Instant Knockout Reviews: Is This Unique Formula the Solution To Your Obesity?

The Instant Knockout is a new fat-burner supplement that is out on the online market. As per manufacturer claims, it strives to help burn faster by using ingredients that are natural and also promise you a stress-free fat loss regime without needing to be on a strict diet.

Upon looking at the product label, it is evident that the Instant Knockout fat-burner supplement is made up of powerful natural ingredients that guarantee an efficient and quick burnup of fat deposits in one’s body.

It can be, therefore, assimilated that it is these ingredients that make this supplement unique from its kind. Let’s read this Instant Knockout review to learn more about this supplement.

Instant Knockout Reviews: Can It Increase Metabolism Levels?

Instant Knockout comes in the form of capsules, and every bottle of this supplement consists of 120 capsules, which can be easily swallowed. The Instant Knockout package looks sturdy and well-assuring of the product’s efficacy in offering what it promises.

The reason why I have decided to undertake an Instant Knockout review is that I cannot simply ascertain the worth of purchasing this supplement without going into explicit details. I, therefore, consider it my responsibility as a product reviewer to inform you of the whereabouts of this supplement, including what it is and how it works to help you lose weight in a jiffy as per manufacturer claims.

I also consider it worth revealing to you the ingredients involved in the formulation of Instant Knockout weight loss formula since it will help me assure you of the effectiveness of this product in functioning optimally.

Further, the benefits, pros and cons, side effects, and customer reviews related to the use of this product will help you obtain a general outline of the same. Lastly, my verdict section will assist you in determining the credibility of Instant Knockout natural formula and deciding on purchasing this fat-burner supplement.

Instant Knockout Review

Supplement NameInstant Knockout
Supplement FormCapsules
Instant Knockout IngredientsBlack Pepper Extract
Vitamin B6
Vitamin B12
Vitamin D3
Instant Knockout Benefits👍Supports Instant fat burn
👍Promotes weight loss
👍Improves blood circulation and energy
👍Strengthens muscle tone
Pros✅Manufactured in an FDA-affiliated lab.
✅Follows cGMP lab practices.
✅No major side effects
✅Comes with a return policy.
Cons❌Responses may be delayed from the expected time mentioned.
❌The product cannot be availed from any other e-commerce stores or retail outlets.
Net Quantity120 capsules (750 mg each)
Quantity Intake4 capsules per day
Usage TimingsMorning, before lunchtime, in the afternoon, and before your evening meal.
Side EffectsNo side effects reported
Price▪️ 1 month supply – $65
▪️ 2 months supply – $130 + free bonus
▪️ 4 months supply – $195 + free bonus
Bonus Free Boss Shred
AvailabilityOnly on the official site
Official SiteClick Here

What Is Instant Knockout?

Instant Knockout, as mentioned above, is the new fat-burner supplement that promises to help you lose fat quickly and efficiently.

The ingredients contained within this supplement have been considered highly worthy of obtaining results instantly and efficiently as authenticated by renowned MMA coaches.

Moreover, these are claimed to be backed by scientific research and formulated in lab facilities that adhere to good manufacturing practices. While these statements are enough to convey the legitimacy of this Instant Burnout fat-burner supplement, I am, however, bound to not simply convince you to buy it.

Moreover, I cannot conclude that this product is safe and effective right here unless I have covered the rest of the sections.

Nevertheless, I can at least assure you that the elements for the formulation of this supplement are naturally sourced to boost your metabolism and help you stay lean and strong as best as possible.

I forgot to mention here that this Instant Knockout fat-burner supplement is helpful for people involved in MMA, but you too can benefit from its use if losing or burning fat quickly truly is in your interest.

Instant Knockout Ingredients

The following are the ingredients contained within the Instant Knockout formula:

Instant Knockout Ingredients

▪️ Black Pepper Extract: Scientifically known as Piper Nigrum, black pepper is richly found in Southwest India, especially in Kerala, Goa, and Karnataka. Hailing from peppercorn, the dried unripe fruit, and specifically popular in various cuisines, the black pepper is also bestowed with countless health benefits.

▪️ L-Theanine: It is primarily known to be an amino acid and is generally found in black and green tea. This Instant Knockout ingredient is also present as an active component in mushrooms.

L-Theanine is chiefly recognized for its efficacy in improving focus and reducing anxiety and stress. The one other purpose of L-Theanine is to help you reduce excess weight buildup in your body. 

▪️ Vitamin B6: One of the essential minerals, vitamin 6 is enriched with health benefits. Taking foods or supplements rich in vitamin 6 will also help you burn fat, thus preventing you from becoming overweight or obese. Vitamin B6 is also efficient in improving mood and lowering cancer risks. 

▪️ Vitamin B12: Cobalamin is the other name of vitamin B12 and is mostly found in non-vegetarian foods. It also helps with the growth and development of brain and nerve cells.

The other important beneficial aspect of vitamin B12 according to a study is that it can significantly lower the risk of obesity or weight gain. Its ability to improve red blood cell count is what aids in this purpose.

▪️ Vitamin D3: The main purpose of vitamin D3 is to assist with calcium absorption and retention, which is necessary for bone and teeth development. Its other important function is to prevent the formation of new fat cells, also suppressing their storage.

The other Instant Knockout ingredients found within this supplement include caffeine, Cayenne pepper Seeds, Glucomannan, and Green Tea Extract.

How Does Instant Knockout Work?

This fat-burner supplement works on the objective, ‘Lose the fat, keep the muscle.’ This quote indicates that it is crucial to avoid unwanted fat deposits in your body. Of note, the presence of vitamins B6, B12, and D3 is what renders potency to this supplement in preventing the formation and absorption of new fat cells.

Similarly, Instant Knockout weight loss pills, per the manufacturer’s explanation, perfectly combine ultra-powerful fat-burning ‘heavyweight’ ingredients to assist in putting your body in a fast fat-burn mode. Notably, this process is carried out seamlessly, efficiently, and quickly by this supplement as it does for athletes, especially those specializing in MMA fighting and boxing.

These statements regarding the working of Instant Knockout fat burner and its super-ability to quickly burn fat will, no doubt, make you infer that this supplement is exclusively designed for these MMA fighters and boxing champions.

Instant Knockout Benefits

When you decide to purchase and use Instant Knockout pills, the fast fat-burning supplement, you are expected to notice the following benefits:

Instant Knockout Benefits

The perfect combination of powerful ingredients in Instant Knockout is capable of putting your body in a fast fat-burn process, enabling you to lose excess body weight brought on by adipogenesis, i.e., accumulation of adipocytes (fat cells) as fat tissues in various parts of the body.

It is obvious that taking Instant Knockout regularly will help you maintain a reduced weight, though with strong muscles and a toned body.

It is clear that once fat cells get cleared off from your body, you will begin experiencing improved blood circulation, which will also allow you to derive improved energy levels through the nutrients distributed by your blood.

The vitamin content in the Instant Knockout fat-burner supplement is vital to prevent the formation of new fat cells, thus strengthening your muscle tone.

Pros And Cons Of Instant Knockout

Having had the benefits noted, the following are the advantages and disadvantages that are likely to be observed with utilizing Instant Knockout immunity booster:


  • Manufactured in an FDA-affiliated lab.
  • Follows cGMP lab practices.
  • No major side effects reported.
  • Comes with a return policy.
  • Formulated with 100% safe and effective natural ingredients.


  • Responses may be delayed from the expected time mentioned.
  • The product cannot be availed from any other e-commerce stores or retail outlets.

How To Use Instant Knockout?

The Instant Knockout fat-burner supplement comes in capsule form in bottles of 120 capsules. To achieve the best results, you should, however, spread the dosage by taking one capsule immediately upon waking up, then another between breakfast and lunch, the third one an hour after your lunch, and the fourth and last dose an hour before your evening meal or dinner.

Following this pattern daily will indeed allow you to take one capsule four times a day. Just remember to be consistent in this dosage pattern for 30 days by which time, you will hopefully notice the visible changes taking place within you. Any further doubts, please refer to the product label. 

Instant Knockout Side Effects

There have been no Instant Knockout side effects reported with the use of the Instant Knockout fat-burning capsules. This fact sort of confirms that the ingredients present in it are natural and safe besides being effective in dissolving unwanted fat from your body.

However, I have come across a few customer remarks stating a feeling of nausea and vomiting upon taking these Instant Knockout capsules. I assume that they are either allergic to the supplement or may have not taken the dosage per instructions given on the webpage.

Whatever the reason may be, these do convey the need to either stay away from these allergy-causing products or strictly follow the instructions to derive the stated benefits. I, therefore, have not felt anything wrong with taking the supplement given that a majority of the customers have felt it useful, effective, and safe.

How Long Does It Take Instant Knockout To Show The Result?

According to this Instant Knockout review, this fast fat-burner supplement takes around 30 days to produce the stated positive effects in your body.

Nevertheless, as I had mentioned earlier, these will only take place when you are consistently following the dosage instructions.

In case, you think that the supplement is not helping you derive the intended results despite following the dosage pattern, or if you are experiencing any allergic reactions, you are free to back off as instructed by your physician, or as stated on the product label itself.

There is no compulsion that you should take it despite feeling discomfort with the same. For those having no such issues, I would simply suggest continuing with the supplement for a maximum of four months to permanently stamp the benefits of having taken Instant Knockout weight loss pills.

Instant Knockout Results

Instant Knockout Customer Reviews And Complaints

The Instant Knockout customer reviews that I have come across to date have been largely positive. Of note, these were retrieved from relevant online health journals, in which I learned that the overall customer rating for this fat-burner supplement was 4.75/5.

Aside from very few complaints that I had noticed, I can conclude on the efficacy and safety of using this Instant Knockout.

I would, however, warn you to not simply take my word and do your research to ultimately try this product on yourself if you are seriously concerned about solving your obesity issue as quickly as possible as what the manufacturer of this supplement promises.

For your safety, you can also consult with your physician before utilizing Instant Knockout weight loss pills.

Instant Knockout Customer Reviews

How And Where To Order Instant Knockout? And Pricing?

The Instant Knockout fast fat-burner supplement is only available on its official webpage. Hence, you can only make your purchase from this site.

Regarding the pricing, it is subjective to the number of bottles you intend to purchase. As such, please refer to Instant Knockout pricing details as shown below:

One bottle30 days$45 per bottle
Cutting Stack (Two bottles)Two months$90 ($45 per bottle)
Ultimate Cutting Stack (Three bottles)Three months$135 ($45 per bottle) + one bottle free

Though the initial pricing for each of the packages has been $65 (one bottle), $130 (two bottles), and $260, these have been discounted to offer you savings of $20, $40, and $125 respectively. 

The return policy for the Instant Knockout supplement only mentions that if customers from any part of the world, including the US, are not satisfied with the product, they should return it within the specified time.

While it is 30 days in the USA, it is 14 days if you are residing in the UK or any country considered eligible for shipping. Before returning your unused/unopened/sealed/undamaged packages, you need to mail the customer support team at the given mail ID on the product information page.

Instant Knockout Bonuses

The Ultimate Cutting Stack, i.e., the three bottles’ package purchased entails you to receive an additional free bottle supply, which totals to four months of supply of this Instant Knockout fat-burner supplement. Additionally, every two and three bottles supply will offer you the following bonus:

 Instant Knockout Bonuses

Free Boss Shred: This gift package contains free E-books and video guides that provide easy-to-follow instructions plus a detailed nutrition list.

Along with the additional free one-month supply that comes with the Ultimate Cutting Stack package, these will hopefully transform you from being obese to deriving an athletic toned body.  

Instant Knockout Reviews – Final Verdict

My final verdict is that the Instant Knockout fast fat-burner supplement is legit, especially considering the safety of its usage as vouched by a good number of customers on the internet. This is apart from the product being natural and effective. 

Based on these Instant Knockout reviews, to summarize the key points, I want to emphasize that the Instant Knockout weight loss supplement is crafted specifically to comprehensively support your weight loss journey.

This I can confidently convey to you (rather than me sounding convincing) when going through the health benefits that this supplement offers, again conferred upon by the customers who have used it so far.

Of note, their comments have helped me confirm the efficiency at which the manufacturer has formulated this fat-burning supplement with ingredients in their correct proportion to provide the promised effect of fat loss fast, instantly, and naturally. I now can assure you to test this product on yourself, but for your extended safety, I would also recommend you consult with your physician before making the purchase. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. I am 20 and have been obese since my birth. Will the Instant Knockout weight management supplement truly help me burn fat fast?

Yes, if you are consistently following the dosage instructions. You will gain faster results if you also consider staying active as best as possible

2. Is the Instant Knockout weight loss applicable to use for an 18-year-old?

Yes, it is. This supplement can be taken by individuals who are 18 years and older.

3. Can I take Instant Knockout with another fat-burning supplement?

No, you cannot. Because even though the ingredients within Instant Knockout are considered safe, they can possibly react with those contained within the supplement you are currently using, causing severe allergic reactions that can also be life-threatening.

4. Will taking this fast fat-burner supplement in a higher dosage than the recommended prove harmful?

Yes, there is a chance. Overdosing on any supplement is not advisable for safety reasons, even though the ingredients in it are considered effective. You should, therefore, stick to the recommended dosage.

5. Can women take the Instant Knockout natural supplement?

Yes, this supplement is applicable to all genders.

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