Don’t let it strike you unexpectedly, learn the early-stage signs and symptoms so you can immediately give a solution. Learn the signs below;

Causes Of Hair Breaks

Hair breaks don’t just happen, there’s something you might do that triggers it, learn them below:

  • Hair Product and Style Done: Hair products contain chemicals that can weaken hair and make it likely to break at a slight given chance. This product is often used for coloring hair, perming, and relaxing hair. Some shampoos can cause hair breakage and make hair become brittle or frizzy.
  • Overbrushing: Consistent hair brushing can cause hair breakage. Limit the frequent brushing, it is not necessary.
  • Heat on Hairs: Heat on hairs all the time can damage the hair shaft, and remove moisture from the hair which can cause brittle hairs and breakage. Heat treatments such as blow dryers, straighteners, and curling tongs can cause hair breakage.
  • Towel Drying: Using a towel to dry hair after washing increases frizz and causes breakage. Hairs that are wet break more easily than dry hairs.
  • Irregular Haircut: Not cutting hair regularly can cause split ends which makes the hair break easier than expected.
  • Poor Diet: Nutrition is essential in promoting healthy hair. Nutrient deficiency leads to weakened hair that looks dry, dull, or brittle.
  • Tight Hairstyle: Tying hair backward in a tight hairstyle, or using elastic bands to tie hairs can break hairs from the root. Also wearing buns, cornrows, or braids can break hairs.
  • Stress: Severe stress can weaken hair from the scalp causing it to become loose and break.
  • Thyroid Disorder: Thyroid disorder leads to brittle, dry, and dull hair. This can cause hair breakage.

Fixing Hair Breakage

If you experience hair breakage, worry less, the solution is just right here

  • Change Your Hair Care Routine: Try using mild hair products that contain less harsh chemicals. Avoid styles that can cause hair breakage. Switching hair care routines do help a lot. Avoid heat treatment that can damage your hair.
  • Make Sure To Use Conditioner: After washing hair with shampoo not using conditioner can cause breakage. Learn the trick, after every shampoo wash, use a condition to lessen frizz and tangling. Conditioning will help increase hair shine and smoothness.
  • Reduce Stress: Arrange a time to relax and rest if the cause of your hair breakage is stress.
  • Change Diet: Make sure you eat a healthy nutritious meal each day for healthy hair growth and vitality. Your food should contain the following in high quantity; protein, omega 3s, iron, biotin, and zinc.

How To Prevent Hair Breakage?

Hair breakage can be prevented with the following methods:

  • Make sure to apply air conditioning after a shampoo wash.
  • Massage shampoo in hair and scalp and wash off not rub off.
  • Protect your hair from chlorine during swimming by wearing a swimming hat.
  • Wrap hairs in towels after washing, do not forcefully rub the towel on your hair to dry.
  • Reduce the use of frequent hair colors and backward styling.
  • Give a gentle hair brush.
  • Use proper hair bands to tie the hair loosely
  • Eat a balanced diet to ensure the hair is getting enough nutrients.
  • Make sure your hair dries a bit before blowing it.


Hair breakage is not worth experiencing. When hair keeps falling, it is often displeasing and embarrassing if it gets worse and becomes noticeable.

With the helpful tips provided in this article, hair breakage can be prevented. But in case you are having hair breakage, it could be your hair care product, so try switching to another for a better chance of fixing the hair breakage. 

Ignorance is simply the cause of hair breakage. It is mostly caused by the things done frequently at the salon. 

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