Ohhhh boy. I can’t even look at my credit card bill right now. Why, you may ask? Because this week is a BIG one in beauty!

Today I’ll break down the hottest beauty sale of the week for lash + brow lovers, that is definitely breaking my bank account (but up to 50% less than usual!)

Best Beauty Sale of the Week: Benefit Cosmetics

the deets: up to 50% off + free shipping with code SALE25; all sales are non-returnable

If you follow this blog at all, you know how obsessed I am with Benefit’s They’re Real! mascara. My obsession doesn’t just stop there. They have a LOT of brow, lash and eye products to help you seriously step up your game.

Even though I buy at least 5-10 bottles at a time–because the prices are SERIOUSLY jacked up in China, and I need this stuff with me AT ALL TIMES and they often stock out (especially during the holidays) at Sephora–I also have started following Benefit’s Snapchat recently. Thanks to their snapchat, I am able to watch the lovely Ginger give us brow tips on the daily, folllow along with instagram-celebrity-makeup-artist “tipsy tricks” every week, and… keep an eye out for the newest product launches and sales.

So besides They’re Real!, I really want to snag some of their highlighters and bronzers because I am loving all the glows I’m seeing this summer and want to take mine to the next level with High Beam.

Without further ado, here’s the best of the Benefit Sale:

“Real Sexy Steal” – $22 (here!) ? sold out

ft. They’re Real!, the Push-up liner and They’re Real remover


So this awesome trio was sold out by the time I got to the sale, but I found another version at the bottom of the page (weird?!).

Update: Ok now it’s sold out too.

It also has a slight variation, with a slightly cheaper price tag: The real tempting threesome. At $20 for a $34 value of products, this is totally worth it. A great travel set for the lash-conscious lady.

Sister Kit: The Real Tempting Threesome – $20 (here!)

ft. They’re Real!, the Push-up liner and They’re Real remover


At this point you may be scratching your head. What’s the difference between the two? Honestly I didn’t even know. I had to look a little deeper into it to see this:


Real Tempting Threesome Kit contains:
they’re real! push-up liner full size | 1.4 g Net wt. 0.04 oz •they’re real! mascara fun size mini | 3.0 g Net wt. 0.1 oz •they’re real! remover fun size mini | 7.5 mL / 0.25 US fl. oz

Real Sexy Steal Kit contains:
they’re real! mascara full size | 8.5 g Net wt. 0.3 oz. •they’re real! push-up liner fun size mini | 0.36 g Net wt. 0.01 oz. • they’re real! remover fun size mini | 7.5 mL / 0.25 US fl. oz.

The Real Sexy Steel kit contains a FULL size of “They’re Real!” The Real Tempting Threesome has a full size Push-up liner instead of the fun size, thoguh. So that’s what an extra $4 and a little extra speediness could’ve gotten you, but honestly I prefer the mini-size of “They’re Real!” anyway because the formulation is a little drier in my experience. When it’s too wet my lashes all stick together.

A quick review on the other items in the set: I haven’t tried tried the “They’re Real!” remover, but MAN is it a pain in the butt to remove!  I normally wouldn’t advocate for buying an ENTIRE OTHER product just to remove the first one, but I am obsessed with the mascara and I am SO ready to try it’s remover.

The push-up liner is interesting to me. I’m still on the fence, but I want to like it. It’s a slanted black liner–great for tightlining–with a rubber applicator. It throws you off when you’re used to a round pencil, but it goes on like a gel liner and stays well. It deserves a move permanent spot in my travel bag so that I can try a softer and smudged cat eye look (Stila’s stay all day waterproof liquid eyeliner currently holds the top spot for eyeliners, but it is very precise, almost too precise).

The Frisky Six – $24 (here!)

ft. They’re real! mascara, lollitint, lollibalm, sun beam, sugarbomb, ooh la lift


The FRISKY six! It still doesn’t include the High Beam, which I really want to try, but I am so down to try 4 of the 6 products:

  • The “ooh la lift” for concealing dark undereye circles
  • “Sun bream” is a liquid bronze highlighter (ooh yes!)
  • Sugarbomb is a 4-way blush. 4 shades together in one compact
  • They’re Real is a STAPLE mascara for a lash-lover with sparse/less than perfect lashes

I could do without the lolli tint or lolli balm, but all in all the kit is still a great deal. It’s only discounted $3 to $24 from it’s typical $27 price, but the kit already has a really great value, and now is discounted a bit further.

Instant Brow Eyebrow Pencil – $15 (here!) – $15 (here!)


I don’t care who you are–you can benefit from the use of a good brow pencil. I am a self-professed obsessive-compulsive Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz lover because of the very precise tip inside of a nice twistable plastic pencil. The Brow Wiz is so precise that you can draw individual hair strokes. 

HOWEVER, everytime I travel, my Brow Wiz breaks in my travel kit. I have 8 Brow Wiz pencils right now–4 of which have broken in transit (aka battle). I now carry the Brow Wiz inside it’s original box to protect it, but at $22 a pop, I getting pretty tired of that crap.

I’d love to switch to a new pencil–and who doesn’t love the smell and feel of a nice freshly sharpened pencil? I have missed that lovely feeling since I switched from Givenchy’s brow pencil in 2015.

Discounted from $22–the same price of my Brow Wiz–down to $15, I think I’ll give the “Instant Brow” a try. I’m trying out this so-called hybrid pencil/powder pencil in “medium” shade. Review to come!

WAIT, MAKE THAT LIGHT BECAUSE MEDIUM IS SOLD OUT! I should really have finished shopping before writing this blog.

Speed Brow Quick Set Gel – $10 (here!)


I am NOT a fan of brow gels, especially in mascara tubes with a spoolie. I find them imprecise and messy. The finished look just isn’t that.. finished.

HOWEVER, a lot of women love brow gels because they are a quick low-maintenance way to awesome brows every day. So here I go, diving into the $10 steal.. FOR THE BLOG!


Eye Bright – $18 (here!)


When I was in highschool, I snagged a few highlighter pencils from the clearance at CVS. I loved these versatile pencils, in creamy, pearly colors from white to pink to yellow. Unfortunately, I decided in college that these pencils were uncool and trashed them. That’s okay, they were probably way past their expiration anyway.

I had the right idea, in highschool though. Yes trends come and go, but everyone needs a good highlighter pencil to help at least raise their brow line via a good brow bone highlight. This universally flattering shade is great not just for a brow bone highlight, but also the inner corner of the eyes to make them pop, for concealing dark undereye circles pre-foundation, for tight-lining your lower waterline (making your eyes look brighter and BIGGER) or just for a great blended cheekbone/nose/face highlight.

With highlights totally IN this season and probably not leaving for another 6-12 months, you really can’t go wrong by throwing this discounted goodie in your beauty bag.


What about the highlighter?

No sale on High Beam?! GINGER YOU LIED TO ME!! Or misled me at least..

With sun beam–the liquid bronzer/highlighter–in hand, I really had to have High Beam as well. That would cost me another $26 by itself.

I’m excited to apply it everywhere – cheekbones, brow bone, nose.. whatever! It’s a liquid, so you can apply it with your hands or a brush. I thought this would be really messy, but after trying their other highlighter stick “Watt’s up” I decided that the stick-highlighter is too difficult to blend over large areas.

FORTUNATELY, I found the trio – high beam, sun beam and shy beam – available in a promotional trio on Sephora for $18. Since I’m a VIB Rouge member, I get free shipping everyday, so no sweat here! You can snag yours here!


WAIT A SEC- Another Sale?!

To celebrate our stock out of WINK on Tuesday, we launched a SHINE sale! Take 20% off your purhase of SHINE now through this Friday, August 19th, at Midnight EST. The discount code is: timetoSHINE. Get it here!


Don’t miss this awesome discount! Just $48 for SHINE (normally $60) plus free international shipping. Get it here before the sale is over!

What do you all think about the Benefit sale? What are you snagging this week?


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