Keto Crave ACV Gummies Reviews (Scam Alert): Is This Fat-Burner Clinically Proved For Weight Loss?

Lately, I have been hearing about this new supplement called Keto Crave ACV Gummies in the weight loss market.

It looked like it had some kind of popularity among the common population, but I wasn’t quite sure what kind. Is it working and people are so happy about it that they are suggesting it to others, or are they angry about how they got fooled and been warning others? Read further on the Keto Crave ACV Gummies review to learn whether the gummy is legit or not.

Keto Crave ACV Gummies Reviews (Warning): Real Customer Feedback Exposed!

To better understand the situation, I decided to look at it from a different angle; go through a few customer reviews, analyze the ingredients list, check the pros and cons, and see what exactly it offers in terms of health benefits.

Keto Crave ACV Gummies Review

But more importantly, I wanted to take a look at their official website to see how much of this above-mentioned data can I gather from there. Sorry to say, I couldn’t even find the website, let alone the data.

Be that as it may, we have to do what we have to do. In this review, we are going to investigate this product with the available information that I found on a review website, check the truth behind their claims see if it is genuine or not. Let’s get into it, shall we?   

What Are Keto Crave ACV Gummies?

Keto Crave ACV Gummies are one of the countless keto-based weight loss pills that claim to help you lose weight without any extra effort. Are they, though? That is the question.

Let’s see. The ingredients list is non-existent; the official website, is nowhere to be found. Since they named the product ACV Gummies we can assume that they have used Apple Cider Vinegar as the primary ingredient. Also, the term “keto” in the name suggests that it is keto-based.

That’s pretty much it. Sure, Apple Cider Vinegar is known for its effect on boosting metabolism and aiding weight loss. But if that is the only ingredient, wouldn’t it be easier to buy a bottle of ACV and use it as per your requirements?

Also, what is their deal with this supplement without a supplement label? How are we supposed to know the basic details that should be known before taking the supplement? Let us hope we will find something useful as we go along.  

Keto Crave ACV Gummies Ingredients – Discovering The Key Ingredients

There’s very little information is available about what is used in the formulation of Keto Crave ACV Gummies, and none of it is official. Since it focuses on ketosis, there must be some ingredients that promote the process. BHB salt is commonly found to be the primary ingredient in keto diet pills, which is supposed to support ketosis. Then there’s ACV. ACV reduces fat absorption and boosts metabolism.  

Both of them are known to be effective in dealing with weight loss issues. But the key is proportion. We have no information as to what is included and in what quantities to formulate this supplement. Another piece of information we’re missing is about their source. Because this decides the quality and purity of an ingredient. As long as we know nothing about it, there is no point in talking about its benefits. 

Random supplement review sites have mentioned ingredients like Aspartame and Dandelion tea, among which Aspartame is a potential carcinogen. Both of them cause serious side effects including hormonal imbalances and kidney diseases. 

Since there is no supplement label or official website available, we cannot talk about the ingredients list with full authority. However, speaking of what we do know, the supplement doesn’t seem very efficient.

How Effectively Do Keto Crave ACV Gummies Supplements Work?

As mentioned earlier, the supplement does not appear effective in fulfilling its cause. Then again, we can’t know that for sure since nobody, not even the manufacturer, isn’t saying anything about it. 

  The only information we have about its working is from a review website that talks about this supplement. As per the review given, its working is similar to any other keto-based diet pill that works to melt fat by activating ketosis in the body. The BHB salt or Beta-hydroxybutyrate boosts the production of ketones in the liver which makes the body burn fat instead of glucose to produce energy. The salt induces a temporary state of ketosis without any negative side effects. 

Apple Cider Vinegar works in different ways to support you in managing a healthy weight. It acts as an appetite suppressant that could help you control your cravings and the quantity of food you eat. It is also known for its ability to increase the rate of metabolism which promotes healthy digestion and more calorie burning.

Having said that these are all assumptions based on information acquired from something that isn’t even part of an official website or that is not approved by any authority. So better be careful than pay for your mistakes later, right?

Keto Crave ACV Gummies Benefits Claimed

As mentioned earlier, the supplement does not have an official website to make such claims. Still, the review website mentions a set of health benefits the supplement supposedly offers, and we will take a look at those. 

Apart from plainly mentioning these benefits one by one, they don’t have any explanations on how exactly the supplement works to provide these benefits. None of these have any scientific proof to back them, nor do they have a credible source to approve of the said things. 

Also, all these claims seem a bit exaggerated and biased. Because neither of the two ingredients that we assumed must have been a part of the formula isn’t capable of doing all these. If there were a few more potent ingredients that have any of these anti-inflammatory, or antioxidant properties that would have given better support to these claims.   

Potential Keto Crave ACV Gummies Side Effects

According to the review website, the formula does not have any side effects. None have been revealed in studies, and nothing has been reported by customers who purchased it. But how do we know that for sure? Where and to whom the customers would report such matters if a product does not have an official website and verified communication channels? Since it doesn’t even have an ingredient list, and we have no idea what things, in what quantities have been mixed to make this formula, it is quite the risk to take. 

The only way to avoid such risks is to invest in a genuine supplement with verified information, that is proven not to cause any side effects. Summer Keto + ACV Gummies weight loss formula is one of them. You can look up the supplement on their official website and everything you want to know is right there. Check that out, and only go for it if you find it legitimate. 

Pros And Cons Of Keto Crave ACV Gummies

Usually, the intention behind analyzing the pros and cons of a supplement is to know whether the manufacturer has followed all the standards and qualities of the manufacturing process and if it is suitable for consumption. Doing this without any credible information to look into, is a little difficult; especially the pros part. Still, let’s make an effort and see what we will find out.


  • Ingredients used are natural
  • No known side effects


  • No scientific backing
  • No information available about the manufacturing standards
  • No ingredients list available
  • Not approved by concerned authorities
  • No money-back guarantee
  • No information about working or dosage.

How Long Does It Take Keto Crave ACV Gummies To Show The Result?

As you already know, the supplement does not even have a label that explains dosage and such. The proper dosage is not mentioned anywhere else including the review website. Even if you do extensive research, there is not much to find out except the number of capsules in a bottle.

Since there is not much to go on about its working and dosage, apart from what we assume and calculate, there is no way to know if the gummies work, let alone how long it will take to show the results.  

Is Keto Crave ACV Gummies Scam Legit?

From an objective point of view, most probably not. We know about BHB salt and ACV; how they work, and how effective they are. But that information alone is not proof of a weight loss supplement’s legitimacy. We need to factor in a lot of other things like the rest of the ingredients list, how they affect your health, dosage, manufacturing standards, and so on.

But more importantly, we need credible customer testimonials to know if the supplement has remained true to its claims. With no such data available, there is not much credibility the supplement can claim, and for that reason, the chances of this being a scam are high.

Keto Crave ACV Gummies Pricing And Availability

There is no way to order authentic products of the brand since there is no official website. A few supplements are under the same name but with a few differences in appearance available on various e-commerce sites.

But we can’t know for sure which is the original one as there is nothing to compare it to. Also, all these products show different price details, probably because they are all copies of some other supplement, and are meant to scam people.

You can look for genuine products with official websites and mentioned price ranges if you want to. Summer Keto + ACV Gummies fat burner is such a supplement available at a reasonable price range and with attractive offers, on their official website. They even offer a 30-day money-back guarantee for their customers in case they are not satisfied with the results. 

About Keto Crave ACV Gummies, since we can’t find the original product, we could assume that they must be making sales through retail stores and e-commerce websites that are not as popular as the ones we know.  

Keto Crave ACV Gummies Customer Reviews And Complaints

Keto Crave ACV Gummies customer reviews are hardly available. The only review I could find after searching for them for hours was from a review website; the same one we have referred to get information about the supplement’s ingredients and working. Even that doesn’t seem completely genuine. Even though a few facts seem believable, most of them seem extremely biased. 

Even the reviews published about supplements under the same name don’t have any credibility, especially since all of them mention different sets of ingredients and benefits that have no connection whatsoever to the supplement we are talking about. 

It makes you think; why aren’t they making an effort to collect more reviews that are genuine and put it out there for all of us to see if the supplement is as good as they claim? Maybe because it is not?

How Do Keto Crave ACV Gummies Compare With Other Supplements?

Just like the rest of this review, this is something we need to do from an entirely unbiased perspective. Here, we will do a comparison between our Keto Crave ACV Gummies and Summer Keto + ACV Gummies weight loss formula, another product we mentioned earlier.

Keto Crave ACV Gummies Vs Summer Keto + ACV Gummies
ProductKeto Crave ACV GummiesSummer Keto + ACV Gummies
IngredientsThe ingredients list is not availableAll natural ingredients; tried and tested for purity.
Manufacturing standardsNo mention of anything regarding the process or facilityFDA-approved and GMP-certified
Benefits No scientific evidence to back the claimed benefitsOffers a range of health benefits backed by clinical studies as well as customer testimonials.
Side effectsLack of proper data on ingredients, including names, quality, and quantity points to a higher chance of side effects due to allergies or overdose.No side effects were reported and the ingredients are hypoallergenic and organic.
Customer responseNo genuine reviews are available. Customer reviews are positive and support almost every claim made by the manufacturer.
PricingNo relevant information is available$59/bottle (retail price)
Money-back policyNo money-back guarantee30-day risk-free money-back guarantee. 

Final Verdict On Keto Crave ACV Gummies Reviews

Now that we have collected and analyzed every small detail available regarding this supplement, we should conclude. This supplement is essentially a diet pill to stimulate ketosis, a process where the body burns fat to produce energy, instead of burning glucose. 

But if it does the work is an entirely different question. It has no official website, no supplement label, and no ingredients list. It doesn’t even give out basic information like the price details and does not include any warning regarding who can and cannot consume it. Not so surprisingly, there are no Keto Crave ACV Gummies reviews available either.

None of these help with their claims of the supplement being a legitimate weight loss formula without side effects, especially since overdosage could lead to serious health issues and it doesn’t even say the proper dosage one should follow. 

I know I probably disappointed you with this review especially since most of you were thinking about giving it a try. But don’t be. There are other genuine products out there based on the same mechanism, but they are less risky and give real results.

I would suggest Summer Keto + ACV Gummies fat burner as an alternative since we already did a comparison before and saw what makes it better than the former one. Now think hard, and make a decision. After all, it’s your health, right?


1. Is the Keto Crave ACV Gummies supplement 100% natural?

We can’t say if they are 100% natural or not, especially since the supplement has no ingredient list. Although the two ingredients, ACV mentioned in the supplement name and BHB mentioned in the review website are natural and without side effects.

2. How do I contact customer service if I face any problem with the supplement?

Well, you can’t. The supplement does not have an official website, nor does it give out any contact information in case you want to contact the seller. 

3. Can I take the supplements if I am already on my heart medication?

You shouldn’t take any supplements without consulting your doctor if you are on medication. In this case, the supplement gives no warnings about it, and it seems extremely careless.

4. What if the supplement doesn’t work for me?

It is better if you don’t take a risk like that. Not only the supplement does not have a money-back policy, but it doesn’t even have the contact information of the seller in case you want to inform them about any issues with the supplement.

5. Can I take the supplement if I am allergic to dairy?

We can’t say that for sure since we don’t have the complete list of ingredients and don’t know if they have used dairy products at any stage of the manufacturing process.

Dr. Vanessa Rodriguez is a board-certified general practitioner with more than 15 years of patient care experience. She takes an integrative approach to patient care that considers the whole person – mind, body, and spirit – and is deeply committed to assisting her patients in achieving and sustaining optimal health. Dr. Vanessa is also a skilled writer and medical reviewer, specializing in preventive care and health promotion. Her articles are written in an approachable manner that is simple to comprehend and implement in one’s own life. Dr. Vanessa’s mission is to equip her patients and readers with the knowledge and resources necessary to live their greatest lives.

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