How To Use Fenugreek Water For Hair: Benefits & How To Use?

Fenugreek is known to be an essential spice in India that has many health benefits. It not only makes dishes tastier and healthier but also helps smoothen skin and hair growth. Also, it is enriched with abundant nutrients and minerals like Manganese, Magnesium, Iron, Bioavailable Proteins, and Amino Acids that awaken follicles and thicken hair. 

But have you thought about how to use this medical herb to boost hair growth? Well, it can be used in many ways, either by soaking the whole day or night in water or making it as a paste. However, if you want to know detailed information about the usage of fenugreek water for hair, then let’s dive into this article.

Is Fenugreek Water Ideal For Daily Usage For Hair Growth?

Fenugreek water

Fenugreek is also termed Methi, an Indian spice name. Of course, fenugreek water can be used continuously as it has no side effects. Not only seeds, leaves, and other parts of it are edible and have many beneficial properties. It is a medical herb component that is used to prepare all hair solutions.

Also, Fenugreek water, considered a useful spice, acts as a natural hair tonic that is said to help improve hair growth, strength, and shine. Besides, it is easy to make and can be used as a regular rinse or a scalp treatment. 

Now, let’s see below how it is used and prepared so that your hair looks impressive, beautiful, and healthy. 

Get An Efficient Way To Prepare Fenugreek Water

Fenugreek water preparation is very easy and has many benefits. Also, this homemade water can be stored in the refrigerator for at least 10 to 12 days, and you can use it without any worry. Let us see the steps for preparing fenugreek water-

Step 1: To prepare this water, first of all, you will need 2 to 3 cups of fenugreek seeds and 4 cups of water. After that, soak them overnight and go with a further process the next morning.

Step 2: Another step for preparing this water involves that after the seeds are fully soaked and prepared for hair rising, take the seeds out of the water. This water can be used daily to rinse the hair before shampooing and conditioning. Moreover, you can make a paste by blending it properly, as it can cause the scalp to retain many hair problems.

Step 3: Once the seeds are fully blended and the paste is ready, strain it away with the help of a sieve and make sure that the water and paste are completely separated. 

Step 4: You will see water and paste are separate, and you can now use them both for hair boosting according to your preferences. 

Best Fenugreek Water Usage For Hair Growth

Like other healthy spices, Fenugreek water can be used in many ways and gives many benefits to hair. Some ways are given below-

  • Fenugreek water can be used by soaking fenugreek seeds overnight and then using it the next morning to rinse the hair, or it can be used as a spray to apply daily.
  • Besides, as seen above, fenugreek water is prepared by blending and making a fine paste. Alternatively, it can also be used by preparing it to boil for at least 20 to 30 minutes with the seeds and using the water after cooling it. 
  • Moreover, after making the water, try to shampoo your hair first so that all dust particles are washed off. Afterward, apply the solution at the final hair rinse and evenly distribute it on the hair and scalp. 
  • Again, gently massaging the scalp for 10 minutes will help it enter inside and provide many benefits. 
  • Additionally, fenugreek water can be used as a hair mask for more intensive treatments. For this, you need additional ingredients like aloe vera gel and yogurt and prepare a smooth paste. 
  • Afterward, apply the paste to the hair and scalp, covering from root to tips. It will give the best scalp treatment and protect the hair from loose or intensive fall. 

Top 5 Benefits Of Using Fenugreek Water For Hair

Fenugreek water is the safest and quickest method to get solutions for all types of hair problems and suits all types of hair. Some benefits of this component are-

1] Helps In Boosting Overall Scalp Health

Fenugreek water is suitable for boosting scalp health by deep conditioning. Also, these healthy ingredients help the scalp fight germs and infections due to their anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties. Besides, it helps to keep the scalp hydrated and eliminates dirt, dandruff, and other scalp-related problems.

2] Prevent Your Hair Fall Problems

In today’s world, hair fall is the biggest problem for both men and women. So, using this natural ingredient will help to protect the hair from hair fall by making the scalp and hair stronger and healthier. Also, it contains abundant proteins that help to repair the hair and prevent further damage. 

3] Helps In Fighting Dandruff

Another big benefit of using fenugreek water is it helps in fighting for dandruff and makes the scalp smoother and shinier. If you use fenugreek water daily, it keeps the scalp hydrated and prevents dryness that does not allow germs to take action. 

4] Your Hair Get Softer And Shinier

Using fenugreek water daily can help your hair get softer and shinier. The enrichment of nutritional properties in it makes the tips and roots of the hair stronger and also helps in preventing premature graying of hair. 

5] Helps In Repairing Splitens, Thinnes, And Other Damage

Another benefit of using fenugreek water is that it helps repair split ends and prevents hair from becoming thinner and other damages. Also, the protein-rich supplement present in it makes your hair shinier and healthy. 

Bottom Line

Fenugreek water is a useful substance that has many health benefits. Also, it is easy to prepare and can be used in different ways, which are given above. Moreover, the seeds of fenugreek can be used in a way that acts as deep nourishing, preventing other damage, and thickens your hair. It can be used as oil by soaking seeds in daily hair oil, prepared as a paste that is applied all over the hair, and can be prepared as a mask. It provides the same benefits as the water. 

Additionally, some people can suffer from potential side effects and so need to consult a hair expert before usage. Overall, it has been shown as scientific evidence that fenugreek water increases blood flow to the hair follicle and boosts shinier and healthier hair.


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