Halitosis: Causes, Remedies & Treatments Explained!

All of us might be well aware of the fact that humans are social animals. This simply means how important it is for us to belong to a group that accepts us.

However, there are certain norms one should follow to feel a sense of belonging. This could be social etiquette or habits that are often considered to be good or bad.

One of them is having a bad breath. As important as body odor, bad breath could make you feel alienated from a group you otherwise fit well into.

To help you overcome that fear of yours, we will be discussing the causes. Remedies and treatments available for Halitosis. Read on to know how to get rid of your enemy to a healthy social life.

What is Halitosis? What are its causes?

A fancy term for bad breath, halitosis has some major implications for the lives of people. Not only is it quite common but also contracts at any given point in time.

Having a bad breath could be distressing emotionally and could destroy your self-esteem. To eliminate the problem, we must know the causes which include,

Halitosis Causes

➡️Poor oral hygiene: This is a no-brainer. The less you clean your teeth after eating sticky food items, your teeth will never be clean and hence emit a bad odor.

➡️Food and drink: Certain food items like alcohol or onion and garlic la ed foods could dismantle the equilibrium of your mouth and lead to the occurrence of halitosis.

➡️Tobacco: Using tobacco products for smoking can cause bad breath in a jiffy. The odor tends to linger on which cannot be gotten rid of for a very long time

➡️Dry mouth: Saliva not only helps us in digestion but also can keep germs away from the teeth. However, if you are in a poor habit of drinking water or your mouth is parched, the absence of saliva could cause halitosis in your mouth.

➡️Medical conditions: In many cases, bad breath is involuntary as a symptom of one of the chronic diseases like diabetes or chronic sinusitis. People with poor respiratory health can also have bad smell emanating from their mouths.

➡️Dental issues: People with bad teeth like an open cavity will disperse poor breath smells.

Remedies and Treatments for Halitosis

Like every problem, Halitosis can also be cured using the following remedies. However, it is necessary to be cautious with the same to avoid unwanted side effects. Some of them include,

➡️Stay hydrated: In most cases, drinking water in copious amounts could wash away the dirt and bacteria accumulated on teeth. Gargle a few times and make sure you wash your mouth after sticky substances like candy.

➡️Chew fresh herbs: There are medicinal uses of herbs that are too difficult to ignore and now it has also come up as a plausible solution to get rid of mouth odor. Depend on mint, parsley, or cilantro which are common ingredients in a tooth care product.

➡️Eat crunchy substances: Contrary to popular belief, crunchy vegetables and fruits act as a natural floss and can often help restore the impact of smelly substances. 

➡️Use baking soda: Generally, it is often considered to be a home fix thanks to its multiple properties. However, it might astonish you to know that it can remove the plaque from the teeth and shine them bright. Scientists also believe in its magical properties that could make bad odor, a story of the past.

 ➡️Oil pulling:  Taking a few drops of oil like coconut can remove the stains on the teeth and can help take off the otherwise hard task of cleaning your mouth every time. Don’t swallow the rest as it would be full of bacteria and food particles.

➡️Green tea: All the green tea lovers now rejoice! It doesn’t just increase your metabolic rate but can be highly beneficial if bad breath is your enemy. Thanks to its calorie-less properties, it could be carried everywhere.

➡️Cloves: Eaten as a remedy for tooth decay and other issues, chewing on cloves could help you smell better.  Be sure to not go overboard.

➡️Food avoidance:  Some food substances could be diabolic in every way and should be avoided at all costs. Not only can it affect you but also cause extreme self-loath.

In that case, you should take a step back when presented with foods including garlic or onion. Even if you do, it is important to keep a check on the count and never eat them raw. Cooked ones could be better in some cases.

➡️Probiotics: A thorough research needs to be conducted on the subject but for now, probiotic drugs can promote the growth of good bacteria in your mouth. These can fight the bad ones off and hence decrease the possibility of halitosis.

 ➡️Treat underlying conditions: Most of the time, bad breath could point you toward a much more serious disease and that could be your cue to consult a doctor.

➡️Regular dental checkups: In any case, you should subject yourself to regular dental checkups which is crucial to identify any issues related to teeth or gums. Solving or treating this could also help you get rid of bad breath.

Regular Dental Checkups

 ➡️Use breath fresheners: Breath mints are available in the market and using any of those suitable for you could be helpful. There are sugar-free varieties available as well.


Emanating bad breath can be demoralizing and could undermine our personality in every sense. This is when it is important to take care of what you eat or drink.

Though a tooth is hard enough to crack nuts, it cannot or will not withstand the sudden attack of bacteria which is a result of poor oral hygiene. Not only do we need to brush regularly but also floss and even prevent consuming certain food elements with high odor content.

You could also make use of mouthwashes or breath mints quite frequently which is useful for quick relief. Look for the best option that works for you.

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