Is An Eye Mask Good For Your Eyes? Natural Benefits Explained!

Are you yet to explore the less-known benefits of an eye mask? For the unknown, studies have revealed that if there is excessive light in the bedroom, it may lead to diabetes, obesity, and hypertension among older adults. However, with the help of an eye mask, you can easily overcome the problem of artificial light.

According to a study conducted by Sleep Journal, one could benefit from improved memory and alertness in the morning by wearing an eye mask at night. In the below section, we take you through the top natural benefits of wearing an eye mask.

8 Top benefits of wearing an eye mask

Benefits of eye mask

Wearing an eye mask can provide a variety of benefits, including improved physical and mental health. Here are eight key benefits:

1. Provide a calming effect on the eyes

When you wear an eye mask, it blocks out the light. As a result, there will be a calming effect on your eyes. 

2. Helps boost your REM sleep

Are you aware of the term REM sleep? According to The National Sleep Foundation, REM sleep is the stage of sleep where most of our dreaming happens and it constitutes 25% of the sleep time. REM plays a vital role as it stimulates those areas of the brain that are associated with learning and memory. 

The advantage of wearing an eye mask is that it provides total darkness. When there is total darkness, it will help enhance overall sleep as there will be no disturbances caused by external light. 

3. Provides better sleep on the go

While you are traveling, it is quite hard to get uninterrupted sleep. Even though you try to adjust to the new schedule, it becomes really difficult. The advantage of wearing an eye mask is that it can provide a sense of normalcy and sound sleep in new environments. Another benefit is that since sleep masks are portable, you can wear them while traveling on a plane and get uninterrupted sleep.

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4. Protects your skin while sleeping

When you toss and turn at night, it happens that you rub against the pillows, blankets, and sheets. As a result of this friction, it may cause skin barrier disruption and inflammation. One more drawback is that the skin’s physical folding may lead to wrinkling.

The benefit of wearing an eye mask is that it acts as a protective layer to prevent the damage caused to the skin. Always keep in mind that the skin around the eyes is so delicate that you need to provide special protection for them.

5. Aids in reducing puffiness

Have you gone through those days when you were up all night and left with a puffy face and dark circles? By using a weighted eye mask you can get rid of that problem pretty easily. These masks work in such a way that they apply physical pressure to your skin under the eyes and remove excess fluid that is the main cause of puffiness.

One more benefit of using a weighted eye mask is that it may improve dark circles to an extent that develops due to puffiness. Cooling eye masks also play the role of defpuffing by constricting blood vessels.

6. May help alleviate anxiety or tension

It’s quite natural that you may experience tension or be prone to headaches or migraines. Certain eye masks help get rid of such nagging problems as well. A weighted eye mask is generally made with small microbeads that provide compression that some users find quite comforting when they fall asleep. These masks apply slight pressure to your face thereby relieving the tension around your eyes and also providing relief from nighttime headaches or migraines.

7. Improves learning and alertness

As part of a study conducted by researchers at Oxford University, the cognitive benefits of wearing an eye mask during overnight sleep were explored. A comparison was made among 125 participants regarding how wearing an eye mask and not wearing one can impact learning and memory. At the end of the study, it was found that unlike those who did not wear the eye mask, subjects who wore benefited from improved learning and alertness.

8. Safe compared to medicines

As you know, being devoid of sleep at night adversely affects your activities during the daytime. Thus many people resort to sleeping medicines to give rest for their brain and eyes. However, when compared to medicines eye masks are much safer.

Things to keep in mind while buying an eye mask

  • Choose an eye mask that is made of natural fibers such as silk. The benefit of picking silk materials such as silk is that they are softer and gentler on the skin barrier. Also, stay away from synthetics like polyester.
  • Make sure that you clean your eye mask regularly. The reason is that it will be up against your face all night and it deserves the same treatment as with any other garment that comes in close contact with your skin. Also, note that you need to wash the mask daily if you missed to wash your face before going to bed or when there is heavy sweating.
  • While picking the eye mask, check where the strap will hit, your sleep position, and the size that you require. For those who are side sleepers or have sensitive ears, it is better to choose one with a strap that hits above the ears so that there is no problem with added pressure. On the other hand, if you switch positions while sleeping, it is best recommended to buy a mask with a tighter-fitting, more adjustable strap. 
  • After buying an eye mask that best suits you, do not make the mistake of tying it too tight as this can lead to wrinkling and skin trauma.


An eye mask is best recommended for those suffering from problems associated with lack of sleep. Especially if you work the night shift and do not have blackout curtains in the room in which you sleep, it is the perfect product for you.

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