Top 3 Women’s Winter Hat Styles

It’s officially hat weather! We typically spend lots of time on the perfect outfit, boots and coats but forget about hats. The perfect hat can take your look to the next level. Finding the perfect hat can be intimidating so we’ve researched the top styles to find the ones that are the most functional and fashionable.


There are so many styles and colors in beanies that they are the best hat for nearly everyone. Beanie hats look good with natural curly hair as well as short hair. Due to the diversity of fabrics and styles they work for all face shapes and ages. Good winter beanie choices include: Wool, Cashmere, Mohair, Merino Wool or Blends (polyester, acrylic, wool).  Beanies also have additional benefits like being reversible, double layered (great for very cold weather) or satin lined (helps with hat-head, damaging your hair, or getting your hair into painful knots). 

Bucket Hat

Bucket hats were popular throughout 2020 so it makes sense that a warmer version would be in stye for the winter months. Bucket hats are cool and stylish but remember that they do not cover your head and ears as much as a beanie. If you have shoulder length hair or longer the bucket hat could be a good choice for you. Your hair will actually help to protect your ears from wind. Winter bucket hats come in warmer materials like faux fur, shearling, cashmere and all weather material. Bucket hats can be worn by women or men. If your interested in the latest bucket hat styles and trends check out this guide from vogue.

Ear Warmer Headband 

These are great for days that are modestly cold and/or windy. If your ears are sensitive to this weather and you don’t want to  disrupt your hair style these are a great option. I like them because they are not as bulky as a traditional hat and if not in use you may even be able to use it as a neck warmer. Headband ear warmers also hold your hair back, much like a ponytail without pulling on your hair. They are perfect for outside sports or active people. When your not using it, you can easily put it in your pocket or wear it around your neck. Ear warmer headbands come in a variety of styles and materials from wool, cashmere, mohair, merino wool or blends (polyester, acrylic, wool).  You can even find a sequenced, beaded or ear warmer headband with a hole in the back so that you can pull your pony tail through.

In summary, you can be warm and stylish this winter with a beanie, bucket hat or ear warmer headband. You may want to have all 3 so you can switch it up. A hat can really change your look and you can use it for years to come.

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