Yesterday we launched a Wink satisfaction survey, to follow up with all of our past Wink customers about their experience, so we could learn how we can continue to improve the product and experience going forward. Below are the top 10 things we learned.

If you want to take the survey, but haven’t taken it, please do so here:



Here are the biggest things we learned about Wink the product and Wink the company (now Amalie):

1. Over 1/3 of Wink customers are looking for brow AND lash-boosting results

That’s right, over 1/3 of you are looking to boost both your brows and your lashes, as you should. Rock those lashes and brows, ladies. 2-in-1 for the win!

2. 25% of customer are using Wink for an unintended use–as a lash lengthener

We hate to be the bearers of bad news, but if we don’t tell you, you’ll be disappointed with your results later: Wink is not meant to be a lash lengthening product.

Some of you may have experienced lengthening effects from the conditioning formulation–which is fantastic–but this is not the intent of the product, just a happy side effect of applying essential fatty acids to your lashes or brows. Essential fatty acids have been shown to increase prostaglanoid production in the body of those with a deficiency. Prostaglandins/prostaglanoids stimulate dormant follicles, which could lead to fuller lashes and brows (Learn more here).

3. Up to 1/4th of Wink customers are not aware of our 100% money-back guarantee

We are in the business of boosting bold brows and lush lashes. That’s it. If you are not satisfied with the results, you may at any time email us at [email protected] for a full refund. There is no expiration on this money-back guarantee, no code or receipt required. We just need to be able to look up your name, email or order number in our database, which goes back to Day 1 as a company.

4. 2/3 of Wink users are happy or very happy with their Wink results

This is a really awesome point that we are very proud of. Natural producst are tough. Our bodies all work differently. Thank goodness there’s no universal law about the conservation of lash (nerd joke). Fuller lashes and brows for all is a great thing. Rock on, Wink fam!

5. 97.5% of customers are happy or very happy with customer service

This is good news and a good confirmation for us. That being said, there’s still 2.5% of unhappy customers. We need to fix that.

Please email ([email protected] ) or call (1-888-91-AMALIE) anytime so that we can help resolve any issues you may have.

Good vibes, people. We’re looking for good vibes and great brows all around. 

6. 80% of Wink customers say the price is worth it 

Also awesome news. When Wink was created, the average lash enhancer price was around $80. This has changed since then, but Wink’s pricing will remaing the same. Yes, $40 every other month can seem pricey, but we are guaranteeing you this:

– The highest quality, safe and natural ingredients

– Free shipping on all US orders

– Top customer service

– Money-back guarantee

In order to keep offering you all of this–especially in light of the recent undertaking of traveling to China for a new packaging/factory–we need to create a margin for ourselves. Otherwise, there will be no Wink. …NOOO!!!

7. A few customers are unhappy about the recent price change from $39 to $40

We recently increased the price of Wink from $39 to $40, to reflect that our brand is not a discount brand. Wink is not a “deal”; You are paying for quality and getting quality in return.

Additionally, we did change from a 3 month’s supply to a 2 month’s supply. This is a paradigm shift, we know. Again, you are paying for quality. We tested 7 different factories’ bottles and couldn’t find an applicator that would dispense 180 applications reliably (that’s 90 days of 2 applications: one application per eyelid / eyebrow). The bottles just don’t have it in them. So we found the most reliable bottle we could, and promised exactly what it could do.

8. You all hated the click-button applicator

So did we! We are happy to say goodbye to it, too. Nobody needs flaky friends.

If you didn’t know, yes, we have an awesome new applicator which we spent months and months searching for and testing. Our customers even tested it, too.

The new applicator is here and in-stock. 

9. You really like Megan

Do you even know her? She’s like, really weird (yes this is Megan writing..)

10. You’re excited for the next Amalie products.. especially the eye cream

So are we!

Feeling left out? Then take the survey! (and please input your email)


We have followed up with individual responses to those who left us their email and that we felt needed an individual response. If you have a comment or question that still needs addressed (or you forgot to input your email), please email us at [email protected]

Again, The results are not where we want them to be just yet, but we’re making progress. Thank you for your patience!

Did we miss anything? Weigh in below!

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