8 Easy Ways To Try A Digital Detox: Tips That Actually Work In 2024

Detox – a word that the millennium is quite familiar with and the Gen Z is following through. In earlier times, detoxification was done by keeping a fast and depending on fruits and milk/water throughout the day.

But we are not talking about food here. As the world is converting digital, the old methods of looking at news and entertainment are left behind and new ones are catching up. That’s why, the need to carry out something like digital detox is higher than ever. Especially in the situation where we are working around the clock in front of a computer and our entire world has shifted to these screens.

Since people become so obsessed with their smartphones and laptops, they sometimes understand how poor this is for their lifestyle. So they shifted to digital detox, which is also a trend now. So, what exactly is this digital detoxification and how can you be a part of it?

What Is Digital Detoxification? 8 Simple Ways For Digital Detoxification

Digital detoxification is the process where you turn away from your social media platforms and focus on life for some time. You do not use any electronic devices and try to focus on yourself and what the environment has to offer. Social interactions switch from online to offline.

Digital Detoxification

What Is The Duration Of Digital Detox?

There is no limitation to the detox. It depends on an individual’s peace of mind and health space. You can begin from 24 hours and carry it out for a week or even a month. It is completely to your discretion and comfort.

8 Ways For Digital Detoxification

Digital detox is not a one-step method. It can be performed in several ways. It all depends on how you want to do it. So, let’s see which are the 8 ways through which you can indulge in this temporary lifestyle change.

1. Quit Looking At The Screens

The most basic method of digital detox is to stop glaring at your screen. We as humans tend to stop whatever we are doing and simply grab our phones. Is there a notification? Has Instagram brought some impressive reels? Sometimes all we do is stop working on our computers and start scrolling the social media platforms.

This doesn’t give you a break, rather makes you feel more tired. So, if you are looking to break the work monotony, take a small walk instead.

2. Turn Off All Notification Alerts

Yes, we all want to know what is happening in the world. But is compromising our mental health worth that? You can look at the news later on. It will stay there. So, mute those push notifications for a while.

Also, remember that if someone wants to reach out to you, they can call instead of messaging on Instagram and Facebook. If you want, set a specific time aside for every day to check all notifications.

3. Go Out Instead Of Staying In

Humans have become lazier than ever. Once their chores are over, they will not go hang out with friends or take a walk alone. Instead, they will cozy up in the blanket and start scrolling.

That’s not a very healthy habit to indulge in. So, if you are looking for an easy way of digital detox, go out after your work is over. Don’t stay in as that will make you fall into the trap of social media.

4. Turn Nature Into Your Friend

Nature is a beautiful thing and has a lot to offer. It can heal you a lot in every aspect. So, instead of relying on those social media reels to give you therapy sessions, try taking a walk in nature. Gaze at those tall trees, chirping birds, and running squirrels.

They will relieve stress and give you a new perspective for the upcoming days. Everything’s better when you are in the bask of nature.

5. Leave The Fomo Factor Behind

We are all stuck in a loop where we have a fear of missing out. As soon as there is a notification thing, we want to know what’s up! We cannot resist looking at our phones and would leave everything we are doing, just to see the latest updates.

So, the best way to tackle this problem is that we don’t understand that the video or news will stay there even if you watch it after a few hours. So, you are not exactly missing out on anything, just delaying it for some time.

6. No Phones On The Dinner Table

Make it a rule that there will be no smartphones while you are eating. This distraction does more damage than you think. Even if we are not constantly glued to the screens, our half eyes are there. You are waiting for the screen to light up and see if you have any new messages or notifications. If we direct our energy towards the device, we do not sit wholeheartedly with the person we are having food with.

7. Switch From Kindle To Hardcovers

If you like reading books and the Kindle fever has taken control, it is time to let go. Bring back the feel-good days of holding a book and smelling its pages. This will help you reduce the focus you are putting on screens. According to studies, people who use books instead of screens are more aware and efficient.

8. Don’t Start And End The Day With The Screen

As soon as we wake up, our hands reach out to the phone. We sleep while browsing social media. Both of these habits are to be alleviated if you want an actual digital detox. When you wake up, your brain cannot process anything immediately. It requires at least 30 minutes to wake up properly.

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Social media is a boon but it can also be a bane in many ways. Create a balance between using your smartphones and life in general. Take a social detox once in a while to bring your life on track. It is important for a healthy lifestyle. The ways discussed above are some of the easiest ways you can indulge in the detox.

Other methods like setting particular phone hours for the day, no gadget rule in the bedroom, and logging out from social media accounts for a week can be immensely helpful. But remember, take these steps slowly for a better retraction. 

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