5 Basic Types Of Muscle Strengthening Exercises 

Muscle is human strength and vitality. If you don’t have muscles, you can’t lift heavy objects and you can’t move! Imagine being in one specific position for a whole year, your muscles can get stiff and make you unable to use them.

The little activities we engage in daily like walking, running to catch a train and swimming can help strengthen your muscles but are not too reliable because you need more than that to strengthen your muscles. So the best option will be getting involved in daily exercises that can strengthen your muscles.

Why Exercise Matters To The Muscles?

Exercise plays a significant role in maintaining, strengthening, and building muscles. Exercising can improve muscle strength and boost endurance. Changes in contractile proteins and functions are characterized by well-trained muscles.

With exercises, the powerHouse of all cells_the mitochondria will enhance its functions and content. Trained skeletal Muscles are stronger and can endure for a long time. 

Exercise Matters To The Muscles

Exercise matters to the muscles at all times most especially during old age. Muscles support the body and enable it to move so keeping the muscles healthy can help equip you with strength to carry on with your daily activities and be physically fit and active.

Muscle exercise and strengthening activities like lifting weights can help increase or maintain muscle mass and strength. 

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Muscle Strengthening Exercises 

If you are not conversant with the type of exercise that can strengthen your muscles, learn them below:

  • Squats: This helps keep the buttocks, hips, and thigh muscles strengthened and firm. More often, a variation chair is used. Here’s how it’s done:
    • Stand in front of the chair with your back towards it and your feet, a little more than shoulder-width apart.
    • Reduce your height into an almost seated position while keeping your weights on your heels. Lean a little more forward the waist.
    • Count up to four while you maintain your position on your way down, pause then slowly stand up. Repeat 8 to 10 times for one round.
  • Wall Pushups: Pushups simply work on the chest, arms, and shoulder. Traditionally, pushups are often done by lying on the floor, but wall pushup is flexible for beginners. Try them out:
    • Stand a little bit away from the wall, like an arm’s length.
    • Place your palms flat against the wall, a little bit shoulder apart. Keep Your hands at shoulder length.
    • Slowly and gently push your chest to the wall while keeping your back straight.
    • Step closer to the wall then count up 4 and then push yourself back to the starting position. This should be repeated 8 to 10 times continually.
  • Toe Stands: This works best to strengthen your ankles and calves. Follow this pattern:
    • Face the back of a chair with your feet just a slight distance away. Make sure you hold on to the chair for balance.
    • Then, slowly lift yourself on your toes on the count of four. Then you will pause then lower slowly. Do this eight to ten times a set.
  • Gripping: This works best to strengthen the grip and hand. You can practice gripping anything but here let’s  assume we have a tennis ball:
    • Hold a tennis ball firmly in your hand, and squeeze it slowly as hard as you can. Then slowly let the ball out and release it.
    • Repeat eight to ten times and do likewise for the other hand.
  • Planks: This is also known as planking, it increases core and lower back strength. This is similar to traditional pushups but you will need to hold yourself in a straight position- like a plank then do this:
    • Lie on your stomach, and pug your forearms on the floor. Make sure your shoulders and elbows are aligned.
    • Flex your toes to help push your legs off the floor. Make your abdominal muscles tight, and lift your body as it is almost hovering over the floor.
    • Don’t easily give up. hold the position as long as you can, and do the exercise on your knees to make it easier.


It is important to strengthen the muscles, keeping them strong in order to enhance good posture, boost your self-confidence and it also helps lower mild depression. 

If you start now to work on strengthening your muscles it will help during old age, when people are lamenting pain, you will walk around briskly like you were a teenager. Keep on practicing exercises to strengthen your muscles for good benefits.

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