Dear Megan,

I want to make my thin brows look fuller. How do I do it? There’s so many products out there!!

– Danielle P.

So you weren’t born with naturally thick brows. Don’t worry, I wasn’t either, but that doesn’t mean we both can’t get the brows of our dreams right? Thanks to brow enhancer serums, pencils, gels, and pomades, even those of us with the skinniest of brows can rock the coveted feathered brow look. All it takes is the right combination of products, a steady hand, and a bit of practice.


See the before and after above? This is one of my favorite instagrammers/youtubers/makeup artists (because we’re all so many things in one these days, right?) who just nails this look on the daily: Krystal Sutherland – better known as Krystal Clear Makeup. If you’ve watched any of her videos, 1. She loves and swears by WINK (so obviously I love her back) and 2. She has naturally thin brows, which you can see in any of her before/after videos. That doesn’t stop her from rocking awesome, full-looking, feathered brows. So let’s dive into the secrets of how to do it!


You should prep your eyebrows with a growth serum each night before going to bed. Using a product like Wink will nourish your lashes and stimulate growth using a formula packed with essential fatty acids and awesome oils that have proven hair benefits. While you can always use makeup products to give the appearance of thicker brows, it looks much more natural and makes things a lot easier when there is substantial amount of hair to begin with.


Start by taking a spooly and brushing the hair down. Once all of the hair has been brushed down, take a brow pencil and begin filling in sparse areas. Using short, light strokes, create the look of brow hair starting at the tail and working your way towards the center. After you have filled in the sparse areas, brush the hair up using the spooly and repeat. The reason you are brushing the hair up and down is to ensure you are covering all the areas that are missing hair or looking sparse.

After you have filled in your brows using a pencil, go in with a gel to set the hair. You can either use a tinted or clear gel, it is really your preference. Starting at the center of your brow, coat the hairs with gel. If you have shorter eyebrow hair- use the gel to brush the hairs up. The goal of feathered brows is to draw as much attention to the individual brow hair as possible. Once you’ve set the center and end of the brow- use the remaining product on the wand to brush the hairs at the front of the brow up. The reason you don’t want to start at the front, is because this is the lightest and most sparse area of the brow. If you overload it with product, it can look too intense. It’s better to start at the center/end of the brow because this area is typically darker and more intense.

After you have finished using the gel- you can go back in with either a pomade or a pencil and touch up any areas that need additional product. Make sure everything looks good (remember that your eyebrows are sisters- NOT twins! They don’t have to be perfectly even) and enjoy your awesome looking brows!
I love this look because it can be worn both day-to-day and for a night out. It gives you a more youthful look, and is more natural looking than just running a brow powder or pencil through your brows and calling it a day. Hope these tips and tricks helped and may you never experience a bad brow day!


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