Summer Nail Trends 2022

Summer brings us outside with lighter clothing and makeup. Yes, its time for crisp white and fun pastel or bright colors. Why not carry this summer vibe to your nails. Here are four of the top trends you may want to try this summer.

Go Vegan

I did a previous post about the many harmful chemicals in traditional nail polish. As a reminder you will find formaldehyde, toluene, and dibutyl phthalate (DBP). All three of these are known for their toxicity. To put this in perspective, formaldehyde is a chemical that is used in plywood and as a preservative, sterilizer and lastly an embalming chemical. Do we really want this on our nails and possibly to be absorbed into our bodies? Thankfully, many beauty providers are now offering plant based formulations. Many salons are slow to convert to vegan formulas because they have so much invested in the old formulations. If you get your nails done in a salon be prepared to buy your own and bring it to your chosen salon. All major drug stores are carrying vegan options today. If you want to read more about the vegan nail polish trend check my post here

Nail Shape

Long nails like stiletto and almond shaped are in for 2022. The names indicate the shape you’d imagine. I love fashion but I am also a big proponent of function. You should take into consideration how you use your hands ( Example: outside gardening vs office work) and the look you’re seeking. Most of us want our nails to accentuate our hands and elongate our fingers. Here are some tips to consider:

Long Fingers – You’re the lucky one! You can wear a ballerina, lipstick style nail to make your long fingers even longer or do a simple square or almond shaped style. You’re lovely long fingers will look feminine and showcase your nail color and design regardless.

Wide Fingers – Try the almond shape to help elongate the look of your fingers.

Short Fingers – You may think going for a long stiletto nail will elongate your fingers but it can look downright strange. The best option to compliment your short fingers is a shorter round nail shape. This style will help elongate your fingers and look more natural.

Nail Color

The key to defining the right shade of nails in the summer is to consider your darker skin tone. Unless you stay completely out of the sun; all skin tones get a bit darker in the summer months. The best colors for summer 2022 include shades of coral, pink, turquoise, whites, green, yellow and periwinkle blue,. These colors will pop with your skin tone while also being in style. Summer is the perfect time to try something new so go ahead and be bold! Tip: if your unsure of the best shade for your skin tone, try holding the color up to your hands. Your hands will have a different shade than the rest of your body since sun exposure on your hands is different.

Nail Art 

If you’re looking to spice things up nail art is all the rage. You can do something simple like make 1 or 2 nails glitter and the rest your choose color or something as unique as adding art on each nail. Check here for inspiration from refinery29.

Tip: if you want to try nail art an easy way to do it is to apply stickers. Check out more details on

In summary, updating your nail look this summer will help to freshen up your whole look. Be sure to go vegan, get the right shade and shape for you’r hands and if you want a fun change add some nail art. 

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