Everything you need to know about Facial Oils

What exactly are facial oils?

Face oils date back as early as 10,000 BCE when moisturizing emollients were used by Egyptian to protect the skin from the dry desert climate. Face oils can be natural or synthetic and are typically used to hydrate the skin, but it’s important to remember that not all facial oils are the same. Synthetic and mineral oils are comedogenic and clog pores.  Natural and organic plant based oils that are properly extracted and unfiltered not only won’t clog pores but can transform your skin. 

Plant based beauty oils can transform your skin

How do you use face oils?

Facial oils should be applied directly onto the skin as a base for your moisturizer. Gently pat a few drops to clean, damp skin and gently massage into your face. This can be done morning and night before adding your moisturizer.

What can a face oil do for my skin?

Face oils help to strengthen and repair your own natural skin barrier, and help to plump skin. Many facial oils are rich in essential fatty acids, like our Amalie Oils. Facial oils can balance and normalize oily skin by helping to restore lost essential fatty acids to the skin providing hydration without leaving a greasy residue behind. In addition to their hydrating abilities facial oil can protect the skin. As we age, skin loses it’s ability to create it’s own essential oils so replacing them helps to keep skin supple and refreshed.

Can a face oil replace my moisturizer?

No. While face oils are an amazing addition to your beauty regime, they are best used in conjunction with a moisturizer — not instead of one. Facial oils nourish, lubricate and form a protective lipid barrier on the surface of the skin to help keep water in. Since facial oils don’t contain any water themselves, they don’t actually moisturize. Face oils are best used as a carrier to help support your moisturizer.

Whats the Difference Between Beauty Oils and Serums?

Serums are skin treatments that contain highly concentrated ingredients made to penetrate deep within the skin. The ingredients in serums are molecularly formulated to be smaller in size, increasing their ability to reach the furthest layers of the epidermis. Serums are typically made of water plus actives, like peptides, antioxidant rich vitamins, or resurfacing ones like glycolic or alpha hydroxy acids.

Oils provide nutrition and hydration to the skin. Facial oils usually contain plant extracts and essential oils which provide the skin with lipids. These lipids moisturize and keep skin balanced. They also help to protect skin from environmental damage which can lead to acne and premature aging. If you want more details on the difference between serum and face oil check this article from the klog. h

How Should Face Oils Fit Into Your Skincare Routine?

There are numerous ways  to incorporate facial oils into your beauty regime. Apply oils before or after moisturizer, you can also mix a few drops in your moisturizer if you’d like. You can also mix a few drops into your foundation. Want more ideas? Check here.

Okay, if you feel like you just read a text book and want some ideas on specific products here are some details on two of our best selling organic beauty oils.

A few drops is all you need

SHINE is unique because is can be used as a facial oil as well as a spot treatment. Shine brightens, fades dark spots and moisturizes skin. This is achieved with natural ingredients like pomegranate, bearberry, lemon peel and licorice. It’s organic, cruelty-free, vegan, free of soy, gluten, corn and hand made in the USA. If you chose to use it as a facial oil you simply pat 4-5 drops of oil on your fingertips and pat into your skin before applying moisturizer or makeup. If you’re using SHINE as a spot treatment, it should sub-in for or next to your “serum.” This is because SHINE in that case is a spot treatment that should penetrate the skin first before any occlusive agents, to give the SHINE a chance to sink in first before it’s locked in.

REWIND Organic toning oil was built on the premise of renewal and of turning back time. REWIND is 100% organic, cruelty-free, vegan, free of soy, corn, gluten and hand made in the USA. REWIND tones and revives skin with key ingredients like honeysuckle, pomegranate, rose and sage. By adding REWIND to your beauty routine you can double down on your skins improvement. Plus, it’s got a natural, sweet honeysuckle, sage & rose scent (which is a natural by-product of the extraction process, not added artificially) that makes the experience even more decadent as it slowly melts into your skin.

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