We’ve highlighted our hair and our cheek bones, but when Benefit launched their latest eyebrow collection they introduced us to an area we’ve never thought to highlight–our eyebrows! Part of their 9-piece collection includes the 3D Brow Tones, and High Brow Glow which claim to add dimension to the brows and lift them. So is ‘Eyebrow Highlight’ something you need to add to your routine, or should you sit this one out? Let’s discuss!


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Like most women, I have spent good time and money at the salon hoping to change up my look with highlights. Whether it be balayage, babylights or ombre, the purpose of these techniques is to add dimension to the hair, which will create the illusion of thicker hair. It makes sense that this idea would be adapted for eyebrows, because who doesn’t want fuller looking brows?

To highlight your eyebrows you will need a gel or tint that is lighter than your natural hair. Lightly run the product upwards through the hair and set it into place. Add as much as you like and you’re ready to go! This technique should add dimension to your brows, and make the individual hairs stand out. While I think that adding eyebrow highlight may be a little too intense for day-to-day wear, it should definitely be used for a night out to make your eyebrows look bigger and bolder, and your arches higher and sleeker.



A few years ago, mainstream cosmetic companies and Beauty Bloggers introduced us to ‘highlight’ products. This year it’s gotten pretty intense–to the point of comedy (just look)–but there’s still a lot of every day benefit in learning how to highlight.

Highlighters are flesh-toned liquids and creams 2-3 shades lighter than our natural skin tone–some with shimmer, some without–meant to help carve out our face and bring attention to our favorite features. These products are usually applied to the under eye area, and down the center of the face. You then take a shimmering highlight and add it to the tops of your cheeks to give the appearance of higher cheekbones. This same technique can be used on your eyebrow area to give an instant eyebrow lift without a trip to a plastic surgeon.

To get that lifted brow bone look, after filling your eyebrows in, take a concealer that is lighter than your natural skin tone and apply it under and above your eyebrow. Blend it out using a brush or sponge so there are no harsh lines. Once the concealer has been blended out, take a shimmering highlight, eyeshadow, or pencil (whichever you prefer!) and apply it under the arch. This will give the appearance of a lifted brow and higher arch. Similar to highlighting the individual hairs, the technique of carving out your brows using concealer can look a little dramatic for day-to-day wear. Of course you are free to do whatever makes you happy, I would just personally save this for a girl’s night out!

Personally, I highlight my brow bone anytime that I’m wearing eyeshadow, by taking a highlight tone that fits with my shadow tones for the day, and highlighting under the arch. I went into detail on how to do this previously, when talking about the 5 beauty products I couldn’t live without (read here).



Brow bone highlighting has been around forever and is a a celebrtiy makeup trick: everybody has, is and will be doing it. It’s cheap and convenient; the tones are right on your eyeshadow palette! Brow bone highlighting is here to stay.

Eyebrow highlighting, on the other hand, is a hot trend at the moment; be careful not to get too caught up in the hype. It’s a cool idea: I totally dig that it follows the philosophy of adding dimension and fullness through highlight. I’m just not sure that the “after” above is better than the “before” picture. The no-makeup makeup look is gaining popularity pretty rapidly, and understandably so!

At the end of the day you have to do what makes you comfortable! If you don’t enjoy applying a full face of makeup each day, then I would probably just stick to filling my eyebrows in with a pencil–or not! If you normally wear a lot of makeup, then this is a technique that you should definitely try, as it can take your brow game to a whole new level. ?


Have you tried brow-lighting or any of the other new Benefit brow products? What are your thoughts?

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