Dear Megan,

I am completely new and unknown to makeup. Where do I begin?

– Kath H. 

Let me share my #1 tip for makeup beginners, so you don’t end up looking like Amy Schumer in this hilarious picture (who obviously took one too many tips from Instagram!).


Makeup For Beginners

While most people would point you to instagram influencers for inspiration, I’m going to avoid going that route. Instagram is completely overwhelming for makeup beginners and most looks that you’ll see showcased on instagram, perfectly Photographed and Facetuned (the mobile photoshop-esque app) by makeup artists, are for glam or inspiration only. They’re not every day looks, and most of the videos are 15 second “tutorials” without any real speaking parts. The best tutorials are makeup talk-throughs on Youtube, but I’m not even going to point you there.

If you’re looking for good every day makeup inspiration, I would turn to Sephora (here) – not the physical store, but the online site. Many people know Sephora only as a beauty megastore, not a content provider, but they actually have anamazing blog/content section on their site. It’s legit, ahh-mazing. That’s why I used some of their vidoes in The Amalie Brow Bible (available for free here).

On the far right side of their navigation bar, they have both an “advice” and “how-tos” section. Their online magazine is called “The Glossy” and they have a “Sephora TV” Youtube. I’d suggest Sephora TV. They have professional makeup artists walk through everything you could ever think of. Go for it.

A gold mine is waiting for you right here.


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