Bright, Glowing Skin Made Effortless! Try This!

If you’re craving a brighter complexion with a beautiful glow, it’s as simple as practicing some self love and applying some skincare! Takes all of maybe 5 minutes, and you’ll see results almost instantly.

In comes Shine to save the day. ?Shine is an organic (vegan and cruelty free too, more to love!) brightening oil that not only gives you an overall glow, but it also is effective in lightening dark spots AND fading blemishes. (HUGE for me as I’m a picker, any zit I get I’m sure to make a million times worse because I always pop them. I know, I know. I just can’t help myself! But that quality about me also leaves me with dark scars!) Being an oil, it also provides your skin with an amazing moisturizing experience that leaves you dewy and gorgeous. When I use it, I not only feel rehydrated but my skin looks SO good. It’s supple and soft, and no more scarring! Not to mention how much more even and clear my skin is. I get compliments when I go out, even under a mask!

I LOVE the jasmine scented one. It’s a very light smell and the scent fades after being on the skin for a few minutes. One of my favorite features of this oil in particular is that if you’re scent sensitive, or have bad allergies, you can get this one unscented. As someone with severe allergies, I feel like there are a lot of brands that don’t take that into consideration, and they’re at times overly perfumed. I just love that Amalie gives their customers that option! So much thought is just in the packaging alone, the box and bottle look and feel super luxe and the bottle itself is UV resistant so it protects all the goodness inside. ?

I could go on for days about how amazing every ingredient in this oil is but I’ll just go over the basics. With main key ingredients such as pomegranate oil, bearberry and licorice, those work in harmony to provide you with the lightening and brightening effects. That’s also what helps zap those pesky breakouts! Working along with those are vitamin E and jojoba oils, which are superb for moisturizing the skin.

These photos are just over 2 weeks apart. On the left my skin was dull and lifeless, I was dry and my skin was patchy and uneven. Fast forward to after I’ve been using it for 2-3 weeks and I have a really nice glow and color to my face! My skin looks bright and glowy, my complexion is more even, and I love how moisturizing it is without being too heavy. ??

As far as application goes, it couldn’t be more simple! Day or night, this stuff works perfectly either way. I simply wash my face, dry and tone and then I use the convenient dropper that’s right in the bottle to apply 4-5 drops over my whole face. I typically do 4, one on each cheek, a drop on my forehead and one on my chin. Then I use my clean jade roller to work it into my skin! You can also use it as a spot treatment in the same way, just use a drop and dab it onto the problem area. I enjoy these few minutes a day where I can just let my worries melt away and do a nice facial massage, and it’s even better when I look in the mirror and see such clear, beautiful skin! Because of this oil, I rarely use much else on my face anymore. You can use a moisturizer afterwards if you’d like, but I don’t find it necessary honestly, and that’s huge living in Minnesota in the cold, dry winters. I’ve been going foundation free a ton lately as well, which is amazing! Because this oil contains those Argan and Jojoba oils I mentioned earlier on, those mimic the skins natural oil production. Win win for you, because that means it doesn’t make you greasy and it absorbs into the skin quick and effortlessly!

Our own lovely Sara tried it out for herself after doing some microneedling and had these results OVERNIGHT. ? That’s just how good this oil is. No filters or anything needed, just smooth, glowing and gorgeous skin!

If you’d like to try this oil out for yourself, you can snag a bottle here. For a special time, our followers can use the code TRYIT! for an extra 20% off your bottle of your new best friend! Take advantage of a great offer, this code will be good until March 26. We would love to hear and see your results! Be sure to share your pictures of your gorgeous faces here in the comments. ?

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