Early Stage Signs And Symptoms Of Hair Breakage: Hair Care Guide

Hair breakage is one of the most common hair issues found in human beings regardless of gender. People of almost all ages also face the issue and there can be a range of various reasons for the same. In some people, hair breakage can be temporary and in some people, this might have become a chronic issue. However, it is important to note that if we can diagnose the issue, as early as possible, the chances of having an effective treatment and recovery are relatively higher. 

Medications taken for any specific health condition can be the cause of the hair breakage that you are facing for the time being. Sometimes, it can be the psychological stress that you are going through during that particular time. Apart from all these, a sudden change in diet, lifestyle, and the quality of the water you use on a daily basis can also be the reason for the same. You may also have hair breakage due to some undiagnosed diseases or disorders. However, in this article, we will let you know some of the most significant signs and symptoms of hair breakage so that you will be able to identify the issue at an early stage and get it treated as soon as possible. 

Split Ends 

This can be considered one of the most significant signs of you having issues with hair breakage. Split ends clearly indicate that you have unhealthy hair and scalp. It is also a warning given by your own body to have more nutritious food that can take care of the health of your hair by nourishing the same. Apart from that, you may also start to follow simple home remedies to deal with the issue of split ends. When you notice this particular issue with your hair. Make sure to check whether any other hair problems are also bothering you. So that you would also be able to take treatment for the same. Split ends are one of the easiest things that you can check by just having a close look at the tips of your hair. Make sure that you never miss out on doing the same, every now and then. 

Symptoms Of Hair Breakage

Track your falling hair

This is also one of the easiest things you can do to detect whether you have hair breakage or not. Hair fall is quite normal and every day. Several strands of hair fall out and this is common in people who have healthy hair and scalp and those who do not. However, an approximate count of these falling-out hair strands should be in a range between 100-150. Anything beyond this limit should be considered an issue of hair fall. You should also check on the falling strands of hair for shorter pieces of hair. If you find such broken shorter pieces of hair more in the falling out hair strands. You may come to the conclusion of having the issue of hair breakage. 


Healthy hair is less likely to be dry and frizzy most of the time. It would have the right amount of hydration, and nourishment so that it would appear lustrous and healthy from the inside out. But if you are having hair issues and most importantly hair breakage, then your hair may most probably lean to the dry and frizzy side lacking proper moisturisation and nourishment. Some people may have an extremely oily and excessively moisturized scalp, but the strands of their hair may appear dry and frizzy. People with such hair type may also suspect hair breakage and take treatment at the right time. 

Challenging detangling

If you can easily comb through your hair, then you may belong to the healthy hair club. On the other side, if you find it quite challenging to have the detangling process of your hair done, then you might be having hair issues, particularly hair breakage, and frizziness. 

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Now, you know how to suspect and come to the conclusion of having the issue of hair breakage. However, it is always better to focus more on preventive measures. So that your hair will not go unhealthy and badly require treatment and nourishment. Hence it is important to stay away from the destruction-causing factors such as chemical styling, heat, and so on. 

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