Why Is My Skin So Dry When I Moisturize? Top 8 Reasons!

You can find many people who have complained that their skin remains dry even when they use moisturizers. Dry skin can occur due to cold weather, dry air, and even extremely hot environments. If you are searching for the answer to the same question, “Why is my skin so dry when I moisturize?” then you are in the right place.

As per your requirement, we have provided all the reasons that promote dryness in your skin. Additionally, we have also mentioned effective tips to reduce the symptoms of such situations in detail.

Why Is My Skin So Dry When I Moisturize? Top 8 Reasons

My Skin So Dry Top Reasons

Dry skin can be caused by various reasons, which can be cured by applying any skincare products like moisturizers.

But what about the condition when you follow all the skincare routines, but still you don’t find your find your skin hydrated? It could be potentially due to 8 reasons your skin is dry that we have discussed below.

1. Cleaning Your Skin More Frequently

The first and most prominent reason is the over-cleansing of your skin, which means washing your skin more frequently. Tough cleaning of the upper surface of the body is necessary, but you have to remember that overwashing can also damage the skin cells.

Several studies have found that cleaning your skin can potentially remove the oils and other molecules that contribute to providing moisture to the skin.

2. Overuse Of Harsh Cleansers

As part of cleansing your skin, using harsh cleansers can also reduce the quality of your skin. You can find many skincare products that contain components like benzyl alcohol, artificial fragrance, and sulfates, which tend to remove the natural oil from the skin while making it dry. So, if you are wondering why is my skin so dry when I moisturize, then such types of products can be a culprit.

3. Build Up Dead Cells On The Skin Surface

The third reason behind dry skin is the build-up of dead cells on the surface. Here, you have to understand that these dead cells can clog the pores on the skin, which can disrupt the moisture penetration within it. As a result, such skin-related issues can potentially promote dry skin even if you are using moisturizer cream.

4. Using Too Much Hot Water For Washing Your Skin

Apart from bathing or washing your face too frequently, using hot water can be a reason why is my skin so dry when I moisturize.

Taking a shower in overly hot water can damage the protective layer on the skin that helps defend it from the harsh environment. Therefore, it is recommended to keep the temperature of your shower moderate to avoid damage to the barrier of the skin.

5. Dehydration Of Your Skin Due To Malnutrition

You will be amazed to know that your skin is made with 15 to 20 percent water and various other nutrients to hold it. The skin also starts becoming dry because of the deficiency of essential nutrients available on the surface of the body. To retrieve that natural moisture, you need to follow a balanced diet and stay hydrated to gain the wet skin as required.

6. Certain Medications Can Be Reasons Your Skin Is Dry

If you are still confused about why is my skin so dry when I moisturize, then consider this point. If you have taken some medication or gone through certain medical treatments, then you might experience dry skin. In such cases, you are advised to see a dermatologist if you are facing irritation along with dryness for better treatment.

7. Over-Exfoliating Is An Additional Reason For Your Dry Skin

As we have discussed earlier, an increment in dead skin cells can cause dryness even your dry skin when moisturized. At the same time, exfoliating can also be the reason for dehydrated skin, even when applying moisturizers. Removing dead cells while washing more frequently can cause damage to the skin pores, resulting in inflammation, and your skincare product may not work.

8. Not Drinking Enough Water

As we have discussed earlier, the skin contains almost 20 percent water, which needs to be filled from time to time. And that drinking enough water can decrease the moisture in the skin. Therefore, it is recommended to have enough water as per daily requirements to keep your skin hydrated.

What Are The Symptoms Of Dry Skin?

If you have found the answer to why is my skin so dry when I moisturize, then it’s time to take some action to fix this problem. To do so, you need to identify the symptoms of turning your skin dry that we have mentioned below.

  • Your skin may become tight and rough.
  • Additionally, you may also experience the occurrence of fine lines and cracks.
  • Sometimes, the cracks may become so deep that they can start bleeding.
  • In some cases, you may also feel itchiness and redness in your skin.
  • Dry or cracked may also feel painful or experience a burning sensation.
  • Some people’s skin can also become wrinkled due to lack of moisture.

If you are experiencing such types of symptoms on your skin, then you need to seek a treatment procedure to reduce its causes. You can check out the section below to gain the natural moisture of your skin so that you don’t have to look for harsh skincare products to opt for healthy and toned skin.

How Do You Treat Dry Skin In An Easy Way?

Now, we have come to the end of our article, and we hope that you might have got your answer to your question; “Why is my skin so dry when I moisturize?“.  We hope that the 8 reasons your skin is dry can help you understand the root cause of your skin type. Additionally, you can treat your dry skin by choosing the right skincare product for your routine.

Here, consider washing your face gently twice a day with warm water. At the same time, stay away from allegiance-free moisturizing soap and use medication to get relief from itchiness.


In conclusion, even with careful moisturizing, dry skin can still occur for a variety of reasons, including dehydration, severe weather, an inadequate skincare regimen, underlying medical conditions, excessive exfoliation, environmental factors, genetics, and some medications. By being aware of these elements and modifying your skincare routine accordingly, you can reduce dryness and encourage more hydrated, healthier skin.


Dr. Luna Rey specializes in diagnosing and treating a wide range of skin conditions, from common conditions like acne and eczema to more complex conditions like psoriasis and skin cancer. In addition to her medical practice, Dr. Luna has a strong interest in writing and has published numerous articles on dermatology topics in leading medical journals. Her writing style is clear, concise, and easy to understand, making her work accessible to a broad audience.

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