TressAnew Reviews: Is The TressAnew Hair Growth Formula Safe To Use?

TressAnew is a hair-revitalizing solution formulated by Harmonium, a nutrition brand. It’s a natural solution made by blending three of the 5 most potent AR inhibitors (Alpha reductase inhibitors) to promote strong and rapid hair growth.

Here I am trying to put forth a detailed TressAnew review revealing all the characteristics of TressAnew hair regrow solution which is comparatively new to the market. 

TressAnew Reviews: Is This A Natural Hair Growth Formula?

Loss of hair and its youthful appearance is a matter of concern for both men and women throughout the history of mankind. And TressAnew offers a solution to this concern by checking the root cause of hair fall and damage and allows natural hair growth.

As per the TressAnew website information and the expert opinions most of the hair damage can be resolved by supplementing the solution. 

I would like to bring out the TressAnew ingredients, benefits, authenticity, efficiency, side effects (if any), price, and refund policy of the solution in detail in the coming sections as we discuss further. 

TressAnew Review
Supplement NameTressAnew
Formulated ForHair loss
TressAnew Ingredients– Fo-Ti
– Nettle Root
– Saw Palmetto
– Horsetail
– Biotin
– Magnesium
TressAnew benefits– Uninterrupted nutrient supply
Prevents balding and reduces hair fall
– Important hair vitamins and mineral supply
TressAnew dosage2 capsules a day
Side effects60 capsules
Age groupAdults
SideeffectsNo side effects reported yet
Pros– Increased blood flow
– It Improves natural organic hair growth
– It Prevents hair shedding
ConsPregnant and lactating mothers cannot use it
– It is not endorsed by FDA 
Money back guarantee90-day money-back guarantee
Side effectsOnly through the official website
Official WebsiteClick here

What Is TressAnew?

TressAnew is a herbal organic solution formulated including the potentiality of the 3 of the 5 AR inhibitors found in nature.

With the help of 3 inhibitors, checking the hair-degrading enzyme from allowing to make your body’s natural testosterone into the balding hormone, DHT, TressAnew hair growth formula supports natural, long, and stunning hair growth.

The solution treats your hair by blocking the hair degrading enzyme, DHT, at the bottom of them from entering into the hair follicles. 

As the supplement originated from plant bases, it is comprised of antioxidants, nourishing nutrients, and free of harmful chemicals.

TressAnew hair support formula stops converting your testosterone into DHT which is the root cause of hair malnourishment and consequent hair damage.

The solution formulated from potential herbal extracts functions to check the hair degrading enzyme, DHT, and allows the nutrients to enter into hair follicles to replenish hair growth.  

The product is GMP certified and FDA approved maintaining quality and under standardized lab facilities. All TressAnew ingredients used to develop the product are natural and organic. There is no report of adverse effects of the solution yet after extensive usage by consumers. 

The solution is available for purchase only from the authentic website of Harmonium, the supplement manufacturer. Vita Balance Pharma produces TressAne hair support formula in the US. Its easy-to-swallow capsule form makes it convenient for consumption. 

TressAnew Supplement Ingredients 

Looking into the ingredients of any composition is very important in understanding the product and assessing its effectiveness. Let us study one by one the herbal essences extracted from natural sources to make this hair-boosting supplement.

As per the information on the TressAnew website, the ingredients are collected carefully to instigate hair growth tendency faster and stronger.

TressAnew Ingredients

  • Fo-Ti

Fo-Ti, a Chinese herb, is one of the 5 AR inhibitors that can fight against the androgenic effect of DHT, the hair-degrading agent. A study from Yunnan University in China revealed that Fo-Ti has the remedial ability to boost hair color and vibrancy. The efficacy of Fo-Ti to enhance hair growth is clinically and scientifically proven.

  • Nettle Root

Nettle Root has been used since ancient times as a herbal remedy for an energy boost. But it also acts as a growth stimulant and allows faster growth. 

It is very effective in blocking 5 AR from converting testosterone into DHT.

  • Saw Palmetto

Saw Palmetto is a beautiful herb familiar to ancient South American tribes. It has been used as a natural health remedy for beauty needs. Studies show that Palmetto can block the DHT receptors and prevent hair damage.

  • Horsetail

Horsetail is an ancient herb used by Greeco-Roman cultures for various favorable health benefits. It’s unique due to its abundant antioxidants and silicon that help long, luscious, and strong hair growth. 

It is also effective to stop the conversion of 5 AR into DHT.

  • Biotin

Biotin-enriched compounds ensure the necessary vitamins and minerals wholesomely for your hair, nails, and skin. TressAnew hair growth formula pills contain biotin to enrich the nourishment of your hair to prevent undesired hair thinning and damage. Boitin-rich products are generally found expensive but TessAnew is not so.  

  • Magnesium

Magnesium is a vital mineral that instigates rapid hair growth. Women going through menopause often experience a need for magnesium to maintain their

TressAnew natural hair growth. Shortage of magnesium production in the body may cause hair fall and damage. The supplement resolves the issue by providing magnesium requirement. 

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Overall TressAnew Supplement Score? 

Overall score3.7
Hair growth5
Whole hair health3
Nutrition quality4
Hair Health promotion2.5

Bottom Line: TreassAnew solution helps you to treat hair fall and hair damage and replenishes hair growth in abundance. Although its well-established methods are likely to be effective, it focuses mostly on the checking of DHT, a hair-degrading enzyme converted from testosterone in your body rather than improving overall hair nourishment.

How Do TressAnew Supplements Work?

TressAnew solution works basically with its 3 natural AR inhibitors to prevent hair fall and damage. These 3 potential AR inhibitors imprison the hair-degrading enzyme from allowing you to convert your body’s natural testosterone into the balding hormone, DHT.

Your hair follicles have receptors at the bottom of them. But the presence of DHT creates a blockade at the bottom of the hair follicle and nutrients are no longer able to enter the hair for nourishment.

TressAnew hair growth formula pills remove this blockade by acting as a DHT inceptor and facilitating nutrient supply for full hair nourishment.

Thus It supports natural, long, and stunning hair growth. In short, after revealing all the characteristics of the solution, TressAnew pills prevent hair damage, loss of its youthful shine and vibrancy, and hair volume. 

Women, as they get older, release less estrogen, due to menstrual cycle change. The drop in estrogen causes an increase in testosterone. These changes are brought into a favorable condition regarding hair growth with the help of the solution.

TressAnew Benefits

  •    Uninterrupted nutrient supply

TressAnew capsules act as a nutrient supply facilitating agent, with its clinically proven formula, the solution promotes natural and organic growth of luscious hair growth in women. 

  • Prevents balding and reduces hair fall

The balding enzyme is checked by TressAnew capsules to allow beautiful hair growth and makes you look younger. 

  • Important hair vitamins and mineral supply are ensured

The herbal extracts comprised in the supplement ensure the supply of most of the hair vitamins and minerals like magnesium and protects hair from most of the insecurities.

  • The supplement cares for the cellular health of your hair

TressAnew interacts inside the cells to reduce hair breakage and repair feeble hair. 

Pros And Cons Of TressAnew Supplement  

TressAnew, combating the AR inhibitors and facilitating nutrient supply, proves to be effective in fighting all your hair insecurities. As all the TressAnew ingredients included in the solution are natural possible side effects are out of the debate.

Twice a day capsule serving sounds convenient consumption. It seems you could take a relieving sigh from all your haircare problems as it nourishes hair follicles with vitamins and minerals to replenish luscious hair growth. 


  • It Incepts DHT hormone to prevent hair malnourishment
  • It gets down to the real root cause of hair damage
  • Increased blood flow into the scalp
  • It Prevents hair shedding and hair loss due to hair-damaging enzymes
  • It Improves natural organic hair growth
  • It can be easily consumed in capsule form 
  • It does not need any extra accessories for usage. 
  • It can be purchased from the comfort of your home


  • It is not endorsed by FDA 
  • It is not clinically proven whether it can be consumed by patients with severe health conditions
  • Pregnant and lactating mothers cannot use it as per the recommendation.
  • Responsibility for taking the capsules daily regularly.

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Is TressAnew Legit Or Not? 

TressAnew works well for restoration of the lost hair as per the customer experience shared already. The antioxidant properties, minerals, and vitamins of the supplement make the product legit and safe to use.

TressAnew solution seems to be licitly assessing all the aspects of the product. After analyzing the possible effects of the ingredients that had been used by people already. The ingredients used in the formula are proven to be natural.

The cause of each hair insecurity and the effect of each TressAnew ingredient added to the supplement for each hair health concern is addressed scientifically.

In the ingredients section the effect of each ingredient was discussed in detail ad it proves that TressAnew is worth trying and legit in its use. 

TressAnew Dosage

It is recommended to take two capsules a day for a better result either in the morning or evening as your choice. Since it is a slow progressive supplement it takes at least 2-3 months to deliver a visible result.

TressAnew dosage

How And Where To Order TressAnew?

TressAnew can be got home delivered by ordering on click from the authentic website sitting in the comfort of your home.

Go to the TressAnew website, select the number of bottles you want, and add to the cart to place the order, paying the amount. Please note that it is not available for purchase from any department store or online platforms other than the official website.

The price of the supplement is just and affordable as furnished below

Starter pack   (1 bottle of 60 capsules for 1 month)     =  59 USD per bottle

Most Popular ( 3 bottles of 60 capsules for 3 months) = 49 USD per bottle

Best Value     (6 bottles of 60 capsules for 6 months)  = 39 USD per bottle

Click Here To Order TressAnew Supplement From Official Website

TressAnew Customer Reviews And Complaints

TressAnew customers have reviewed positively after using the supplement. As per the website and complaints are hardly found as the product demand is pretty good.

Women with hair loss now enjoy a second chance at their youth after using the supplement. An anticipatory note of the possibility of being out of stock signals the product’s effectiveness.

TressAnew Customer Reviews

TressAnew Refund Policy

A 90-day Money back guarantee is offered by TressAnew for you in case you are not satisfied with the supplement after using it for a while. You can return the supplement by email to the TressAnew customer support team promptly.

So TressAnew customers can try the item for 90 days not at their expense, but at the expense of the manufacturer itself. The TressAnew refund policy sounds good as they put their skin on the trial of the effectiveness of the product. In short, it is absolutely zero risk to place an order.

Final Verdict On TressAnew Reviews

After a detailed study of the TressAnew ingredients of the supplement and consequent analysis, TreassAnew seems to ensure the promised result. The theory on which the formulation is based is factually true and scientifically supported and it is safe to use as a supplement. 

Besides it is comprised of purely natural herbal extracts and elements that never cause any side effects normally.

This all-natural supplement acts as a 5 AR-inhibitors and clears the way for the nourishment nutrients to enter into the hair follicles, And thus follicular health is improved to make luscious locks around your neck.

When we conclude this TressAnew review, the supplement strengthens your scalp along with your hair, eases your blood flow to the scalp, hydrates your hair as well as rejuvenates it, it seems the solution is worth purchasing and going for a trial.

As there are no side effects of using the supplement heard yet and the feedback of numerous studies conducted to formulate the solution also validates the legitimacy of the product.

TessAnew focuses on the root cause of hair loss, mitigating the presence of the hair-degrading enzyme, DHT, the claimed results can be achieved by the use of the supplement as suggested.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can TessAnew be consumed by everyone?

Generally speaking, the answer is in the affirmative but it is not recommended for pregnant women, lactating mothers, or women with severe health issues. 

2. How can I make sure of its effectiveness?

Hair growth is a time taking process. However, 2-3 weeks of usage of the supplement will manifest signs of improvement in hair growth and strength since the compound works at the root cause of hair insecurities. 

3. Is TressAnew Safe to consume?

TressAnew composition is comprised of natural ingredients collected from the resources found in nature. And it is proven by numerous studies that any of the components do not harm the human body by any means. Therefore it is found to be safe to consume. 

4. How is the daily consumption of it?

2 capsules a day is the suggested dosage for the desired result. Continue the supplement for a few weeks, with the ingredients working inside,  to get an improved result. 

5. What if the supplement doesn’t work for me?

A 90-day money-back guarantee protects your spending on the product for 90 days. Even after 90 days of regular usage if it didn’t work for you could return the product and refund the amount you paid. The customer service team will help you to do it.


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