5 Steps to a Nude Self-Manicure

One of the top trends in 2021 for nails is the naked or nude look. The elegant nude nail color allows fingers to look elongated and classic. If you like this clean, adaptable look here are the steps needed to successfully pull it off.

Nude nail color makes your hands look longer
  1. Make sure your nail length is similar as this will help to make a finished, elegant statement. You may need to get nail fillers to accomplish this or trim natural nails so that each nail is approximately the same length.
  2. Choose your nail shape. Most go for a simple rounded nail but if you go for a longer almond shape this will help to make your fingers look longer. If you want to learn more about the best shape for your nails check out this article from harpers bazaar.
  3. Buff the top of your nails until shiny. The buffing process will help to soften any ridges, allowing for a smooth application.
  4. Apply cuticle oil and push back, trim any dead skin cells. Be sure to gently push back cuticles and only trim dead skin cells. If you remove healthy skin cells you can create hangnails and/or potential infection. We recommend using a cuticle oil that is organic but in a pinch you can use baby oil or other gentle beauty oils you may have around. Note: It’s key to have your nail base healthy since the color is very minimal.
  5. Apply your nail polish coats. We recommend a base and sealing coat along with the color coat but you can find some polishes that combine steps. Be prepared to add multiple coats assuming the shade is on the lighter side of the color spectrum. The most complex part of this process is finding a shade that mimics your skin tone. Choose a nail color that matches your natural skin tone. You can choose something slightly lighter for a delicate look and something slightly darker for a higher fashion look. Remember that the color you choose in August will be different then the color in October since you likely have darker skin now due to the sun. Tip: To keep your healthy naked nail look fresh remember to apply cuticle oil and hand cream as needed. If your like me, your still washing hands all of the time and this can dry out your hands and cuticles.

In summary, the nude manicure is timeless and perfect for any nail length. It also provides a blank canvas that allows for accents. If you choose to give your some extra styling you can try ombre, jewels, transfers or letters. If you want more ideas, check out trend spotter.

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