How Effective Is Milan Laser Hair Removal? – A Comprehensive Guide!

There’s a general perception that Milan Laser offers an effective lasting solution for body hair.

Users on Quora and Reddit even claim that Milan Laser hair removal reduces hairs around the butt and back area up to 95% and near about 86% in the groin region.

Well, the question is, whether these claims are true or just marketing gimmicks deployed to attract the gullible.

We decided to check on Milan’s hair removal and see whether their promises held any ground or not. Read along to find out how effective Milan Laser Hair Removal is and why the company is growing leaps and bounds.

What is Milan Laser – A Brief Overview 

“Never Shave Again, Guaranteed,” well that’s the big tagline on Milan Laser’s website. Milan Laser is an Omaha-based company that specializes in laser hair removal.

The company promises to offer a permanent solution for unwanted body hair and claims to be more affordable than traditional hair removal options.

It’s the brainchild of two Board Certified medical doctors, Shikhar Saxena M.D., and Abe Schumacher M.D. and since its inception in 2012, the company has a presence in over 320 locations.

Such a rapid expansion does imply that Milan Laser enjoys solid brand credibility and maintains a loyal customer base.

Milan Laser

How Does Milan Laser Operate? – Free Consultation

They have a free consultation in place for every incoming client, which is impressive. Someone from Milan’s team walks you through the process, answers your questions, and updates you on how everything works.

You will also be filled in with safety information, pricing of packages for different body areas, etc. Till now they appear professional, to the point, and caring about customers.

Their PowerPoint presentation further reinforces all the points and makes sure you know everything about the process, pricing, sessions required, etc.

Hair Removal Process 

As apparent with the name, Milan uses Laser technology to remove hairs. Here’s how it works;

  • A laser is directed towards the root of the hair follicles.
  • At the same time, the machine also directs a mist that cools the skin and lowers any pain or discomfort.
  • Hair roots are destroyed during the process leaving clean hair hair-free skin and permanent relief from body hair.

The Complete Hair Removal Process

The good thing is Milan doesn’t overwhelm customers, it takes things gradually and ensures that you are completely comfortable and ready to receive the treatment;

  • Pre-Treatment: Milan experts recommend avoiding the sun and shaving off the area that needs hair removal treatment.
  • First Treatment: You will be provided safety goggles and asked to relax as Milan experts do their job. Their cooling technology makes the treatment as comforting as possible.
  • Multiple Sessions: You will be asked for repeated sessions to get rid of all the unwanted hair.
  • Final Treatment: At the end of the treatment Milan claims there will be 95% less hair in the treated area.
  • Free Follow-Up: A few hairs could regrow in the treated area. You can simply visit Milan Laser and get them laser removed free of cost.

How Many Sessions Will Be Required Lasering Off Your Hair?

Milan Laser doesn’t give a fixed answer; their reason is that very individuals respond differently to the treatment.

Besides, the body area and the extent of the work also dictate the number of sessions required. The good news is, that they don’t charge for sessions wise, instead, you pay for a full package and will continue receiving laser hair removal treatment irrespective of the sessions.

That’s another feather in Milan Laser’s cap; you get complete treatment, without getting your purse lighter every time you go for a hair removal session.

Did The Laser Removal Process Cause Any Discomfort?

Another thing we wanted to investigate was the discomfort the treatment causes. In general, hair removal is a painful process, if laser treatment addresses this, it could be a big relief.

Well, most users on Quora and Reddit describe the feeling as tingling, spicy, or slightly warming.

There is some discomfort during the process but it’s way too low compared to other traditional hair removal processes.

And the fact that most sessions at Milan Hair Laser Removal last around 15 minutes, the treatment feels like a breeze.

That said, Milan did recommend taking Tylenol an hour before the treatment to make things more comfortable further.

Besides, most customers say as you progress in the treatment, each passing session appears more comfortable than the previous one since your body adjusts to the process.

How Much Does Milan Laser Hair Removal Treatment Cost – The Big Question

How much a service lightens your pocket also defines its effectiveness. It’s an essential criterion to evaluate a service.

Milan makes all sorts of claims that their treatment is much more affordable than the traditional methods but doesn’t reveal the actual pricing.

Although they offer a lifetime guarantee and permanent solution which can be considered as the factor that boosts its affordability.

However, we wanted some concrete figures, so we scoured Reddit and Quora. We found the cost varies between $3k to $30k depending upon the single body part or full body hair removal.

That’s a hefty sum, and people agreed it’s overpriced but given the professionalism of Milan and the quality of their work, most users were satisfied.

Milan Laser Hair Removal Testimonials 

Nothing gives you better insights about a service than real-life examples. Therefore we shifted through forums to gather details on public perception about Milan Laser Hair Removal.

Interestingly, most were satisfied despite the hefty price they had to pay for the treatment. Most were appreciative of the permanent solution, unlimited seasons, and free consultations.

Besides, the professionalism, cleanliness, and supporting nature of Milan’s staff further add to its credibility. That said some were critical too, primarily about the after-effects of treatment which manifest as redness and slight swelling.


Milan Hair Laser Removal is indeed an effective treatment that offers a permanent solution for unwanted bodily hairs.

Although we have to accept the fact that it’s way more expensive than other similar services. That said, its rapid expansion, a large user base of satisfied customers, and mostly positive reviews reflect that Milan Laser delivers what it promises.

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