Can Acid Reflux Cause Back Pain? How To Treat It?

Are you dealing with severe back pain? Do you experience pain in the back right after you have finished your meal? If so, then there can be many factors, and acid reflux caused by digestive issues or gastrointestinal reflux disease (GERD) can be the main reason. Usually, back pain is caused due to injury, activity, and medical conditions, but this is a common condition that may be suffered by anyone at any time. 

Acid reflux is the burning sensation in the chest, stomach, throat, or other internal organs caused by bile or stomach acid that passes to the esophagus. So, proper treatment must be taken to avoid the risk of discomfort, severe pain, and other complications. If you are looking for remedies to treat acid reflux, then let’s explore this article. 

What Are The Main Causes Of Acid Reflux And Its Symptoms?

Acid reflux is the result of improper eating or drinking of some food items. Some of the main causes of acid reflux within the body are-

  • If you are continuously changing the positions or posture after eating meals for breakfast, then it can result in acid reflux.
  • Also, pregnancy can be another reason for acid reflux, as there are many hormonal changes within the body.
  • Your timing of eating and or late-night eating can be another reason for acid reflux. 
  • Besides, if there is a certain physical injury, then it can be another reason.
The Connection Between Acid Reflux And Back Pain

Some Common Symptoms Of Back Pain Due To Acid Reflux

  • It can provide a burning pain in your stomach and chest.
  • You may have difficulty swallowing or speaking. 
  • It can give discomfort or often leave a sour or bitter taste in the mouth. 
  • It can give you indigestion that can trigger burping, belching, and bloating.
  • If you suffer from abdominal pain, lower back pain, nausea, and vomiting. 
  • You might feel that the food is stuck in your throat.

How Can You Effectively Treat The Acid Reflux Which Causes Back Pain?

Back pain normally goes away with over-the-counter medications or doing some exercises. However, if you experience heavy pain due to indigestion or acid reflux, then there are many treatment options available. Some ways of treating acid reflux are given below-

1. Try To Change And Improve Your Posture By Moving

If you are suffering from acid reflux and back pain, then you must try to change and improve your posture by continuously moving. Also, when you are sitting in the same place, it will not allow gasses to pass and then get stuck in the esophagus or stomach. So, try to move yourself by walking some distance, dancing, or doing any physical activities.  

2. Don’t Eat Unhealthy Or Processed Food

There are many hygienic or processed foods that are cooked in abundant oil and spices that can cause acid reflux. So, if you are dealing with back pain, then try to ignore hygiene and eat healthy foods that are easily digested. At this time, you can take fruits or juices or light food like Khichdi or spiceless foods that do not allow gas to form and are easily digestible. 

3. Try To Maintain a Healthy & Balanced Diet By Including More Ginger

To live a healthy and happy life, it is necessary to maintain a balanced diet enriched with fats, proteins, Vitamins, Calcium, and more. You can include green leafy vegetables, fruits, mixed juices, and other nutritional foods. Also, if there are digestive issues, include ginger as it naturally treats gastric problems, which you can try through teas, drinking ginger water, and more. 

4. You Must Sit In Proper Positions While Eating

Improper positioning while having meals is another major reason for acid reflux and back pain in the body. So, when eating a meal, try to take the proper position so that your food easily gets passed through the esophagus and the digestive process functions well. You can eat by lying upright or sitting on the floor, which is the best method to avoid acid reflux.

5. Try To Take Enough Sleep With Head Elevated

When you are not getting proper sleep of at least 8 hours, then your food does not get digested and forms gasses within the stomach bile. So, try to get enough sleep with proper positioning or your head elevated so that the process of digestion can be done properly. Also, sleep on the right side because there can be pressure on the stomach, which avoids proper digestion of foods.

 6. Try To Avoid Sleeping Or Laying Down At Least 2 Hours After Eating

An old proverb better says that one should avoid eating or drinking anything before 2 to 3 hours of sleep. It is because if you are eating or even lying down just after having meals, then it can form gasses and lead to acid reflux. So, eat your meals properly after chewing and avoid sleeping immediately after your meals.

7. Ask for Proper Medications With Healthcare Experts If It Gets Worsens

Acid reflux can provide you with discomfort, burning sensations, or mild pain that can worsen with images if not treated well. So, ask for proper medications from healthcare experts if there is continuous pain and not eased with home-based remedies. They will ensure that proper medications are given so that you can easily get relief without any interruptions. 

Bottom Line

Acid reflux within the body is a common problem that can happen to anyone, and kids are mostly affected by this because of improper eating and drinking. It is typically caused by a malfunction of the stomach muscles and esophagus. However, with the above home-based treatments and proper recommendations by doctors, you can get faster relief without having any side effects. 

Also, there can be many reasons for creating acidity in the stomach and giving you back pain in different parts. However, if there are severe complications like chest pain, severe pain in the upper back, coming of blood in the stool, chronic cough, or other major problems, then contacting gastroenterologists can be a better option as they will provide the best treatments.

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