How to Emphasize Your Eyes

70% of people surveyed notice eyes first!

Surveys for both men and women state that the first thing they notice about a person is their eyes. So, its no wonder that making your peepers work for you is the most important thing you can do to improve your look.

If your lucky enough to have pretty eyes – the goal should be to emphasize them. If you don’t think they are special, your in luck because there are lots of things you can do to with lashes, brows and makeup to enhance your eyes. We are going to outline 3 key eye makeup trends for 2020.

Bare Beauty – The no makeup, makeup look is not going away and natural beauty remedies are hotter than ever.

When you go for a natural look healthy lashes and brows become very important. Your brows frame your eyes and long, lush lashes enhance your overall eye esthetic. Brows have been getting and will continue to get lots of attention in 2020 but how you achieve the best look continues to evolved. Products like WINK Organic Lash & Brow Oil that are Organic and Natural continue to be in high demand. There are rumblings about thin brows coming back, please take my advice and don’t do it! Stick with a basic, healthy, feathery brow and you’ll never be out of fashion.

Brow Trend (+) Brow Trend (Status Quo) Brow Trend (-)
Microblading – must find the right provider. Equal amounts of good press vs hour stories. Thick caterpillar brows
Natural Growth Unibrow, cut brows, other unique designs

65% of women want thicker and longer lashes than they have, so much so that 30% of the women surveyed pay for regular services relative to their lashes. These services include: Lash Extensions, Lash Lifts and Lash Tinting. Due to the high demand for beautiful eyelashes new technique and options continue to pop up. While new beauty solutions are exciting, the downside is that the long term effects and risks of some of these treatments are unknown. Many of the treatments are contingent upon the skills and cleanliness of the technicians. As a result there have been some shifts relative to popularity.

Lash Trend (+) Lash (Status Quo) Lash Trend (-)
Natural Growth Serums/Oils – not all work, not all are chemical free Magnetic Lashes – long term impact unknown. Tricky to apply properly. Lash Extensions – Many shifting to Lash lift as it’s easier. Also recent public backlash with lash damage and infection due to unsafe/non-sterile providers.
Lash Lift (curling) – important to be sure the technician is qualified. Long term impact unknown. False Eyelashes – take time to apply and fit properly. Can look very false and damage lashes.
Lash Tinting Lattisse – Proven results but can permanently change lid and eye color. Expensive prescription and regular use required.

Bare beauty makeup options include using nothing and simply moisturizing lids to using a light, neutral cream or powder. Byrdie does a nice job of highlighting, pun intended, their top picks.

Everyday Makeup Option(s) – white or purple eyeliner

Everyday Makeup Options – white or purple eyeliner. White eyeliner helps to make your eyes pop and the use of white eyeliner became popular in 2019 but is still on trend for 2020. Eyeliners come in various forms – Pencils, liquids and powders. I personally prefer a soft pencil. Not sure what to buy? Good Housekeeping proves a good list of the top white eyeliner items.h

Purple eyeliner is another trend for 2020. Since this is a trend and more than likely not an everyday look we recommend you pick up your purple eyeliner at a Target/Walmart or one of the National Drug store Chains. MarieClair has pulled together a solid list of brands/items to consider. If you did want to invest more, I personally Like Urban Decay eyeliner pencils. They have a wide range of colors (47) and the soft pencil allows you to smudge.

Eyeliner Tip: If your older, you should be careful to not have a firm, bold eyeliner line as it can age you. Try to use less and smudge for a softer look.

Special Occassion Eye Style – Smokey eyes, Midnight eyes or Allover Metallic. It’s worth noting that bright color blocking shadow is on trend for 2020 but since this is a more unique look we are not going to outline this.

Before we get into the details of a Smokey eye look we want to share the key differences between using a power eyeshadow or cream eyeshadow.

  • Powders – the most popular choice. It’s easy to use and to build. If you have oily eyelids you should use powder as it’s less likely to show the creases on your eyelids.
  • Cream – the best option if you have dry eyelids. Creams are also preferred for people seeking a more subtle look as they tend to have less pigment than powders.

The smokey eye is excellent for special events. It’s easy to get the smoky eye wrong and end up looking like a raccoon.  The goal is to accentuate your eyes with layering of shades. I recommend watching a 2 and a half minute video called Simple Smokey Eyes for Beginners with Bobbi Brown She explains the steps you should take to create the perfect smokey eye look. 

With the instruction, more than likely you can create a smokey eye with eye shadows you already own. If you feel you don’t hav wha you need, there are pallets you can purchase that are pre-designed and typically come with direction. Elle does a nice job of summarizing their top recommendation.

Smokey Eye Tip: Less is more with this look. Be patient and layer to build the perfect look.

Metallic all over eye makeup. This look is not for the timid. Allure does a nice job summarizing the various ways to do metallic eyes. 

Since this is more than likely a special occasion look we recommend picking up the pallets and products you need at a place like Target

Metallic All Over Tip: If you are older, you may not want to try this look. Metallic can emphasize creases and fine lines in the eye area. If you still want to try it; start with lighter shades.

Metallic Allover Makeup

It sounds silly, but I do recommend practicing before going live. These looks can be bold or less dramatic and only you know what your comfortable with. That doesn’t mean you can’t have fun figuring the new styles out. Why not invite some friends over and have a makeup night? You can learn from one another and catch up at the same time.

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