Beauty Oil Hacks

It’s no secret that skincare is expensive, and face oils are no exception. A good beauty oil uses the best ingredients and doesn’t add any unnecessary fillers or fragrances. Because of this, things can get a little costly. Unlike most other skincare products though, beauty oil can be used in a variety of ways.  Here … Read more

How to Transform Your Naturally Curly and Wild Hair into Straight Luxurious Locks

Naturally curly hair is beautiful and free looking, but let’s face it, sometimes those curls can get a bit unruly and you find yourself wishing you could have straight luxurious locks instead. If you’ve never attempted to straighten your curly hair before, or you have given it a try only to find the curls were … Read more

5 Tricky Ways to Create More Volume in Your Hair

Sick of fighting flat hair, limp locks, and fringe glued to your forehead? High five! I’ve been there… Actually, I still have that problem (something I was born with, I guess!). However, after hundreds of attempts, experiments, and failures, I know for sure how to cope with my volume-challenged (or should I say vertically challenged?) … Read more