Manicure For Men: Excellent Benefits Explained!

Do you have a knack for clean nails and trimmed structure being a man? If yes, you would be delighted to know there is a hack for a manicure designed especially for men.

Everybody needs grooming and pampering, there is no doubt in there. And with a specific gender, you can not judge their preferred grooming styles.

You may never know how much little gestures work for somebody, be it a girl or boy, everybody likes pretty and clean nails.

And it does not decrease your masculinity if you get a mani or pedi, in contrast, it enhances it.

Being a man does not mean you need to have callous hands with dirt under your nails. That is unhygienic on so many levels.

In this blog, we are going to discuss the basics and very simple methods to get a manicure for men. If you feel shy about getting a manicure at the salon or are hesitant about asking your female friends to do it for you, then this blog is for you.

Manicure For Men With Easy Steps

Manicure For Men With Easy Steps

A manicure is a process where your hands and nails are cleaned to perfection. For an extra layer of pampering, individuals also go for nail polish and nail art.

This depends totally on the preference or for some, the upcoming events where you want to look your best. Manicure at a professional salon does cost you, but if you try this at home then you are not only saving money but also maintaining your hands.

It improves blood circulation and enhances your skin tone with the much-needed relaxing massages.

You must have noticed that for your daily tasks, you need your hands, and massaging them feels so great that you do not want it to end. So, let us get on with the manicure process for men in the comfort of your home.

➡️ Prepping Your Nails

There is a possibility that a man’s hands and nails have more dirt and grime under the nails than women.

To start with the process, soak your hands in a bowl of hot water for a few minutes. This step is also important because it makes your nails a little softer to cut without any difficulty. 

After soaking your nails, clean the edges and underneath any accumulated germs.

Those black-brownish substances are to be removed with the help of a metal manicure stick. The edges of this stick are blunt so don’t worry about damaging your cuticles.

➡️ Trim And Cut Your Nails And Cuticles

The next step is pretty simple, trim your nails with the help of a nail cutter. As a guy, it is your preference to keep it in style or clip your nails to a regular length.

After clipping your nails, trim your cuticles with the cuticle solution and remove the dead skin cells with the cuticle remover. 

It is a small metal tool that effectively removes the dead skin cells at the bottom of your nails.

But make sure to be gentle with it, as if the cuticles are removed more than they should, it can get easily infected with bacteria. So, trim only what is required and clean the edges of your nails.

➡️ File Your Nails 

After this step, you can file your nails with the nail filler. This will eliminate the sharp edges that you get from clipping your nails.

You can even shape them as you like and finish them with a nail serum. As a man, these simple steps can go a long way to nourishing your hands and nails.

➡️ Massage Your Hands

For the final step, you need to wash your hands off any residual dirt or nails lingering on your skin.

Then use a moisturizing cream for your hand and start massaging it together for about 2-5 minutes. Make sure that there is no stickiness after you are finished with the massage. 

➡️ Nail Polish Or Oil

Having clean and perfectly trimmed nails says a lot about your personality and how you carry yourself.

After you have finished massaging your hands, you can choose a clear nail polish or nail oil to put a layer on your nails. It is your choice to put up nail polish or go for nail art. 

Benefits Of Getting A Manicure

Manicure is not just about pretty nails and moisturized hands, there is more to that. You can have health benefits coming from different directions when you get yourself a manicure. These are explained below.

➡️ Increases Blood Circulation

With the extensive process of moisturizing, massaging, and rinsing, there is increased blood circulation in your hands and fingers.

These activities help in improving joint health and strengthening of bones in your hand and fingers. Since your hands go through so much strain daily, it is only fair that it gets the attention that it need.

➡️ Relaxing Technique

There are other ways to relax but massage and self-love always come first in the line. Pampering yourself with a manicure is not just rewarding yourself, but also giving yourself a break from the hustle and bustle of daily activities.

With this, you are taking a step toward positive mental health and a manicure gives you clean and pretty nails that enhance your beauty.

➡️ Prevention Of Nail Damage

Weak and brittle nails can lead to serious health complications, and taking care of them once in a while reverses the symptoms of nail damage. You can also take proper care of the skin around your nails which promotes overall health.


Manicure is not just for women, it can also be a part of the grooming routine for men. And, the more you take care of yourself, the easier it is to fight off infections and diseases.

Start the journey of your nail health with a DIY manicure at home. You can ask any friends of yours to watch over the process and take advice from them when required. Because healthy hands equal happy hands!

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