Lip Blushing Considerations

With the advent of COVID 19 there has been an increased interest in simplified makeup routines. Women are seeking ways to look good with little effort. One of the hottest new trends is called lip blushing; aka semi-permanent lipstick. Lip blushing is a semi-permanent cosmetic tattoo on the lips that enhances the beauty of the natural lip color and improves the shape of the lips. This treatment helps to give lips definition and the illusion of fullness, while also adding or evening coloring.

The results can be amazing but much like any semi-permanent treatment there are some things you should consider before your get it done. Here are the top questions and considerations:

Do Your Homework

It’s very important to research and find a professional who is an experienced provider. Each state has its own requirements relative to certification. Some states license permanent makeup artists as tattoo artists. Other states require a special certification after you earn an esthetician or cosmetologist license. Even more concerning, some states require no license while others require specific certification for one treatment. You can get a kit and 1 day training on line for under $1000 so you want to be sure to go to someone who has successfully done numerous lip blushing treatments previously. You should ask for examples of previous cases – before and afters and even be able to speak to some of the previous clients. If someone resists this then keep looking for a better provider. Note: when you get the procedure you should expect a subtle improvement vs something dramatic and honestly, that’s what looks best.

Be Thoughtful about Shade Selection 

Imagine wearing one lipstick shade for 3-5 years. Yes, that’s what your signing up for so it is very important to get the right shade. One of the easiest ways to find the ideal shade is to bring your favorite lip color with you to try to match the shade. If your like me, just finding the perfect color for 3-5 years is nearly impossible. Could be why I don’t have any tattoos – I would find it hard to choose something I want to live with forever! The color choice is critical and a really big deal. If you look on line at before and after pictures you’re likely to see some shades that you like and others that you are not fond of. Choose carefully and be sure to speak with your technician about how the shades can vary when applied. Also, as mentioned previously be sure to see numerous before and after examples so you have full confidence in your provider.

Pain Level  

The pain is surprisingly minimal. While the skin on your lips are very sensitive they are also very porous so the anesthesia applied will be more effective than other similar treatments like micro-blading.


You will not need to take time off for this treatment as there is virtually no down time. After the treatment you should expect scabbing for about 5-7 days. After about 4 weeks your lips should be completely healed. Since some parts of your lips can resist taking the ink, experts recommend a touch up at around 6 weeks to be sure color dispersion and shape are optimal.


The procedure takes about 2 hours and the cost of the lip blushing treatment is approximately $1,200 – $1,500 per treatment. You should also plan for a touch up, that may not be included in your upfront cost. The treatment lasts for approximately 2 – 5 years. Glamour does a nice job of outlining considerations and costs here.

In summary, lip blushing is one of the hottest semi-permanent beauty treatments that allows your lips to look their best with little to no makeup. If you can find the ideal shade and an experienced technician to do the treatment you’ll be set for years.

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