How Long Does A Root Canal Last? All You Need To Know

You must already know that a root canal is a dental procedure designed to save a severely infected or damaged tooth by removing the infected pulp and sealing the tooth to prevent further decay.

This situation can happen to anyone because of poor oral/ dental care, and this occurs as a result of a long time of carelessness. So, basically, when you get a root canal treatment, the living tissue is replaced with the periodontal ligaments that help the teeth function just like the others.

Factors That Affect The Longevity Of A Root Canal Treatment

Individuals who are considering going for root canal treatment often wonder about various questions and have a few queries about it. One of the most frequently asked questions by patients is how long the root canal will last.

The Duration Of Results In Root Canal Therapy

To be honest, root canals may last for a lifetime; however, they are affected by several factors, so the duration may vary depending on them. So, let us look at the variables that are responsible for the longevity of root canal treatments.

1. Age And Health Of The Patient

So, one of the most important factors that affect the duration of a root canal is your age and health because your teeth tend to get brittle as you grow old. When you get old and your teeth become brittle, you will see that they get more prone to breaking, whether it is the situation before or during your dental work.

Also, if you are taking any kind of medicine to manage your health issues, then those may affect your oral health. Apart from that, if your mouth gets dry easily, then it may contribute to various oral infections because saliva is very important in removing the particles and debris left by food from the teeth.

2. The Success Rate Of The Treatment

The next factor that is responsible for the longevity of your root canal is the success rate of the therapy. The choice of your dentist and endodontist plays a vital role in this because you cannot just go to any doctor to receive the treatment. The more qualified and experienced the dentist is in this field, the higher the rate of success.

So you must visit the specialist who will tell you everything that is associated with the condition of your infection and treatment so that you can understand the pros and cons clearly. Apart from that, the tissues that are damaged or infected must be removed completely before sanitising the tooth chamber so that there will be no debris left behind. If any infected tissue is left, then there may be chances for the tooth infection to occur again, affecting the longevity of your root canal treatment.

3. The Extent To Which The Tooth Has Been Decayed

Root canals can stay longer if you get the treatment in the early stages, so earlier detection of the infection or oral issue is very important. If you ignore the initial decay of the tooth, then it may spread to the neighbouring ones, and then more of them will need to be removed.

The bacteria that live in your mouth can infect both the insides of your tooth and the nearby bones, so you must visit your dentist from time to time so that you can be notified of any problematic behaviour in your oral health. Sometimes, the tooth becomes so damaged that there is no other option left; removing it and leaving it will only result in weaker teeth, bones, and support.

4. Post Treatment Care

The dentists can only treat the infected area or tissue in your mouth, and that is just the beginning of maintaining your oral health. The duration of how long your root canal will depend on the post-treatment care and oral hygiene for which you are solely responsible.

If you want to enjoy long-term oral health, then you must go for regular checkups after receiving treatment, have teeth cleaning sessions, and get additional treatments that are necessary. This is the best way to achieve dental health, which is a dream for everyone as no one wants to get their teeth removed at early stages.

5. The Location Of The Tooth

The longevity of the root canal also depends upon the location of the tooth that is infected because the deeper they are, the more challenging to treat them. You already know that there are different types of teeth in the human body, and each of the pairs has its own respective different functions. The anterior teeth are meant for tearing and cutting, whereas the posterior teeth are responsible for chewing the food.

So, when any of your teeth starts to decay and is removed as part of the process of treatment, then you lose the basic structure of your teeth. This leads to the reduction of tooth strength, and when that happens, you experience your chewing capabilities gradually decreasing. So, you receive a root canal in the tooth, and its function is certainly one of the important factors that affect the longevity of the treatment.


So, as you can see, there are multiple factors that play a significant role in contributing to the longevity of the root canal. The perfect answer to how long it will last cannot be determined because it can vary from individual to individual, as well as the functions of the teeth. However, one thing about the treatment is for sure that it is certainly a successful procedure to save your oral health.

Apart from that, you are needed to maintain proper post-treatment care so that you can enjoy the strong structure of your teeth. Eating softer foods, being careful while brushing, quitting smoking and drinking, and using mouthwash to clean teeth and gums are very important oral care activities that you must practise whether you have received root canal treatment or not. Along with that, you must take the prescribed medicines as per your dentist’s instructions so that your root canal can last for a long time.

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