Avocado Oil For Hair: Benefits And How To Use It?

Avocado oil is one of the most effective scalp treatments that you can have to have shiny and smooth hair. There are a lot of potent antioxidants, monosaturated fats, and vitamins in this particular oil so it can significantly benefit your hair for sure. Apart from that, the buttery texture of this particular fruit can also transfer its textural benefits to the hair strand when applied daily.

Apart from all these, avocado has also got several other potent properties that can help you deal with dandruff issues, and other inflammatory conditions on your scalps, prevent breakage, induce hair growth, and so on.

This article will deal with all you need to know about this particular hair oil formulation and a couple of probable benefits that you can have from them along with some of the best ways through which you can make use of it.  

4 Top Benefits Of Avocado Oil

Top Benefits Of Avocado Oil

This oil, derived from the fruit of the avocado tree (Persea americana), is high in nutrients and has several benefits for both internal and external applications. Here are four main advantages of incorporating avocado oil into your routine:

1. Fights the dandruff on your scalp 

Fighting the dandruff on your scalp can be a challenging task if you have not treated it for so long. Stubborn dandruff is also also quite hard to remove. Two different kinds of dandruff generally appear on the human scalp. One type of dandruff is caused by the extreme oil content on your scalp and the other one is caused by to dry and flaky scalp that is completely devoid of moisture content. If you are struggling with dandruff and other kinds of scalp inflammation that is caused due to extremely dry and flaky scalp, avocado oil can be of immense help for your concerns.

Avocado oil is extremely nourishing and moisturizing to the scalp so it can effectively deal with the extreme dryness and flakiness on your scalp. Applying and massaging any oil of your choice can help you serve the same purpose, however, avocado oil has more hydrating and moisturizing properties on account of its buttery texture. The caution that comes along with this benefit is that, make sure your dandruff issue is solely caused due to a dry scalp condition and not due to the extreme oiliness and its buildup, before choosing to apply avocado oil for your dandruff.

You can get the type of your dandruff diagnosed by consulting with an expert dermatologist. If people with dandruff caused by oily skin choose to use avocado oil as a remedy, they are highly likely to be affected with adverse results. 

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2. Deals with hair breakage 

Witnessing the strands of your hair breaking more often and in greater quantities can be quite depressing for sure. This issue can be mainly due to the reduced thickness of your hair strands and its dryness. When you apply a nourishing oil like avocado oil, you are applying a thin layer of oil into the strands, making it look much shinier and healthier. It can also improve the flexibility of your hair and thus prevent it from being brittle and easily prone to breakage. Hair breakage when you brush, towel dry, or tie your hair is highly likely to be prevented with this.

However, it is also important that you deal with your hair more gently to prevent breakage issues. Brushing your hair from its tips instead of its roots can also help you in this regard. Ditching your close-tooth comb and going for a wide-tooth one can also be a sensible move. Tight hairstyles, heat, and chemical treatments on your hair can all cause unnecessary breakage to your hair strands. However, if you find such treatments to be inevitable, make sure you are pampering your starnds with a nice avocado oil massage after that, to prevent further breakage. 

3. Detangler 

This is one of avocado oil’s most well-known benefits. It is suggested that you apply any oil of your choice before having your routine hair washed. However, if you are finding it difficult to detangle your hair with the oil that you have been using currently, you may go for avocado oil which can help you significantly in detangling those complicated and terrifying knots in your hair with much less pressure and pain. You can apply it with the help of your fingertips and then use a wide-tooth comb to detangle your hair from the tips. 

4. Hair protectant 

Apart from reversing the damage that has been caused to your hair for a range of different reasons, avocado oil and a massage with the same can help you protect from all the potential damage. Environmental damages such as pollution, exposure to the harmful rays of the sun, contact with chlorine, etc. can lead to possible hair damage.

If you can protect your hair by applying a thin coat of avocado oil before going out in the sun or having contact with saltwater or chlorine can help you in protecting the strands of your hair from damage. It can also effectively prevent the dryness caused due to the same. 

Avocado Oil; How to use it?

There are a lot of effective ways through which you can make the best use of avocado oil. You can apply it as your regular hair oil, give a thorough massage, and then leave it for some time for better absorption before rinsing it off with a shampoo.

You can also use avocado combined with honey, and egg, and make a hair mask out of it, to have shinier and smoother hair. Apart from all these, you can also use it as a serum or conditioner. If you are using it as a conditioner, make sure you are using the least minimum quantities possible so that you will not end up having a greasy look.

Wrap Up

Now that is all you need to know about avocado oil, its potential benefits, and the best ways to use the same. However, make sure you are not overdosing with the application of this oil, since it can lead to extreme oiliness and subsequent buildup on your scalp which can even lead to inflammatory issues such as dandruff and several other complications that come along with it. 

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